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But the trouble with dreams, they’re not what they seem, cos when you awake, they fall through your fingers in flakes

let me tell you about this book i’m rereading for the fourth time, it’s so perfectly dated and romantic and whimsical and sexy and sad and hopeful, the pages are yellowed, i nicked it from a bed & breakfast in bayfield when i was a teenager during family summer vacation, the room we had had this bunk-type loft double bedroom and there’s allusion to an apartment like that in this story, half-set between paris and london. if you consider yourself a fashion-conscious urban dreamy romantic hip lady, find yourself a copy of this novel.

in a nutshell, this parisian girl lives with her gay dad and his bf in paris, her mother died when she was born, her gay dad has an artisty sister living in london, girl stays with aunt, idolizes her, meets all her awesome friends, aunt dies (you find that out straight-away in the book so it’s not a spoiler), girl inherits aunt’s money, goes back to paris, grows up, cuts off all her hair, becomes assistant to big name photographer, has lovers, becomes heart broken, more lovers, someone dies, i forget how it ends that’s why i’m reading it again.


“A genuinely sophisticated entertainment…cunning social observation and sharp prose.” -Vogue

“A powerful story!” -Vanity Fair

didn’t get much reading or eating done, an old friend called and i lost my appetite completely on top of an already non-appetite thing going on, go stress demons go!

regretted outfit choice, way too much brown, and too hot for 3/4 sleeves made of volcano. also, these two dudes were eavesdropping on my entire conversation with old friend and then fil so on my walk home i self-consciously played back in my head everything i had said to decipher if it was fabulously scandalous or just insane.

raymi lauren said…

omg according to kindergarden raymi i am supposed to be a famous movie star like barbie by now with like $100,000 and kids and a red corvette and fur shawls and big blonde hair oh and then be madonna in my spare time.

how to deal with your MY depression!

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