The world according to Merkley

I decided to ask my good ol internet BFF Merkley some questions about these wild portraits I started noticing on his Facebook. Then he answered them. So here they are now.

Hi Merkley, what the hell is going on?

Life is going on, and on, and on and on.. but eventually it will stop, for every living creature and there is nothing anybody can do about it. I suppose that is a good thing ultimately because it means nothing matters so may as well eat as many nachos as you want. Also, jupiter is going on too, but don’t go there, it’s not for humans.

What’s the meaning behind this concept?

I assume you mean the dress up party pictures. For me there wasn’t much behind it besides being allowed to make as big a mess as I wanted in someone else’s house without the obligation of cleaning up. I like that concept. The guy who created the series, which was apparently inspired by some other popular series, had some spiritual nonsense behind it but luckily I didn’t know about any of that part or I probably wouldn’t have shown up or at least I wouldn’t have had as much fun. Ignorance really can be bliss sometimes.

Is it like a funny idea you came up with while high with friends then was like, lets actually do it?

I wasn’t high, but it would have been fun while on mushrooms or something. Hell, it would have been nice if someone had thought to bring a little booze along. What a dumb day to leave the flask at home. Do I sound like I’m complaining? Well, that’s just because that’s how I normally sound on the internet because you can’t see my pretty little face making tiny movements that indicate what a swell guy I am and I forget to use emoticons. This would be a perfect place for an emoticon but I’m not gonna put one because now it’s too expected and not fun. I wreck a lot of fun things by talking about them too much.

Did you know I plan to reference one of our jokes in my next stand-up act?

I do now. I bet you’ll win an Oscar for it. Oh, wait, they don’t give Oscars for comedy. They don’t even have a category for comedy which is proof that the world makes no sense and there is no point to even trying to help it. I’m not trying to be clever here, I really am just trying to drive the point home that if you want to enjoy some nachos, you better do it now because time is running out and that would be a crying shame to pass on delicious things when they don’t even give Oscars to comedies.

ok that’s the end of the questions. did you know i have been making country songs every day? it’s fun.

oh wait. I just scrolled up. yes I told you.

Thanks Merkley bye!!!!!!!

CHECK OUT (SOMETIMES NSFW) MERKLEY! He makes legendary portraits!


Message from the artist of this series!

Hey, Just wanted to say thanks for sharing some of the project on this blog. There are hundreds more of these images. Hope you stay tuned. Thank you.

Concerning the spiritual aspects of the project: Yeah, this is mostly getting weird fun n messy with art. It is fun for me to act like I am 6 and imagine these guys as my own personal warriors and make them seem stoic and freaky. Like I am playing with action figures way cooler than Star Wars ones. It’s fun to just make up a story for kicks and present it. It’s why art is fun for me. Because I can do that. I guess that is a touch spiritual if that is what you mean. saahhhhrEE.

Oh and I experienced direct contact with some of these being in their ‘actual’ form while on DMT. Yes I know I was on DMT. I get it that they were not really there. So what! They were there and it was great. You can’t tell me otherwise. Try to. Is that spiritual? Maybe. But it was one of the strangest experience I may have ever had in my life. And then this project happened. Ok, maybe this project is spiritual. fuck!

Sorry about the no-booze part of the project. I use alcohol for other things like music.

I also I agree with Terence McKenna when he talks about how talking about psychedelics to someone who hasn’t really done it is like talking to an 8 year old boy about sex. The website and book should be coming out today. Here is a sneak peek of the website with a lot more imagery:

And I think this link should work for the book:


IN SUMMATION, this concept was actually technically conceived while high. Therefore, my hypothesis (HIGH-pot-hesis ahah HIGH POT HESIS!) is sound.