ill behave. maybe.

Hey hey. Decided on a little adventure this weekend for a change. This post is going to be ridonkulously out of order isn’t that great! Like it matters anyway, throw a bunch of crap into a weekend in the Canadian version of Atlantic City with outfit changes and just make it out alive by Sunday sunset for the epic drive home with the sun in your face.

I enjoyed these very much and have several more pics of them all in various poses but you get the point and I got tired of looking at them on my phone after going through a billion selfies (which you will see here!) but trust me at the time it was a mindblowing experience.

I am making this face because I am still bummed about his death IRL. This is the last look Heath Ledger is known for and I guess ultimately killed him (as an obsessive method actor he went mad, turned to drugs, could not sleep, etc.) The creepy is inescapable. I wrote a blog eulogy about his celebrity death about it at the time from the couch in my old condo I remember exactly where I was sitting I was so enraged by snarky internet peeps/media offering the same crap said today when a celeb dies, “so what.” SO WHAT? I’LL &^$^%#*^% SHOW YOU SO WHAT! I just get so passionate sometimes guys I’m sorry!

This picture I will look at in January, maybe February, and about die. I am a sun baby. Emphasis on baby. There’s more to it but you will all make fun of me so nevermind. I have a serious sports bra tan. Likewise an ankle one and stomache shorts line tan. I’ll hit up my tanning salon soon to even it all out and I can go as a leather bag for Halloweenis.

Have you ever cheersed Niagara Falls with Evian and Grey Goose before? Remember I said those old bag collectibles from above were mindblowing? Excraptly.

And no I’m not going to tell you anything you actually want to know about any of this. I’ve been troll-abused recently by some long time blog obsessed psycho who even stalks my (other famous internet) friends and screamy insultingly bash demanded information about what’s up currently in my life, essentially, you know what? My friends know what’s up and you’re not my friend so FUCK OFF. I have a lot of relationships, maintained and friends, I am Raymi the fucking Minx hello – shit just happens for me and then I do it, how do you live your life? I do not have children and I have always and will always lead a “different” lifestyle so kindly leave me alone and/or accept it. I am one of those rogue types and there’s lots out there. Oh plus it was a suite if you must know.

Lol. “RTM: Enjoy it for what it is and fuck off!”

Hanging in the room as long as possible. They give a later check-out in Niagara Falls, 2:30! People must get insanely shmammered is why, or they’re just a proper hotel allowing you to soak up the luxury. Except those two bonus hours were spent being walked in on THREE different occasions like no one in housekeeping gets the memo? The Embassy Suites have seen enough of my ass. My teeth don’t look bad for someone who forgot their toothbrush right. I was gonna buy one.

Like staring at a moving painting all weekend. You get to saying dumb things about it too like, where does all that water go? Where does it keep coming from omg!? Making arty videos of the falls falling to your stupid ipod ahaha best. In between trying on all the clothes you packed and posing in front of them.

Had the whole view too. Saw a million rainbows.

This was funny to me. Mostly it was lovely, the light, the clear water on water.

Retro falls art.

Jacuzzi pizza why not. I mean I am dying, I need this.

Went to Yuk Yuk’s. Sat in the front row. Turns out I know the headliner. I can go to any teeny weeny little place in the world and someone there knows Raymi it is the greatest.

Finally sewed my jumpsuit. Because it’s black why not, no one will notice the awful job I did.

Turns out my heels were in a bag within a bag in my bag so I could’ve worn them out and around the casino. Oh well probably safer to be in flats haha.

Back definition from running. Run dancing. I’m telling ya! I’m gonna rip some free weights after I post this. I ran tan walked a lot yesterday and lost 4lbs. My right foot is killing for it though, cannot wait to get new shoes.

I have no idea how to pose and I super don’t care. I think I was dancing or just trying to keep my shit together. Waterfall discoball much though right?

This is just the appetizer for the yellow Corvette I posed all over downstairs. They valet park the nicest cars outside to make the hotel look more hype. I’d be like cool so those are all the people to rob at The Embassy Suites nice thanks!

Thanks for paying attention this far! Do you need a break, some water?

Fun times.

Took a cab to the other side of town where Yuk Yuk’s is and cab driver was complete wastecase hot mess. Incredible. Like, couldn’t even make words happen or name local landmarks and is an alleged townie…. yeah blotto. He knew we knew he was mangled, was just hoping the ride would be over asap. Go Niagara!

Free drinks down in the lobby come with the room package.

Bumped into my friend Jerry!

So many outfits in so little time. This shirt is so fun especially when stupid people try and read it. You’d be amazed at how many people get tripped up on the word literally. Wow sad.

It also makes me cringe for me because it’s a bold statement and I hate lying but I love typewriter font especially on white, it achieves the overall understated cool aesthetic that I usually go for and now I know why bros wear shirts with stupid sayings on them.

Seeing the falls by night, day, sun, overcast, rainbow. Very nice, well done.

That made me think of Futurama. If you’re a fan you’ll get it hopefully. Can’t be bothered to google what I am loosely trying to connect.

Pretty emo upon arrival.

Gonna have to make this diatribe a two-parter, feels long enough.

Have a great Tuesday! :)

wonder no more

Seven Wonders of the World yo! Uploading more stuff now check back if you’re keen on it. Maybe I’ll rap with you and catch you up on my lately. xo peace – Oh yeah Tony Hawk was on the other side of the falls right at this moment whaaaaaat.

yeah yeah I’m memory laming it. so what, I start hunting for something then find more gems.

From all that mist I was see-through in no time. Great for all the family sight-seeing walkers o’re there, ahaha hi tourists.

I lurk at you.

Here’s some more Canadian explorations with my Dutch little treat from last week. It’s nice to share with him the scenes of my various childhood crimes (an expression CHILL) and early adulthood stomping grounds plus now it’s my turn to tell the stories cos I got an earful over in Holland about all kinda of funnylarious wacky and wild adventures taking place all over everywhere we went.

This day we went to Future Shop to get a big monitor. What’s with dudes and big computer monitors right? Must be an IT guy thing.

Niece doesn’t wear these and mine are almost museum artifacts so yoink. I can fit into a seven.

Summer outfits are kinda Carrot Top. Cray. Man I got some eyeballs at the falls. It was a heat wave you are lucky I’m not wearing my Borat suit.

Went for a spin yesterday more on that later. NBD.

Didn’t properly cruise mom’s Facebook til yesterday oh looky loo Tracey. I drew that heart.

Mom said this was so Julian. She has a hyper funny friend from teenagehood and my BF does what he wants on impulse like a passionate mofo I love that. Sure everyone at Barangas did too.

Back to the falls. AT the time of this picture TONY HAWK was on the other side of the Niagara Falls omfg right. My friend Duncs pointed that out to me (also not to be confused with DUNCS MA DAD).

Whatever Falls. That nail polish was supposed to be green. WTF with me now.

This is a look at me dress lets just be honest. Dutch women whipped their heads at me in Holland and then did an I AM HONOURING THAT nod like they were making a note to copy it for later and I was like THUMBS UP at them. Can we all just walk around like a beach resort right meow thanks peace, your friend Laymi.

It’s nice that there’s a rasta banana featured here way to welcome our American visitors, great first impression there but I noticed the locals are pretty “real” so it flows. It’s like a carny town built to please everyone and an ultra ghost town upon immediate vacating thereof. Why am I writing this like a CSI report??

Did I blog this yet I don’t know, in it I talk about Shia Labeouf (whom I’m a huge fan of btw), the JO-ing us driver (capital REALLY DUDE?), lil bub and some keeping it real in the 60’s pics + video on life back then if you were alive and an adult. CHECK IT OUT.

The set-up.

Those shorts are from Holland, it’s hard to gauge what’s in fashion here cos I’ve been away in terms of neon are people doing it a lot here can we do a poll? I also like how my bf tried to tell me I couldn’t wear cougar or animal prints over there, it’s everywhere. Also Do you think I would adhere to anyone’s fashion rules over that of my own ever?

Still haven’t shown the back of this guy, long black zipper. I have several new things I haven’t worn yet it’s just too hot.

And instagrammed. Yawn.

My throwback. Hi K-OS.

I don’t know how to rotate flickr pics yet.

Hi Moose. Send that to Moose. A dutch guy obsessed with Moose, we got to the bottom of Moose.

I’ve been coming here since I was 2. Someone digs it. Yeahada. Oakville love.

Our stuff is a novelty to him.

These things still exist he’s like. Yeah man go for it.

Could my earrings be huger? Yes they could. Guess where they cam from.

Hi guys. Comin’ for you today. Maybe you’ll see me.

Our friends. Squirrels are a big novelty too they don’t really exist in Holland. Even table relish, that green sh!t is a Canada thing. I’ll keep you abreast of more curiosities you can feel special about as they come to me. Our cars are bigger too. Everything is bigger. Garlic. I keep getting exclamations of mundane things being AMAZING. Stop the world there’s three highway lanes kinda thing.

Oakvegas pier finally got that it was vertigo scary and dangerous to walk down it all burly-like without a rail I mean I grew up with it riding burly like that but still on windy wave crashy days and when you and your brother/friends like to play PSYCHE out pushing shoving there maybe it’s best to have a rail.

Or if your kid ran off it.

He’s so cute. Look waves. Swoon.

And his Euro picture poses. Look I’m at the/a club?

Sailboat jealous.

Zoomy zoom.

My monkey. Wonder what my dad thinks of all these nicknames he’s hearing. He thinks BF is a gentleman. HAHAHHA. Aw.

Mom loves him too, he makes her laugh. One time in Aruba we followed them to a shopping mall and were all in a store he grabbed a stupid looking green floppy sun hat and said in his crazy accent I AM SENOR FROG! Then he took a pair of shorts I had tried on and nixed and whipped them across the store like you would your underwear at the wall and my mom and I died laughing we were all sweaty tanned and wearing bathing suits it was hysterical Lois didn’t laugh though she wasn’t sure about him yet. I’m LOLing right now even writing about it. I went and picked up the shorts and hung them up after scolding him WTF don’t do that ahgahha he doesn’t give a f*ck it’s very attractive.

They start opening these guys up in the fall I think. I’ve been going since I was a kid.

Waiting for his mail. Think I’m going to update my desktop to this one.

Oh there’s your mail go and get it. Lazy.

A huge fuzzy bee was above me pretty much in a flower. I’m gonna put pause on this we’re going to the city remembuh. Have a nice one.