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dream future publicity stunt

a take on the classic i fuck what i kill i kill what i fuck photo. that’s me and casie. duh. i am game for this tonite but she said we should look hot so, hot it is. maybe drawing a picture of it is good enough won’t have to put into practice. it would be nice to have a red carpet photo with those shirts. i get the mean evil one because that’s my role. i do not plan to get gunned tonight i’m too sick for it and i am so sore from training today. ok my brain is fried time for a bath.

please vote for me third poll down/ don’t know if i am actually winning as there are other polls within the same category for people’s choice i haven’t sleuthed out the competition yet.

this pervert skippy guy made a funny post about me and is spreading the love and i didn’t even ask.

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