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Hi. Sorry for saying hi but not really meaning it. Are you one of those people who, when the conversation is just done there are no words like no ok bye and you feel like you have to dismiss the person with thank you we are done here? Or you outright just lie and say well let me see is there anything else I need to know (to close it up) knowing that there certainly is not anything else left to know, nope all good. The ultimate in lazy is just saying nothing, opening your mouth up slowly and then shutting it again, silently. That shit is funny to me.

Sorry I should have just stuck with the hi.

Truth be told is I feel lazy, have been lazy. I haven’t been giving enough. Everyday I should be like, and now I DID THIS!!!!

Being creative can be exhausting in so much that I can only blog every 1-3 days. You need to live a little, do more, experience, form opinions, before you can get at it again. Or I just go on ello sprees and instagram blasts, read every new thing I can on gawker, lesebel, and buzzfeed and if I am desperate, daily dot plus imgur. Then when I’m finished I’ll stalk random people who come to mind. Omg the other day this person posted a pic of people I hadn’t seen in years, girls who bullied me and never repented for it. Got away with it basically, but yeah, the girls have ballooned up a little bit. Total Muriel’s wedding justice moment no? I screengrabbed it for a rainy day…

…but anyway after all of that, I finally remember why it is I am here on the internet to begin with and get back to making my own news starring me plus my thoughts and every step through time.

My blog has been updated, not that you can tell. The WP version I was blogging on for years had been quadruple-time, old as shit long story short. So now this typing field I’m in is current and it feels, different. You don’t care, you never care. Anyway that’s all about that.

Yeah I look kind of stupid. Kind of stupid good! Was trying to decide what to wear in my little webcam video earlier. A bloggy friend suggested I do more videos, vlogs, and it’s always in my mind to do it. I need to practise being on camera anyway and not touching myself, my hair.

I’ve lost more weight. I’m getting more toned. Will do more cardio and ab work after this post. Winter is my jail sentence.

Wonder where the dress is that goes with this hat. It’s somewhere.

Tickle trunk game be strong.

Had a lot of coffee today. Will make an egg white spinach omelette soon.

Sorry I don’t respect you (or myself) enough to just take my jeans off for this. That underwear is going in the garbage RIP.

Had to wear ‘em cos there’s no clean socks left. It was all hype though. It feels neat to wear them and they are dangerous too, very slippy.

Not to be anti-feminist but stay bubbly because bitchy is fugly. I am not going to be bitchy ever again starting now.

Inside of my blythe journal given to me by a Little Raymi called Charmaine. She visited me at my bar one day and left it for me aw swoon.

So, IMO if these are tiny jeans why do they make my thighs look so goddamn juicy?

Hey buddy.

These were cold. Then my calamari sucked. Waitress was a bit bitchy and not saying it in a projectionary way, that’s just her way. She was selectively nice. She didn’t even give my friend the courtesy of a response when he (a food snob) hated on the calamari to her. She just stood there like a stone wall then walked away. Cool service style. I would have been like yeah you’re right they do look like a blooming onion that was run over with a van even though it’s supposed to be calamari and not flattened breaded onions.

At least I have R&B face.

Speaking of ello, I have a whole new peanut gallery over there. One guy said this photo wasn’t as good as..

…this photo. Okay, thank you.

What colour should I paint my toes next?

You can’t tell but he’s right on the edge of the bed and it’s a long way down. His purr motor was off the charts during this moment.

I wish a bottle of perfume was photoshopped beside him here. He is totally Mariah Carey right now fur sure.

Yesterday I was like I’m just going to start doing weird shit for the sake of it being weird with no context, form, or reason but then immediately chickened out ahahha.

So goth and emo.

My immediate future looks like.

I had to.

Hating winter. Yesterday I breathed too deeply while outside and all my lungs stuck together wtf! Dangerous. I bet that little boy was dead pretty quick. Saddest story ever. Poor little guy. But yeah, hate on winter is not original but I think it’s a form of excusing the amount of shut-in selfies and indoor fifty shades of cray activities. I NEED to be running out in the sun.

Cool great like I needed to look paler. Some foot fetish guy talks to me about these socks and asks for updates I assume he has a foot fetish or he just really likes red hearts????

He was just sitting on the corner of this antique trunk. I feel like cats make statements when they perch on random stuff around you. I am probably giving cats too much credit on their statement making abilities. I doubt he thought this one through. His brain is the size of a peanut.

Team barbie feet. It’s from dancing and being feet pointy a lot. I maaaaaaaay have exaggerated the foot point a little bit here.


Yeah yeah arty isolation, all that good good.

That’s my face plus Jack Kerouac’s face.


Alright. Bath time. Happy Friday to you all. Stay warm.

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