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got flaunt

Hello outstanding citizens!


Join me now on another Adventures with Raymbo quest.

Okay lets not beat around the bush, this was terrifying! But you just have to try things, no? I even made NOW. I mean obvi lol.

Some of my friend’s shots of me accidentally took on a black & white setting. Kind of Woodstock I like. It goes without saying except that I will say it anyway – this post is gonna be very nude photos-heavy. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Got there early despite the Indy detours thanks Alastair. It was funny to see a few nudists milling about then more and more arrive. Quite something in fact.

There’s even an airplane landing in this shot nice. I had a line-up of photos to pose in with people in between each Naked News take. It got a little insane. I called one little tanned eastern Euro dude Calvin Klein to shoo him out of our next taped bit. Everyone laughed. I felt like a bully. A naked overlord. Being naked is powerful. I bet pics I posed in with asian families will end up on top of pianos in golden frames as their one wacky summer spent in Toronto frigging bet you I will. I posed with 90 year old uncles and aunties at the request of their adult children!!!!

My hair is floating. I also see my mom in the bg lol. I interviewed her. Can’t wait to see her shots omfg.

The stories I heard from the people I interviewed on Saturday were killer. What if I become a protestor now? I like to play neutral so that I can keep on keepin’ on you know but when the popo came and I stood there naked in front of them, some might even say defiantly so… it was a rush indeed. When the cyclists went away and I was the last nude left standing, I put on my clothes and then and only then did the five-oh go. Someone called the cops and they showed up but weren’t 14 division blabbity blah who cares we’re just a bunch of harmless nudists go fuck yourself irate stupid lady get a life. The World Naked Bike Ride was successful in spreading cheer and joy throughout the city of Toronto, body positivity/acceptance, cyclist safety awareness, environmental shit. Just let the nudists be free.

Lots of um, this.

And that :).

Guess you’ll have to check in with Naked News to find out what dumb jokes I am making here. Check the dude’s photozoom in on me nice one bro ahhaha. There was a lot of that. I cringe.

I’m actually thinking about every time I have been brutally trolled and body shamed as I go through these and methodically delete certain ones from my flickr along the way, kind of anticipating mean things people might say about my body. I am happy with it. I may stand like a lech in some shots but this is natural standing. When I am vamping it up trying to be sexy, I look sexy so I ain’t mad. Had a horny mob around me the entire time pretty sure I am kind of attractive. Is that okay to say?

Can you spot Tracey the Minx?

You love it right? I so do.

I hope that baby contacts me in the future fwahahaha. It might need therapy.

You can tell my level of can’t even because I look like a rooster. That baby is loving it!

This was another favourite moment of mine. Standing so close with all these naked people at first I was uncomfortable but then I felt like I was with my people? It was very Orange is the New Black I swear!!! We were chill and just there to be seen and “give back” I really wish I went on the bike ride. Next year 100% I will. Here is a little starter blurb recap I wrote about this experience for Facebook/twitter FYI.

This chick kind of makes me want to go to another festival again right goddamn now.

I enjoyed him very much so too obviously we are also hair spirit animals. I asked if he was a Rainbow Bright fan and he didn’t know who she was. I died. Lol. He was very insightful about the WNBR history and was even arrested before many years ago for being nude etc etc etc wow.

Sometimes I felt bad about cornering people regarding their wearing masks. Maybe it’s because I wanted to be anonymous too.

So happy the sun came out too. Very lucky for that. Like God was all about this.

That concludes my coverage for now til we move on to whatever gems my mother captured. One life my friends. You got to live it.


9 thoughts on “got flaunt

  1. You sure do put yourself out there sometimes fella. It must feel so weird to have all those clothed dudes hanging around with cameras. They seem so out of place. It’s a weird world. I don’t know how nervous you were but you look like a total pro. Hopefully this posts. Sometimes comments on your blog don’t work for me. Bye.

  2. You are an inspiration. You looked beautiful and comfortable out there. Legs.for.days.! And its so wonderful your mom isn’t concerned about all the nakedness and supports you. Just a great vibe. The whole thing. :) <3

  3. I would have been there but had a wedding…really enjoyed last year…so glad you got to celebrate this year. I’ll definitely be at next years so I’ll see you there. It is indeed terrifyingly exciting.

  4. It takes ovaries of steel to get out there and do this, and you look like you’re having fun doing your thing, so good for you! Also, you’re much more than kind of good looking!

  5. Fair play totally natural and cool looking nudity. I’m sure it was a freak out getting naked in the park!

  6. “… kind of attractive.”?
    Are you SERIOUS?
    Beautiful face, exceptional breasts, what is NOT attractive about you?!
    In love I am!

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