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Who do I think I am? Who don’t I?

Oh hey, you’re still here? Fuh-ine. Come along then. I wore this sensible secretary/Marge Simpson dress all weekend long. I threw a jumper in my AA bag regardless. I forgot I had tickets to War Horse in my Nella Bella clutch, the show was Saturday night so I weighed my options – continue being a […]

You drive me Craymi

Hi everybody. It’s funny how Attention Deficit Disorder can totally– I can barely finish that sentence! I always look like carbage when we go on the vespa. It didn’t really make sense to do my hair before all that. Some guys like girl scruffs anyway. Scruff Life. Also I find that some of the hottest […]

Dote, Deal, Delight, Duh.

There’s one where I closed the doors and the toilet lids aren’t so, there. Hello and welcome to 3 days in 24 hours because that is how long it feels like when you do a whirlwind girl’s night out with Cray Tray and Lois Lane. Ready? Set. Let the crays begin. Wicked family birthday dinner […]

All persons on Naughty list manditory meeting this Sunday night

Lol. Mini Christmas for Hello Kitty TOO! Lol. This is a child’s tutu btw. Slips right around ma teensers waist. Did you notice my earrings? Hi Kat! Thanks for the outfits Kat! Thanks for making today fun everyone! Sumptuous rug! How sexy is your recycling? Excited to see what Katrina extracts from her video footage!! […]

Prepare to get schooled

Good afternoon class, welcome to Social Media Business Studies: THE NECESSARY EVIL. Now watch me as I live tweet and make fun of several people/brands/pop culture things. This is what we call “working” and this class is scheduled during a very vital key tweeting timeframe haha kidding I didn’t tweet, or say this either. Wow […]