when i was an orphan ‘n you were a crow

cid at his happiest.

busy day, yesterday what was.

yawn inferiority complex, congratulations you have just won a punch to the temple.

oh what’s this?

love the hidden ones noel.

if you happen upon any pieces of bark that have faces you know what to do (contact noel).


how many pieces does this shatter your heart into? mine, millions.

then to crumpler cos fil needs a new purse camera bag. the girl there didn’t like me i could tell, i ripped on the colour of the bag he wanted to get (because it was on sale) and she kept fighting me on it hello lady do you have to walk around looking at that thing? i am the girlfriend therefore boss of this, you just work here. those are the retail rules.

when you can tell someone hates you you have to compliment something about them so i complimented the fact that they were using an old piano as a desk.

he didn’t end up getting it, if ANYONE has some sort of crumpler hook-up can you sponsor these guys, thanks a bill.

time for a tan chez miss A.

convinced old man river to go for one too.

she leant me her special potion.

“tattoo fade shield” for blythe.

sooo relaxing, the time went by too fast.

not for me, god it is so hard to stop myself from opening these things.

it better be the cutest one.

houses to die for on a street to kill for.

cheese boutique pit stop.

we forgot our cheese meat and crackers at fil’s mom’s YOU GUYS BETTER NOT EAT IT ALL!

so many memories from this park, too many to count.

stinky oozy wow factor.

hannah (fil’s stepsister) was in town what a surprise! she moved away to tofino.

me zoolandering it.

she brought back a paper from her scotland visit.

oh what pervs over there eh.

then back to the city.

to meet up with the skids and a few others at green room. steph had an accident.

after a v competitive few rounds of asshole with bekki and sarah, mads and i got deep, blog deep, hell yeah.

so the big news is skid #2‘s stay is being extended like, indefinitely, maybe, well not maybe i was just trying to make an oasis joke but seriously, i could have stayed home for that news in lieu of having to deal with the gut rot from the shitty whiskey green room passes off as jamesons. these guys are in love and it is truly something, and i take full credit.

time to hit the road jaqueline, it’s been a long one.

birthgay eve

i left the toilet seat up just for you.

yesterday’s outfit was brought to you by WASN’T THINKING. feh. i had those tights BEFORE feist and i would give them up in a heartbeat for five solid minutes of forced eye contact with her while she sings me a song. side note: yet another “article” about hipsters (and they’re talking about me in the comments hahahahahhahahaha) has been scribed and everyone is bashing the shit out of it/them (seriously who cares?) but anyway here is a joke my intelligent bipolar brain just invented: Q: what does a hipster fear most? A: eye contact.

ponytail day two sans shower, new skid on the block.

my infinitieth grey cardigan. the reason this is a bonehead outfit is because it’s a tight highwaisted skirt that rests on my torso exactly where the tights hike up to and then we are left with sausage stomach, even if you look skinny you do not feel it. oh my god how interesting is my body dysmorphia right now you guys!!!?

ok one more to showcase my tiny ponytail head.

then to kilgour’s to pre-eat/drink with just a couple of regular guys. also kz was there hiding up against the wall.

then to tranzac (hilar hilar place every single funny joke i have about tranzac is canceling each another out TOO MUCH, love/hate/love/hate/hate that place) to see human highway which kind of put me to sleep but the music is very nice, the magic opened for them with a very spiral beachy thing going on, very much liked them but we weren’t ripped enough to dance. during human highway the room was silent, way to go toronto you never fail to unimpress with your stoic pretentiousness. i am glad i clapped at the wrong time at the part of the what i thought was finally the end of a song, too many annoying pretentious silences in your songs equals ME CLAPPING COS I THINK IT’S OVER AND IT SHOULD BE.

this is alicia and i on the phone, what are you wearing tonite? NO IDEA. ok me i’m going for trying but not trying and i didn’t shower.

look at my wrinkled skirt what a winner ahh.

steve’s in town from skid bay, he is a v old time friend of fil’s (also had long hair back then hahaha), do you have a friend who would fly in specially for your birthday? i don’t. fuck i hate myself now thanks steve.

alicia is poo pooing my tights? my knees? my AWESOME more like.

i know you love this pose, and that chick to the left with arms crossed TALKED A LOT AND LOUDLY and yet somehow we were more annoying? sorry not buying it. wait til you see a picture of what her friend was wearing. last nite i learned that i officially hate young people, yes, a milestone has passed.

thanks for the beads jolisha.

oh right a band was playing.

guy on the far left was my favourite cos he looks like my dad when dad played bass in his high school band SWEED. they wanted to be called WEED but couldn’t cos they exclusively played churches and schools. HAHA. i’ll dig up those pics again soon if you remind me to.

ok SEE that nightgown back there. go ahead, defend it, you have one chance. also there was a girl in an AA rainbow striped tank thing with a belt and fake spectacles, i rolled my eyes so much last nite i almost set off the fire alarm.

singer/keys guys is so tiny and lovely and has a phenom voice.

birthday tradition, i brought fil to the green room four years ago today for his first time, what a classy benefactor i am right? (before that we saw emily haines at church of the redeemer and fell asleep in the pew during it) for the smart people reading/looking at photographs, his fingers represent his new age.

steve (snow hair) was there for it too, ok i will get the post and link it and you can see how bad my hair was and chunky i was getting.

we did not tip our waitress last nite because she lied about me placing an order for nachos, i specifically said muchos nachos and pointed at the menu, so we waited half an hour (normally they show within what, 5 minutes?) so steve goes and says did my friend order and she says no she didn’t. LIAR. nachos were my ulterior motive for goin’ there in the first place cos we were all cocked enough. NO TIP FOR YOU if you would have just admitted to forgetting to place the order you would have been tipped, easy. (if you give me grief about this i will shut you down, we are always ALWAYS gracious tippers so shut it).

another important and totally interesting fact: we bring in this mat during winter. i must be drunk still.

fil reveals his new specs that I CHOSE.

solar power up, i am insecure over whether he really likes it or not, i think he is just pretending and until he writes a sonnet about his solar powered mason jar light i will not believe him.

this morning, lookin’ good Z.

ok time to paint that cat in finally.