HERE IS SOME MUSIC I AM INTO RIGHT MEOW. Sorry I yelled. Figured if I’m too zonked to make blogging happen at the very least. This.

Hot off the presses (only as in I just heard this but I follow is a song of my bf’s and I’s… sigh). Obsessed with Lykke li too.

I sang this one out loud a lot today, and played air keyboard when I waited for my K-cup to brew. Then, I did air guitar rock stance.

Angry girlfriend anthem music. This helped me focus on some copy today. It’s all music to work in offices by. Work bestie and I send music to one another on the regular. When we finally have time for that music show we will never have time for I will let you know, but hey this is kinda like it now so, win!

On a hot chip kick right now too.

This song. This video.

Go to 1:00 and see him skate, it is beautiful and surreal. Just listen to the whole damn thing.

This one just gets better and better then it really kicks in at 1:45. Also, stands the test of time.

Beck’s new jam.

I am running out of commentary. I have a ponytail headache. Okay PEACE! I may add to this post so check back.

ps. That title is another raymi original.