heatwave to me

Hey buddy! Things in July usually get crazy don’t they. Sweeps sweeps. Blog sweeps. Everyone is outdoors and bloggers, websites, want you indoors on the internet so we jam it with “more” or “other” content. Do you know what rich content is? Do you know that I know what it is? Do you think that I think that this is rich content? Did you know that I can do thinky stuff too?

Well anyway, after school we hit the pool. It has been bloody hot in Toronto bro. I was having hot flashes.

I speak all over the place online about my comings and goings and don’t actually formally address it here first. I feel like this should be my corkboard from now on. I am not trying to make blogs happen, just mine. But anyway I spoke at Humber yesterday about my time working at an ad agency to much rapt attention because that’s all the kids want to know is how to get hired at an agency.

Then I took their final exam along with them (internet marketing class) and there was a lot I didn’t know (forgot) so I googled as much as I could (cheated) before I grew tired of it, answered some from knowledge/memory and then just gave up completely because it was fifteen pages and I wanted to cruise buzzfeed instead. Why does school make you so hungry btw?

Sticking chip in now to get more pics from class.

Leah did my hair years ago! It only dawned on her as my sassiness came out and she was brought back to me in her chair saying god knows what.

Don’t ever photograph me while I am speaking. It will just not work out, sorry.

I use my entire body when I teach so ya.

Instead of prattling on and on I tried quizzing them periodically throughout my talk. One question I posed was regarding how to sell a product as healthy when it might not particularly “be” that healthy, what verbage do you use to instill a feeling of…vitality, refreshment (that one is huge). Anyway if you ever want a consultant, speaker, editor, wordsmith, help with emails let me know I’m actually qualified.

I am easy for the dinosaurs to digest the information I offer by using outdated technological props. Like a pen, for instance.

And by God if you ever have doubts on a formal document send it to me to proofread/rewrite before hitting send elsewhere. My rate varies from reasonable to exorbitant.

Good times guys.

As mentioned previously, I was feat. in Digital Journal yesterday. Will talk about that later. Back soon with another blog post! I went shopping yesterday too so a fun post is en route xoxo.