I want my MTV pilot right meow

Interview stance, calm cool, caj. I was nothing of the sort. I know I did better than the other two I think, but the task was for likeability so it doesn’t matter if I stumbled or knew how to talk no one needs to know how to talk anymore thanks to the internet. WRONG. It is harder but the more you do it the better you get but on top of that she has to of liked me, that was the challenge. I am also fucking dying out here trying to get a reaction from the Jersey Shore cast, they don’t count The Situation following me as enough. What are you kidding me that is HUGE!!!!!! That is a win he has a babillion followers and follows just over 1000. I am trying my brains out it is uber humiliating to harass them all one by one on twitter since Saturday. Today was cut off day but I threw one more at Sitch. I appealed to the business side of things and asked permission to link sitchnews on this blog. This is the hell I have been in lately. I also have to make a song about myself and put it to a 30 second track of STUPID FUCKING MUSIC ahaha yesterday at MTV I was like who wrote this? No answers. I can write charming blog posts but I cannot write songs. It’s go time though so I guess now I am a song writer. And I will not cheat either. I could get a hip hop lyricist friend to write it for me, that would be obvious right? Therefore it must suck and be apparent that Raymi wrote this shitty song now dance to it muthafucka! Update: Sitchnews retweeted this post. I hope I get a flood of blog traffic!

Cody is a nice kid though but I am so gonna smoke him sorry brah. You too Arber. I will save all of my opinions til after the episode which we shoot on Thursday. For some reason I blanked on that fact. Tonight I will be live tweeting Creeps, the final episode of the show.

Do you like my unassuming little outfit there? Who’s a genius oh I am. Cody thought I was 22, he was almost blown out of his chair next door at the pub where we went for a drink with his friend, I think they are twenty.

I was like no man I just turned 29. I downplayed how much I knew about twitter to both of those cats, sorry but it ain’t no cake walk. Thanks for the extension on my little Raymi rap video til Thursday morning otherwise I would have had to write it after the gala instead of being a lazy waste of space some more last night. Actually, this whole creeps thing is reminiscent of high school. I feel tethered to my homework assignments of tweet insanity feeling like I am about to fail at any and every juncture, there are a lot of stress eating days between Thursday and right meow as well. Ps. Lucky had just slapped my ass and I am saying Hiiiiiiiiiiii! at her here.

Hi Cody! I will let you and your friends hang out with me in Niagara Falls sometime (which is where he lives).

OH I haven’t even said who I interviewed yet on here, it was Aliyah Jasmine. I lurked her tumblr yesterday morning for two hours, pretty amazing life and she’s dating one of the guys from the Stereos. She’s done it all and is a hard working role model for the entire nation why couldn’t I be this smooth in the interview I dunno I am not smooth guy that is not my style I am a rocky road. I asked her how to be poised and smooth like her and she said vodka and I laughed and DID NOT SAY that I had helped myself to a glug of it before colleague picked my ass up to chauffeur me across town. #spoiled. Anyway, I went first and I hope they keep that in mind. I didn’t get to ask her my fun questions either boo. I will type them here now for you and you can be amazed by what could have been kay?

It’s blurry I like it. Here’s another “could have” if my stupid friend wasn’t so stupid.

This was just two days ago. Now the world is white and bleak looking. The sky is never grey, it’s white, anyway just saying you blew it for not hitting the roof Rebecca. I understand your cray friend was in town sorry. Ps. Aliyah asked if I said cray in real life and I was like yes. I asked her how cray Tom Cruise was and she flipped the question back on me and I was trapped, she also asked if I “partied hard” another trap. I said yes, duh.

I said Kanye West was a misunderstood genius. I pick and chose things at random from her tumblr (which you should follow btw) that popped up most, I dunno, I fucking sucked I am going to beat myself up about it for the rest of my life but the moral of the story is I sucked the least and that’s all that matters kids stick that one in your hat.

Ow that hurts right now even through a picture.

Stella loves it up there but she over-heated pretty quickly well, 15 minutes, not even.

My hair is pulling out some interesting looks lately. Interesting is the one universal inoffensive compliment/slight that there is. I put feather earrings on to complete the look. They feel like hair on your shoulders. On MY shoulders bro. I am a bro without a surfboard wahh haha. Hey remember when I said I would show you the questions I didn’t ask right? Yes I will get to that.

Oh look I made a feminist statement lol thanks Anna. I have a stack of Xtra’s on the living room floor teacher went out and grabbed some for me aw thanks sweetie pie. He texted “proud of you” baha thanks! Ps. I need to eat a plate of perogies now I missed out on those.

Here’s the original.

Here’s a different version. No regrets, tons!

Meowcifer. Ok here are some fun questions: Beckham or Wolverine? James Dean or George Clooney? Beyonce or Gaga? Spikes or Chains? Paul or John? Kanye or Jay-Z? Sick of that Gotye song yet? Would you dye your hair white? Wonder Woman or Shera? (I asked this one, she said Shera, I was shocked lol) Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe? Michelle Obama or Jackie O? What’s your favourite part about being Aliyah Jasmine? Can we go back in time please ahhhhhh. Whatever one guy “winged it” and we all know how those approaches pan out jajaja.

This was Rebecca’s favourite page out of the Jem colouring book because she is sleeping. Wow. What an unimaginative child ahahah I think I win for best and most burns most often in this friendship it’s what I am here for and she loves it.

We laughed at this photo when we saw it because we were white winosaurs. All of the funny and inappropriate things I said and did will come back to me when I blog all the shots, so far I only have Alyssa’s pics. We had our own paparazzi girl in tow, one who has gone through the Raymi Celebrity school of hard knocks, from gym ambassador to “other shit she does now” thanks to me.

See. Laughing hard. She reminds me of Sarah Jessica Parker in the Family Stone, all uptight and prim and proper. I want to borrow that dress Rebecca.

See I am multiplying. Sexy Litsa was at our table too she popped out a kid 14 months ago now look at her thinspiration incarnate. I have to go blow a fart on Stella’s belly now brb! Not! I mean, to the coming back, it’s toy story 3 xbox 360 time I’ll get the chips and gingerale see you on the couch.