exercising visibility

Hello friends! Mamember me?

As we know I’ve been blogging for a long ass time and in the time that my blog ages, so does your hero. Sad but true but it’s all about maintenance and upkeep. Look at my grown ass niece. And Heather, she’s my bestie who used to read this stupid blog for years and now she’s mine. Magical, magical, that blogging tho.

We spent the day after my bday hobnobbing around Queen West, the mall, mimosas, brunch, shopping, back to the hotel for martinis and nachos then went to see a movie (Get Out) which I passed out during a good portion of the “best part” so I will have to see it again.

Here is that same pic without filters, I don’t look so bad considering haha. The trick is to extend your checkout to 2pm and sleep every second up to that. I think I recall babbling at one point before it was lights out and my mom or someone goes, Lauren, you’re asleep, shut up. Hahahhaa. Heather did that happen?

My niece has a big heart. That’s her giving some change to the dude.

As you can see I wanted to do sweet f all for my bday. I got a full time job yo plus I’m a date machine right now, it’s killing me. I rented a movie then my mom showed up, then Hailey, then Heather, then my second wind showed up too. Mostly I wanted to provide a space for us to all chill and be ourselves and counsel my niece whom I don’t see enough. This is how you stay forever young, remain childlike and try to have fun. It’s hilarious this one hater attacks and attacks me and will no doubt chime some bullshit on her twitter after seeing the time my fam and I had. I hate haters. Like, you’re such a disease. The gift I wanted most of all was to see my niece happy. It wasn’t about me and making fun of us for “acting like toddlers” you are a sad ugly creature and you don’t know fun, never have.

Great photos all taken by my mother as usual, thanks mummsy.

It started like this though. All I wanted was a burger. I actually had a chill, the curtains were drawn my mom was like uhhhm? When I initially checked in alone I felt like a cliche but also a sense of independence and thrill at being alone for a couple of hours for a luxurious nap.

Heather and her sparkle boots won the weekend.

More examples of how much I didn’t care I packed the dumbest shit to wear. This was Sunday, went for a walk with a friend.


New clothes help shake the fog of winter off y’all. And if it says babe on my shirt people might think that I am one.

Tess brought me that hat to work. The sprad we had to dine on from Cheese Boutique was phenomenal thanks again. You shouldn’t really gloat about your bday at work but I did it for my fans. If I didn’t acknowledge the milestone of my birthday every year in some obnoxious way you would feel sad for me. I realy don’t care about my bday. right.

Hi mom. Nice shot.

We were hot messes after checkout and had to fix our situation. Thanks Heather.

Yeah I’m gonna need to get that taken in.

Brunch was so fun.

These are out of order because that’s how I get them from my mom’s facebook. Nothing changes.


One guy brought me up cake when my mom sad it was my bday, did not request (I don’t like cake tbh – gasp) but anyway he was swell you’ll see a picture soon.

So adorbs. Love you three dummies. xoxox


We do have a beautiful city.


My mom’s Facebook was lit this night. I am hesistant to post some of these best-ofs. Its’ funny how you “change” your approach to blogging exposure.

Pretty nice.

Pretty nice too. Heather fits in with my fam like, I didn’t even have to do anything it was great and seamless and it’s nice to have another Auntie for Hailey. Jesus take the wheel!

It was cold. DT is a legit wind tunnel all about that area jeez.

We had a wonderful time taking photos and changing costumes. I am very lucky to have a friend like Heathe who has lots of head accessories and love and makeup and life.

To be Continued gotta go!

hey man watch the leather

lets begin with some nerd vanity poses.

almost done.

birthday roast.

some like it red.

let me take care of this.


wishing for?

birthday week has officially begun and oh what a week it is.

before all that i spent my hangover takin’ care of some biz.

an aft of “work”

and much needed sustenance.

you’re welcome nerds i have finally taken the twitter plunge but don’t get too excited i’m not “twittering” (STUPID WORD) as raymi personally, just as nxne so chill and apologies for getting your hopes up.

have a nice sunday.

birthday party farty

it’s called exercise, people.

fil picked out this card fyi.

i did not notice the boner or the fact that it was a money card. thanks fil.

fil don’t smudge it k i won’t. ugh. i put in a fiver to be funny. the mom sucks is in reference to this. when my dad read this card out loud to us he was like wow it’s just like a movie everyone was killin’emselves laughing, when he got to the mom sucks part my mom went WHAT!?!?

i forget what look i was going for yesterday, drugged?

since laying eyes on damon’s shoes many many years ago i decided i will not die until i acquire something like them. i think i have a few times over by now, old man shoes on girls fetish colour me guilty.

this is my impression of you.

are we there yet?

beej face.

that brie was really fuckin’ good.

supermarket garlic bread cannot be beat, am i alone in wanting to eat it as is or like smearing the garlic butter all over my face and hair and body?

dad if you don’t find that DAD sweater ornament i am going to tear apart your house looking for it.

my brother was all DID YOU TAKE PICTURES OF MY ROOM once i came out after a teeny little break, no, but i did when i first arrived OF MYSELF not your room, egomaniac. funny how people never ever change, my brother is so possessive and territorial of his shit, me i could care less go through my stuff, i do not care, let me know if you find anything good. if i ever busted into my brother’s room as teenagers and so much as moved a book one hair of an inch, he’d know and flip the hell out. dude there isn’t anything worth photographing in your room other than my reflection. chill man. fil has him for kris kringle, i think he should get him some kind of furniture to fill up space.

asked if i could borrow this, guess what the answer was. too funny seeing as i leant him my copy of about a son over a year ago no problem.

delicious carrot cake my aunt made.

shirt matchy.

fil and my brother were both wearing sweat hoodies and i kept getting confused when either one would call my name, make fun of me, etc etc.

hahahah nice.

as much as things appear to change they really do remain the same, comforting. this was a good christmas warm-up practice. mental note, bring more wine, drink less the nite before ;)

happy birthday dad xo.

oh yeah we watched the zohan movie and believe it or not it isn’t at all terrible, we were surprised. the ads were misleading. it is safe to rent it, trust me.