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i arrived nearly naked

ooh la la allo allo! ready for my fitting?

f’n right maureen you pro!

oh you peeping toms.

back we come from cloud9 where i addressed the clientele in the room and asked their opinion on my beige vs black fishnets. the beige fishnets (italian) are actually from nearly naked, i wore them to show maureen my commitment to her and also, i was thinking of getting a beige matching set w/garters. the black ones won.

maureen got me in this lil number. you’ll see.

want these!

uh this is a hardware feature too?

i look like a swedish minnie mouse. when i can figure out how to wear falsies maybe i’ll get minnie ears and make a dance, there’s an amazing boustier that matches these bottoms.

wonder if colleague made a shopping list for his wife.

we were discussing my shorts from the bettie page store in san diego and she said she carried this lingerie set when she first opened, all sold out immediately. telling ya sisters, there’s something to this burlesque thing.


maureen was such great help i barely had to think. i look gross, no makeup, i wanted to look nice for these photos but didn’t have the time to spare and rehearsing all day in the heat, no point to shower til i’m absolutely ready to go.

who is getting hor-y?

it was a close call but i wanted to get proper retro bottoms for my first go around so the other troupe wouldn’t be mean to me. it happens.

i like eccentrics, people into the sex world always seem to be, no? free spirits. deep. nostalgic.

gahaha speaking of eccentrics nice jackie o. i love the wizard curtain too. a lot.

this boutique is a joy to shop in. this is the top of maureen’s desk.

in the event of another wardrobe malfunc. this brassiere works cos it’s still a bit of peekaboo to titillate if i don’t remove my top. did i tell you that a bachelor party hired me to dance for them at the hard rock but i pulled out cos i chickened out about it. that has bad news written all over it. we made friends with this nice crew of dudes and one huge guy agreed to be my bodyguard. would have made a hundred more bucks than i did for my night at tattoo, which i think was pretty generous too. ka-ching step ball change tap tap aaaaand curtsy.

the italian stockings are amazing in quality, very strong, no holes or runs yet.

i had burlesque tunnel vision so i didn’t get to browse as much as i’d have liked so i am very grateful for these shots. butt cleavage undies are my current favourite flirty bottoms.

now this is more like it.

practicing my dance. the lingerie had to be able to fit beneath this dress.

this is how i convinced maureen that i was awesome.

if you want my bottoms go get a pair and say raymi sent you (BIG DISCOUNT ;)).

maureen and i will be collaborating much like lady gaga and her stylist, astrid kilcher and the beatles, warhol and edie. BABOOM! there’s one more i was thinking of i keep forgetting. hmm. oh i need a dress for a huge celebrity gala i’m attending (and bringing tracey the minx as my date) this thursday. teeming with VIPs. fashionista blogger, designers whomever, get in on this OPPORTUNITY. can i say who’s hosting it yet colleague?

haha i look ridiculous…LY AWESOME!

i will use this to parody the iconic pamela anderson cleavage cascading hair forward playboy shoot when i have time, also, i need a playboy bunny suit.

sometimes when teacher and i are goofing around and he zings me too hard i put my hands on my hips like this, begin raising my left leg and declare HAVE YOU EVER BEEN KICKED BY A NAKED PERSON BEFORE? ahaha it looks crazy, and is semi-scary. like, a naked guy smiling. ew no don’t smile! what are you doing? stop that!

i also have a dominatrix true story up for grabs for any racy publication out there wanting it as an exclu$ive, starring yours truly of course.

ok, so we’re starting a wish list right meow.

and if my weird day-lit sam crenshaw face startled you here it is again smaller.

speaking of sam crenshaw how much am i totally him?

titanic moment, she was like, do it for the money, our name is all we have.

wish list. i’m down to 120lbs now. what is happening! i gained an inch in height too. 5’9. just saying.

and we have a winner. when and where and how soon can i next wear this? i wore it with my shorts actually. done and done.

hot hot euro garters.

everything on me and what i am holding is what i walked with. very satisfied customer.

nice blink.

these please!

need all the help i can get in the chest. garters are so hot.

sometimes we don’t need to say anything.

this’ll do. yes the garters snapped look better, sexier. war time. prepare for battle.

i literally stopped traffic. no bragging. factual.

hello men. wave.

the girls walking up went silent.

here they come.

thanks maureen you sweetheart godsend! we are taking turns kissing each other’s butts. she said i must have been an angel sent to her. AWW! she is so dope and will help a sista out don’t be shy to pop in there. vey pro-fem. oxox

she also knows about every eccentric in the hood. love that.

happy monday friends, make it a good one!

much love,

your pal raymi.

13 thoughts on “i arrived nearly naked

  1. courtney this store is YOUR cup of tea. remember i ran into you after secrets from your sister and you’re like I JUST SPENT 300 DOLLARS ON BRAS. that’s when i knew you were fucking awesome. tell mareen you’re my very good friend and see how you can weasel yourself the rest. good quality lingerie is so integral to my “art” it’s more than half the work, if you get a good piece/set men are P-U-T-T-Y. omg i want to watch burlesque with you, have you seen it? xtina/cher movie?

  2. I’m laughing about the Sam Crenshaw reference. Too funny!!! Do you remember the episode when Muffy’s apartment caught fire?

  3. Welp, you’re somehow now the same size as me including height. So, that gaining inches jazz can actually work, then. Seems wacky. Never did like being shorter than my sister…

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