You were made for me

I liked that this song has a lyric about a grape growing on a vine. I was like, people are so going to be in tune with my purple shirt and the fact I’m singing about a grape, God I am so clever.

En route to band the sun was beautiful.

Really loved the sci-fi sky too.

This is how I look by Sunday w/o filters or anything, tiredish and after crying. After crying makes your face look dewy. No? Not bad for 31 I guess. Humble brag once in awhile, you’re allowed to.

I was trying to look sexy and sad. Not wearing much makeup either aside from mascara.

Everytime I do something with Shannon the next day is spent being one with her couch and all the delivery food in the universe. Good times. Now she’s in the Bahamas. That’s cool I am in the Bahamas too and by Bahamas I mean Burlingtron.

Ninja slob.

Haven’t been to the bovine in awhile. It’s still pretty awesome. I saw a guy I saw at fashion Week too and was like we have all these pics of you looking eccentric as fuck.

This one I like because you can’t tell if I am coming or going and also obviously because hair. As my hair was repairing and growing in from platinum damage I refused to trim my ends to have as much length as possible despite many bitches saying to cut it off, nice try ladies look at me now.

If there’s a problem with your photo, stickers are the way. Shari won’t mind that chick is awesome.

While I want people to take me seriously I know that these dopey videos need a gimmick like flower pants or rabbit ears. Whatever, it’s fun and Halloween isn’t over til I say it is.

Day moon on a wire means Tom Cruise is thinking about you from outer space. Fact.

Thought we were going to do more than one cover so I brought more than one outfit but then we got stuck on Sam Cooke but I changed anyway cos that is how I do. Maybe the purple shirt was more flattering all along…

Surprise cotton candy after a fancy feast! No not the cat food lol. Yes because there is nothing I enjoy more than chasing cat food with cotton candy.

If you kinda eat once a day, or graze or whatever you can justify eating hamburgers the size of dinosaurs. I will let you know how my cholesterol is someday. Yipes.

Ok no more emo face for at least a week.

Who else has flower pants that match their flower sunglasses? I feel like we should know each other.

Loving these pad thai things from Longos right now. Not as good as the ones in Holland but if you were feeling adventurous add some coconut milk to jazz it up and like all the sriracha.

It’s my magical friend PJ Phil! He has a massive crush on me guys. Each time we run into each other (blasted of course) it’s hilarious cos I am like Do you know the significance here, like, trying to express the sentimental importance of YTV and some shit to someone who is like your peer now but you have the dumbest secret admiration for them that resets every time you hang. Canadian celebrity is a special thing. Any of my other Canadian celebrities out there in need of more Raymi Love you just let me know kay I am pretty sure the rest of the internet would be interested as well.

As for Poletergeist it was fun as hell. All my buddies had a dope ass time and some Little Raymis showed up to be starstruck by me. My dance wasn’t exactly horrible but it was terrible fwahaa. Lets just say pole dancing is not my forte. Youtube videos alone in a livingroom, emphasis on alone, are more my speed.

And my beautiful Damara showed up as Patti Smith. Swoon. I will be doing a proper post about Poletergeist once I accrue all the pics.


Sorry mom.

You can make soup from baby pumpkins right? Or do they taste gross?

Least I still got a sweet tan. Ok that’s all for today I got a mountain to catch up on. A laundry mountain and a mountain of life! Happy Monday xo rlw.