i sick :(((((((((((

ring re-sizing. fil guessed i was a 6, newp, 5. they say in summer it gets tighter which i didn’t really get their logic of seeing as she was trying to push the smallest size possible on me. if my fingers are going to swell why do i want to go so small?

so after a few minutes of humming and hawing over the 5 1/2 or 3/4 i went with a five. fascinating i know.

prepping canvas for my drama geek cousin’s painting commission of those happy/sad mask things lets see how i fuck this one up.

these vibrant colours never really translate properly in photos trust me your eyes would be blown IRL.

ugh i was supposed to have my tattoo touched up today i’m so bummed and i was going to see that little doggy bean too why must i suffer so i swear every time i complain about smokers i get this nasty virus.

got these for fil a couple valentine’s days ago. he got me the matching pin but it popped off my jacket lapel and cid probably knocked it into the furthest corner of hell that he could.

allison came over last nite and we watched a movie i’m too embarrassed to admit having watched if you can guess what it is you win nothing.

oh hey, what’s this now Feb 26th is do over day and what’s that all aboot?

sick sucks

i have not been this sick in ages, it’s not the same thing fil has been struggling with the last few days or so, my thing was/is straight-up chills/shakes and sweats fever at first i thought i was just hungover but throughout the day into evening my condition became increasingly worse. you know that pathetic sick when you’re all I WANT MY MOM ugh so terribly lame, i hope none of you get this it’s hell.

i soaked my side of the bed through to the mattress with sweat last nite, then had to sleep on a towel. i have so many funny dumb things to say about friday but i have no energy, sigh.

had to bail on the smirnoff party but turns out there weren’t swag bags or open bar anyway. natalie dropped off a ton of magazines popsicles gingerale soups cold fx green teas, too too generous.

i stayed in this position on the couch four hours and hours like a mummy.

well at least i know how i’m going to look dead. these pictures were taken during a long bout of the shakes, so fun. i asked fil if i was dying of meningitis a million times too.

my throat is fucked, i’m weak and walking into shit.

hope this is over soon.

good news the chills are gone, greater news the fever has arrived, time for an ice pack wheee!

oh yeah and i cried infinity times yesterday too and had mini panic attacks all day, such a sensitive weakling susan right now, i just bawled in bed to forrest gump.

How are you feeling snot face? I hope way better and that you are still laying low.
So I give the party a 4 out of 10. It was pretty big. Cocktails were $6-8 – so crazy. If a booze company throws a party shouldn’t they at least make the booze free? I paid 4 bones for a fucking water, no garnish, ha! It was big and the set up was really well done – there were lots of different rooms and the lighting was great. The music was shiteous house and the crowd was made up of models, sluts, yuppies, 905ers, and pseudo rock stars with faux hawks and big emblems painted on the backs of their jackets – bog age range which was kind of good. I couldn’t help but think about what all these retards are going to do when we go into this depression – they spend $600 on heels and then wear them in a snowstorm – I was on the balcony watching them all come in with open toed shoes and snow up to the middle of their shins, not so bright. I didn’t drink because I was driving. Overall the concept was too much like the Rock Star Hotel party from a couple years ago – did you go to that? – super similar. I ended up a Squirrely’s for last call, smoking my one hitter with my hosebag friends like the dirt that I am deep down inside :)
It would have been way more fun if you were there.