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November 13, 2014

Oh man where to begin. From these brilliant keepsake photo memorables to the very night itself and the honour to be apart of it… truth be told, I used to be a risque online model many years back and Anthony was one of my bosses.. that’s the connection to Fujahtive. My mother lovingly encountered and captured so many more people connected to Ant + company on Friday night and it’s overwhelming to experience this love, joy, and connection to the band but there it is real as real can be. A friend of Ant’s flew in from Prague for one night just to see this show. The only time I can think of a man wanting to fly anywhere cold for a night would be in the pursuit of tail.

The dream team had a blast, as per usual.

Fujahtive had a flawless performance and the house was packed. The band will be doing this again next year and probably playing a few shows in between at the request of promoters who came to the show. Beatles Cavern Club Brian Epstein moment much? Lol.

Oh good they’re even on Ello. I learned how to finally prononce Fu-JAH-tive. Say it like you mean it too.

I may have stolen some attention for myself.

Marois Kirouac Photography really turned out some impressive shots like there was ever a doubt they would.

Mom was Birthday hungover as well and you couldn’t even tell. #champ

Not to be outdone here is ONE of my pictures. I still intend to get a new camera and make use of it. One of these days. The Iphone 6′s camera definitly outdoes my Samsung Galaxy 4. Sigh.

Because we were standing beside the stage and I act like a Raymiac when I go out at night all the time people were grooving on all my, well this.

Crowd watching was awesome too and not in a snarky way. It was sweet to see these fans all be reunited and the chill vibe throughtout tattoo was like a big warm enveloping ganja hug. I kept thinking my purse reeked but it didn’t, it was the air all around you lol.

When I was younger, Ant’s gf (now wife) told me he was in a famous reggae band back in the day and I was like yeah yeah whatever sure. FFWD to Friday. Touche yo. I will never doubt random bits of information ever again no matter what it is. (Jk i don’t fkkn trust any y’all.)

And we haven’t seen each other in 12 years so it was pretty fantastic to see your old buddies again not to mention the fun I had the month leading in to the event promoting and working with the band. If you ever need some Social Media mgmt and help sinfluencing the system, do let me know. I come with pro photogs.

I’ll give you a quarter if you can guess which guy in the band hooked me up with some rollies. Hint: it was none of these guys.

How much do you love brass tho right? You know when someone drags you out to a show you don’t want to go to let alone hear and you’re all crabby (or is that just me) Well THIS show was nothing like that. It felt like my ears were at a day spa in Montego Bay. There was not one offensive sound that went inside my ears.

Heeeeeeeeey I want to play the trumpet too.

I wonder what he was singing about there. I loved tweeting about/to fujahtive. All you gotta do is google rasta sayings to make up a bunch of shit and string it all together LAWDA MERCY!

The visuals were nice and trippy as well.

Bro on the keys had epic moves. Could not keep my eyes off him. John was rocking the tight shots like he do.

So many good pics it was hard to choose for this post.

My mom said at the end of the night all the guys were super sore and it was hilarious to see them all complaining about their aches and pains and backs. Anthony required a wheelchair the next day at the airport bahha. aw.

Look at those satisfied smiles. Happy people everywhere. Can everywhere be like a Fujahtive concert please. All my friends who couldn’t make it should definitely feel stupid.

Nice work Mommsy.

Did you notice how my hair and mom’s shirt and mom’s hair and my shirt match? We must have some mom daughter mental connection cos we always match when we meet up.

Diva! Just kidding, Ant is humble as hell.

Raymi break! Each blog post must contain at least 10 pictures of me or the world stops spinning.

Okay I’m starting to feel crazy time to wrap this up.

Then I got shadow puppet schooled.

The family that shoots together, scoots together?

Til next time Fujahtive, looking forward to it!

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November 8, 2014

This is for you cos you’re worth it. Happy Caturday!

Last night was Raymazing btw. Super packed house, everything went off without a hitch (is that the saying?) and the sound quality was pristine and the tunes were awesome. More to come bum bums.

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November 7, 2014

Online ticket sales are over yo! But you can get one at the door.

See you later Babylon Zion one! It’s gonna be epic, can’t wait.


“It all began when our singer Winston Ho-Sang transferred​ from Oakwood Collegiate to Forest Hill Collegiate mid year. There he met our eventual guitar and bass player who discovered they had a mutual love of reggae music and pot. One day after the smoke cleared they decided to form a reggae band. Somebody said lets smoke one and think of a name with Jah in it! Jahstice (nah too dark), PyJahmas, (hahaha no we’re too baked), Fujahtive (Bingo).

We still needed drums, keyboards and most adamantly a 3 piece horn section. We were big fans of UB40 when they were young like us and were making music that was not covered in cheese whiz so we had to have horns even though crap keyboard horns were taking over in Reggae Music (less guys to pay).

Winston is a classical musician and Oakwood was known for their music program. He recruited the rest and we started jamming including his identical twin brother Wayne on vocals who was in the band for a few years. We played at our high school, basement party’s anywhere we could. Finally, still in high school we scored a gig at the legendary Bamboo club on a Monday night. They were expecting that maybe a few family members would show up so they had one bartender on. About 300 of our schoolmates from both schools showed up with their fake ID’s and screwed up the alcohol inventory for the remainder of the week. Pretty soon, we were headlining our own weekends there. Next we started getting calls from promoters to open for all the biggest international reggae acts coming through town. They wanted to bring in a more diverse (young/white) crowd. In those days these shows were held at the Copa on Scollard in Yorkville and capacity was 2000. We ended up opening for Burning Spear, Sly and Robbie, LKJ, Gregory Isaacs, Culture, Shinehead, Yellowman. Then we got the call to open two nights for UB40. The city was plastered with advertising UB40 and Fujahtive. The day of the first show we were told we were getting bumped because on of the members of UB40 had a relative in some shitty ass band called whothefuckcares. Anyway thousands of people saw whothefuckcares suck and concluded it was us. That stings to this day and we believe those pricks in UB40 ought to make amends.

We got an agent and managed to kick ass at the coca conference which was the predecessor to NXNE in front of all the talent buyers country wide and then we started touring Vancouver Island to Halifax. 8 guys and a sound engineer inhaling each others rotten gas station pogo farts and seeing the Country. We never made a lot of money, but we never lost any and more importantly we remained close and never officially disbanded we just started getting married and having babies which of course killed touring.

The reunion started at a charity golf course. Guitar player plays golf (badly) and is impressed with charity presenter. They start talking and he convinces her that he actually used to be sort of cool looking and played in a reggae band. He suggests a fundraiser and talks to the guys. Voila!”


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November 6, 2014

If you know me then you know I love my cardigans and sneaky chic layering techniques. Perhaps ModCloth noticed as well, as they’ve selected me (along with other bloggers) to see how I could play modstylist for a day by creating a style board a la fall fashion layering. So without further ado, here is how I a-did.

“Stockings, short shorts and boots have always been my thing. Paired with warm layers up top, you can rock shorts all year long.”

I don’t know what to say other than I will always have Peter Pan syndrome and dress like, well, Peter Pan. I’ve been after a pair of chunky low-cut boots since I was in Holland and there’s something just safe feeling about wearing boots when you’re wearing teeny pin-up shorts. You’ll need a long coat when you wear a long sweater, and once you start to sweat from all those layers a cute top is there for all to enjoy while you cool down in whatever hipster cafe you happen to be at. You don’t always need to wear boring pants to keep warm in the winter, a nice thick knit stocking will do to jazz up your week – I don’t know why, but short shorts and live music were just meant to be for me. Thanks for playing along with my style know-how today. If you want to see all the deets on my fashion selections check my polyvore board out here. Love cardigans too? Check all the ModCloth selections out then! :)

Ps. I want this hat.

Because I can’t wear baseball/equestrain hats 24/7 I mean.

But I will try!

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November 3, 2014

I liked that this song has a lyric about a grape growing on a vine. I was like, people are so going to be in tune with my purple shirt and the fact I’m singing about a grape, God I am so clever.

En route to band the sun was beautiful.

Really loved the sci-fi sky too.

This is how I look by Sunday w/o filters or anything, tiredish and after crying. After crying makes your face look dewy. No? Not bad for 31 I guess. Humble brag once in awhile, you’re allowed to.

I was trying to look sexy and sad. Not wearing much makeup either aside from mascara.

Everytime I do something with Shannon the next day is spent being one with her couch and all the delivery food in the universe. Good times. Now she’s in the Bahamas. That’s cool I am in the Bahamas too and by Bahamas I mean Burlingtron.

Ninja slob.

Haven’t been to the bovine in awhile. It’s still pretty awesome. I saw a guy I saw at fashion Week too and was like we have all these pics of you looking eccentric as fuck.

This one I like because you can’t tell if I am coming or going and also obviously because hair. As my hair was repairing and growing in from platinum damage I refused to trim my ends to have as much length as possible despite many bitches saying to cut it off, nice try ladies look at me now.

If there’s a problem with your photo, stickers are the way. Shari won’t mind that chick is awesome.

While I want people to take me seriously I know that these dopey videos need a gimmick like flower pants or rabbit ears. Whatever, it’s fun and Halloween isn’t over til I say it is.

Day moon on a wire means Tom Cruise is thinking about you from outer space. Fact.

Thought we were going to do more than one cover so I brought more than one outfit but then we got stuck on Sam Cooke but I changed anyway cos that is how I do. Maybe the purple shirt was more flattering all along…

Surprise cotton candy after a fancy feast! No not the cat food lol. Yes because there is nothing I enjoy more than chasing cat food with cotton candy.

If you kinda eat once a day, or graze or whatever you can justify eating hamburgers the size of dinosaurs. I will let you know how my cholesterol is someday. Yipes.

Ok no more emo face for at least a week.

Who else has flower pants that match their flower sunglasses? I feel like we should know each other.

Loving these pad thai things from Longos right now. Not as good as the ones in Holland but if you were feeling adventurous add some coconut milk to jazz it up and like all the sriracha.

It’s my magical friend PJ Phil! He has a massive crush on me guys. Each time we run into each other (blasted of course) it’s hilarious cos I am like Do you know the significance here, like, trying to express the sentimental importance of YTV and some shit to someone who is like your peer now but you have the dumbest secret admiration for them that resets every time you hang. Canadian celebrity is a special thing. Any of my other Canadian celebrities out there in need of more Raymi Love you just let me know kay I am pretty sure the rest of the internet would be interested as well.

As for Poletergeist it was fun as hell. All my buddies had a dope ass time and some Little Raymis showed up to be starstruck by me. My dance wasn’t exactly horrible but it was terrible fwahaa. Lets just say pole dancing is not my forte. Youtube videos alone in a livingroom, emphasis on alone, are more my speed.

And my beautiful Damara showed up as Patti Smith. Swoon. I will be doing a proper post about Poletergeist once I accrue all the pics.


Sorry mom.

You can make soup from baby pumpkins right? Or do they taste gross?

Least I still got a sweet tan. Ok that’s all for today I got a mountain to catch up on. A laundry mountain and a mountain of life! Happy Monday xo rlw.

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October 30, 2014

So, the three musketeers took Fashion Week and feels like the triad will/should be getting up to more of this in the future.

Marois Photography are John and Tracey, you can follow them on twitter (which will be my next social media-ing 101 with them pray for me) @Marois_Kirouac or their FB page Marois/Kirouac-White Photography which is pretty epicly loaded with amazing shots, this was not their first rodeo. They got the best shots of the show because of where we were on the runway. Raymi gets you behind enemy lines. All the other photog were in the pit at the other end of the runway. Sneaky minxes ftw.

I can hold this pose alllll night.

Go team.

I had to take a selfie to get my makeup. Play the game yo. So while it seems sometimes us bloggers are obnoxious on instagram doing blasts at events, it’s for a cause and that cause is lipstick and mascara my two best friends.

We were about to be all squished leaning against the curtain in the corner when O’Nizzle texted me a photo of my reserved seats. A derpy derp that would be me. Thx gyal.

When Elyse discovered I’d be at WMCFW she was like bring my sweater, and I’m like okay but I better not end up carrying it all day in all of my photos. How spectacular is it to have dragonflies blasting on your sweater, moments before you get it back? Or does that happen everyday? I dunno not to be a wizard or anything but I think she can make three wishes now or something.

My mom got photos of every fashionista in this square afterward whereas I got all toronto and beat it out of there and I am too shy to blog them so it’s just me here sorry. Oh wait, this is called Raymi the Minx not Toronto the Minx right? ;)


Uh huh uh huh, fashion. Mhmm mhmm, yep yep yep, got it.

Btw the girl at the lykke li concert is who encouraged me to get a size medium, I am smaller than it appears. I also paired it with an oversized vintage levi’s jean jacket that was my dad’s. When you’re going big keep going. Once this tee shrinks after washing it, it will fit better.

Okay I am getting a little tired of this pose too tbh haha. I always kind of dress like a chic slob IMO at fashion week cos in my mind I am like This is so hip and so cool how did all these people know what cool was until they saw this outfit I made zero effort in preparing for them. If you have real style and you are reading this you are allowed to roll your eyes. Next year I will bring it. The noise I say. Consider it brought and waiting for you. New poses too! Get ready.

I miss doing photography like this. Swoon. Thanks for carrying the torch ma.

I should have thrown that bottle in my bag ;) . Oh what, what perfume huh? Look over there it’s Bo Jackson. #gone

Nice toes. Okay that’s the best of the rest I gotta get back to Raymeality now. If you missed pt. I here it is: all thighs and eyes. Hope to see you tomorrow night for an epic Halloween Party at Brass Vixens. I’m dancing! It’s gonna be sexy and weird.

I finally figured out my song too. See ya tomorrow night!

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October 29, 2014

What’s up the blogger said to thee!

Last Friday (feels like yesterday) we hit up the tents oh look at me talking all fashion, “the tents”. I hope the out crowd can pick up on this industry lingo along with my heavy facetiousness. Sometimes I can’t tell if people can tell that I am ALWAYS JOKING HERE.

Now there’s a smile, Laurence.

We had some time to kill before the show. We were not only on time but ahead of time for once which is awesome for capturing a lot of pics. My mom is a very thorough events photographer and has expanded, these two shoot in tandem it is the best.

We are going to do a shoot together eventually.

The show we saw was by Huntress. See that necklace. Gems baby. The designer is up for a people’s choice for best collection, go vote for huntress you have til Nov 7th. What Would Laurence Fishburne Do? His baby mama closed the show with 2 Irish Wolfhounds a whutty-whut. That is because why and what.

We is always about the street photography too you know that boo. I get an assist on scoring this one, my call plus allowance. I had to whittle this post down to a finite amount. Toronto is such a small town and my mom photographed every single fashionista you would recognize, you’ll have to go to her album on FB to see. There’s unwritten rules here yo, can’t post it all.

Slob chic at your service. It’s at that point in the laundry rotation when things get interesting. However, I have been selected as a fashion notable to partake in an upcoming fashion social media thing so the style moves are working. Hashtag werking. From now on I am just going to Kerouacian prose prozac when I write here because who even knows how to do this thing called blogging anymore. If but nothing else than to please my fellow literary counterparts.

How, “This is not my first rodeo” is my face much?

Age gracefully. Grace agefully. I’m gonna tweet this Raymism what I just invented. Ten bucks no one cares.

Werk werk work, work mom work.

Tracey really captures it all.

A meeting of the minds.

This is how you own a sidewalk.

A woman captured a video of us walking alongside the streetcar on king to university. Wonder where that footage ends up!

Treatin my peeps to drinks. Love that ring of mine hey don’t look ay my pin!

Nice hat.

I would be a great model all you have to do is look angry a lot and wear a ton of makeup.

Fabulous check-in set-up this year. Like into a hotel on broadway.

So much bling and eccentricity. Check the gasp face in the middle. That’s laurence’s lady friend.

Hi again.

I miss Toronto.

Stink eye for you.

And for you. My hair is growing like a weed around my back.

Can you imagine three of me? Actually that equals 5.

I’m going to unfortunately break a blogging rule and pause this as I have to do some burlesque rehearsal related things now. Top Secret!!! Come to Poletergeist on Friday! Pt II Fashion Week tomowoah!

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October 27, 2014

And now you know! This is from Saturay night blowing off steam after the sex show. (It’s important to have friends just as weird as you are). I have two major blerg posts in store for you guys, fashion week and sex show. This is just a speed bump of awesome in between cos I am not prepared to rehash it all just yet (am I ever?) so don’t exactly feel ripped off with this “post”. Bloggers make lots of excuses eh?

One of my photobooth things. The second Time I did it was way better.

This was money though.

This was moreso money.

After all that sex (show) action I needed to dress like a little babushka and come down to earth for a bit lol.

Not to spoil the surprise or anything but I am dancing in this for Poletergeist on Halloween on Friday at Brass Vixens Studio. You should attend! I’m starting to get really nervous!

I bought nipple pasties too! You’ll have to wait and see if it’s hearts or stars ;) .

Probably the awesomest picture of me lately. I am over my cell phone pics now, it’s all about the real camera. I have been lazy for so long in this regard. You look so much better when people can see for real what you look like.

This look reminds me of Halle Berry Catwoman.

Just some of my highlights. See the line on my thigh? That’s from running. There’s a nickname for the term. The line? I dunno. But I like it. Someone requested a butt tutorial video of me haha.

That’s all for now. Social media has destroyed blogging but I will continue to fight and to try. Fifteen years this Nov 28 I have been up to this and I am up for a Lifetime Achievement Weblog Award again so I had better keep at’er. Hope you are enjoying your Monday. xo yo.

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