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What i’ve done so far today: Quebender Chronicles

rolled up and out and into a clockwork orange reverie.

made breakfast.

opus is where all the stars stay.

drank breakfast.

walked through the gardens, and by gardens, dance club lounge roof patio, all while savouring a delicious granny smith. part of breakfast what i prepared lovingly.

checked it all out.

dukes of hazard or bust, guy.

played stand-in for heather graham, austin powers 5?

what’s up churchills?

i need to check out switzerland next. i’ve been reading a lot about it lately.

i liked that building.


said hello to our neighbours. (fixed my hair in their window’s reflection).

went for a walk about.

kissed the boys and made them cry. look how french my eyebrows are right meow. tinting them gold when i get back homme.

hitchin’ a ride southwest.

boned up on my elements.

orange you glad i didn’t say banana?

i said to teacher i want to live in a hotel. he goes, I KNOW YOU DO. ahahaha.

just pour rire behind me, they’re moving it i am sad. it’s like not ever seeing a game at maple leaf gardens, not the same. though i caught a game with my dad against florida. thanks dad!

next it’s pack, gallery, and gone. :(.

downstairs in the hotel is angelo’s OPP gallery we have spent so much time in it i am starting to dream of it. and down there it’s like the basement of the pentagon with these pieces made of sheet metal, something thicker. some art was bought by opus for their lobby and lounges.

it’s been the greatest time.

à bientôt mes amis!

15 thoughts on “What i’ve done so far today: Quebender Chronicles

  1. it’s vintage what part of that don’t you understand. look im busy right now dont start im blogging the mayor post come back in 4 hours

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