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can’t you see that I am losing my marbles it’s marvellous losing another, losing another

good morning

i finally wrote a rebuttal in defense of my COOL PEOPLE DON’T DANCE AT CONCERTS bathroom stall remark.

everyone’s all oh you’re a square, you don’t feel it, squares don’t dance HERE’S A DRAWING OF A SQUARE! retards. yeah ether bunny/internets i know your script.

liam titcomb played last nite i forgot to mention it no matter i felt like an ugly cow all nite long and was bitchy cos of it. i was hating on this one chick who had her hands in her pockets and a really long dumb hippie bag (come on, down to her goddamn knees!) and she’s trying to play it all casual above it all groovy like (total nerd) and i wasn’t buying it, and brad says well maybe she’s nervous, no sorry. later on in the john i am about to tag my name somewhere in my stall and i overhear someone slagging liam! so i put my pen away and bust out to see this laid back honky washing her hands talking shit about my pal, and no i didn’t jump on her, some other woman was in my way and we had to do the hokey pokey excuse me oh ahha excuse me around our purses and the cloth drying implement so couldn’t scratch her eyes out, i think i was mostly mad because she had the audacity to have her hands in her pockets and bad hair to boot. she said she liked the drummer and played with him, what a cunt, as if you wouldn’t blast liam in a second. i tried to find her again outside cos i wanted her to know that she was the biggest poseur i’d ever seen. no dice.

aw lost kangaroo.


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