oh just so fucking superbly fucking great

guess which one we will come home with.

i really like this one though the white worries me but if that part is kept at the side fil sleeps on we’re good and someone just said it looks like cum, great, arty cum for one and all.

i showed this one to fil as a joke and he likes it a lot, ugh, mature much? i like it too but i think the novelty will wear off ridiculously quick.

this one is a cheapo, which makes me suspicious, also, too much white, i’m just concerned about stains showing. i really do want a big white duvet cover like meg ryan in you’ve got mail, ahhh, but seriously, not practical at all.

these stripes make me feel dizzy so i dunno, this one isn’t at the top of my list.

i like this print, it’s classical whimsy moves me but i dunno, too much red in the room might make me cuckoo.

kinda blah, but good blah i think, like a copy of the three little bears from the 80s drawn with water colours blah.

this one screams I’M A YUPPIE WITH PERSONALITY AND DEPTH FUCKING VALIDATE ME BLAAAAAGH! it reminds me of the santa clause, tim allen’s bed spread, even though it was black, there’s just something cold about this, i don’t like its intentions. hahaha fuck can i read your colours too?

i love this one a lot but it is the most expensive of the lot, 99 boners, it makes me feel like we are on a tropical holiday forever. i bet it has the best thread count too.

this one looks like pajamas to me, and hipsters, i like it, and yet i am irritated by it at the same time. haha.

this KILLS my eyeballs its vibrancy does not even register properly in the photo so i can only imagine how intense it is in person.

ok so those are the choices, good luck with your guessing and yes don’t forget to do that thing again thank you saturday buddies i will always be here for you.

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