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Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes

What a success! I ambushed so many bands. I said so many awesome and stupid and witty thought-provoking useless things alright! It’s not what I interview, sillies, it’s that I interview. I got a sheep dog, Hey Rosetta, Sam Roberts, USS, and The Reason. I ambushed 5 out of 6 of the Casby performers in total. Some exclusives, backstage, side stage, tour bus alley, it was all my playground (has always been) but now with camera crew. It was wonderful to see lots of familiar faces and music industry pals milling about like old times. We danced and shot from the pit, caught some crowd surfing oh it was wicked, ears are still buzzing. Here’s a few teasers.

I think I was endearing because I am keeping the dream alive here, showcasing the behind the scenes moments that I already do but this time with a camera, the ultimate bracelet. I was starstruck and also deer in headlight and now expected to personify the crap that I brag that I am all these years aka “knowing things”.

I got a Sheep dog right off the bat. I kept my banter down to relatable shit which essentially is, who we both know, who we both have slept with, partying, crap that is applicable to me and/or my dress and what it’s like being a rockstar. I don’t think these guys were expecting something so refreshing and confusing, I was banking on candids, which I got combined with my expertise re: the limited attention spans of rockers and their managers whisking ‘em off elsewhere. Long story short, my connections got me this far now it’s up to me to get the story and produce the show.

Romesh is a bud of mine that I knew would help grant me more Hey Rosetta access. Little Raymis take notes, personalize your moments with musicians, bribe them if necessary. I can’t tell you all my secrets to success but I can tell you having a sense of humour and great teeth is a part of it. Lots of bullshit is involved too (more being funny).

Interviewing fiddlers while crouching in wedges then making a little joke about how funny your smurf interview is going. The thing about rockstars is you think all of them are too cool for you but there’s that part of them that wishes you were featuring them in your little bloggy yearbook thing too no matter how stupid their friends tell them you are so even though I didn’t get a moment with bedouin soundclash, they so wanted it. I could tell.

Do you like how I interview like we are on our way to Sherway Gardens with my purse on SERIOUSLY it’s scratch ‘n save at The Bay dudes. Hi mom!

Then I partied some. Partying in the pit with girls bopping you on the head going I WANNA KNOW WHERE YOU ARE PARTYING AFTER. I am going to start my own getting dudes laid side project business.

Dress of the summer.

Co-ordinating battle strategy.

I had a billion wristbands. Normally when I do my Raymi Lane stuff I get my Guest list and drink tix and that impresses my mates well enough, but this time I had to be sure to get everyone everywhere with me which is more than one person when you’re a film crew. It takes work that I am patting myself on the back for, some artists are like woah so many wristbands! When you tour a lot and hit new venues constantly you’ll know that sometimes promoters can get a bit diva and do not give a shit about who you are and will kibosh your guest list or I dunno, it’s a stress that you can’t flick away so it was nice to get it all sorted and I was very happy. I love Sound Academy through and through. There’s even a pool there! Pool parties! What the hell have I been doing all summer?

Note taking. Wikipedia when you plagiarize it (copy paste paragraphs) it blobs it all up with hyper links, which is atrocious and impossible to read when you’re on the spot having an exclusive with a band member.

We found the pizza party.

Didn’t have any though. There was a potato one. Lots of the bands had just come from a bbq, Dine Alone’s I think. I asked some if they felt fat. One of my big questions was why are musicians all vegetarians and one Sheep Dog said they weren’t, they all just came from a BBQ. OK NEXT QUESTION!

This is me working my voodoo. You’re my girl Kinley!

I just really liked how my legs looked here I mean, she was lovely. She liked my rings and bling, I liked hers and then we talked about fan girls and her bracelets. She plays a fiddle I’m sure she is tired of being smart all the time sometimes it’s nice to just be shallow.

And then I danced a lot and blushed a lot about it but forced it. Every time you film the crowd it’s like Wakestock or edgefest, they love it. Good footage.

Then we had a great Sam Roberts exclusive. I told him I auditioned for one of his music videos and made it to the top 3 (truth) and he was like aw we made the wrong choice and I go no you didn’t, I was fat. It was the bridge to nowhere song maybe.

I asked him what it was like to do what you love and see the happiness on fan’s faces, other media was gathering and I was hogging all his time and he poured his guts out my crew was elated. We did it! He was so sweet and humble.

I dunno. Yeah. It doesn’t matter, music dorks can slay me all they want, this isn’t Brooklyn Vegan. Even when I was going to shows (several weekly years ago) and blogging them like bananas I never knew what the hell I was seeing or writing about. It’s always been about the experience man (ok maybe a portion is about the music too hahaha) and like I said to one hippie backstager, the dress I wore was intentional, I feel something like it was in mind when rock was invented. There will always be differing opinions on music, influences, taste. Who cares, we’re all wearing denim and our facial hair is relevant. Cheers.

xo rlw.

16 thoughts on “Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes

  1. Ya right, you were actually crouching because you were so nervous you had to peeee. There just happened to be a fiddler there. Sounds like you did a good job. Can’t wait to see clips.

  2. oh my gosh raymitheminx tv is a reality. that is too cool. congrats! keep up the good work.

    PS I love that dress.

  3. Aww you looked gorgeous! They were probably more nervous having to talk to you!

    I met Sam Roberts a few years ago at a Toronto Island show and he was super awesome then too! Glad he is still a nice guy :)

    Great job mang!

  4. I loved your dress! By the way what did Kinley say about her fans?? I saw Hey Rosetta! last saturday. AMAZING.

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