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Hey guys. These sacrilicious cross pics are the only reason I am motivated to get an RTM post out there. I have wanted to blog them since taken and although you’ve likely already seen ‘em on facebook or wherever, life just can’t go on until the duds make their way to the blog. I wish I could be the kind of person who can just outright shun social media and be a blog purist through-and-through whereby you only get to see my world via my blog and nowhere else. Maybe that can be a NYE resolution actually. Note to self. Remind me of that please thank you. Now, ready for more? Lets go, yo!

I bought this yesterday. Seeing as wearing these socks with leggings is my winter uniform I may as well wear a sweater that emulates that. Don’t get me started on my fight with the bluenotes staff member on the 2 for 1 sweater deal. I’m going to save it for my stand-up (Dec 5 at the central more deets on that later).

Broke my boycott and went for the most amazing pizza in town. Still not gonna promote ‘em. I’m a stickler asshole like that. The funny thing is they won’t even know why I am mad at them. All bloggers, well the smart ones, go by a code of you are dead to me ethics if you displease me instead of long-winded rants that in actuality serve as promotion, we just go silent and say nothing because it’s meaner. But long story short, running out of dinner options out here though I’ve been hanging around the Hammer a fair bit of recent.

ANYWAY! Moving along!

Yesterday was a big battleship day in the harbour. There’s zero visibility out there today, it’s all white and coming down with snow and I am hearing major ship horns honking as warning. CRAZY.

What can I say we keep it gangster out here.

My winter fashion game is bananas not even gonna front like I know and or care/give a shit about “ensembles”. It’s all about keeping warm until I acclimate. Holy fuck I can still remember how to target the most accurate of descriptions for, uh, what it is that I do lol, “become accustomed to a new climate or to new conditions.”

Massive bum bum Lauren bonus for you.

Second bonus albeit smaller cos of incredible hulk neck line twistage. The shirt says Callahan, like THEE Callahan from Tommy Boy. RIP. Also these are legendary undies. Not getting started or going there.

Another amazing mall look. Dress for your surroundings. This was for Lime Ridge. I actually had no idea where we were but then each person I saw looked funnier than the last so I was like hmm this must not be Etobicoke.

This one is to apologize for the fug ones. Then I’ll have to find one to apologize for this one! See how shiny my legs are? This is my ninja grasshopper Tim the toolman Taylor homage. I bought this shirt in Holland from H&M. I bought a garbage bag sized bag full of stuff post xmas clearance week, there’s a photo of all these 2 euros, 3 euros clothing tags. I guess I owe you guys a summary of how the thing with Dutch guy ended but don’t worry, you will get it. You will get them all in the end. Wink.

Another thing I ate.

Band. Do you want to talk about my hair?

How about here? See how close to Rasta I can get?

That’s my Robert DeNiro. Ehhhhhhhh you insulted him a lil bit, a lil bit.

Here’s my Arnold Schwarzenegger impression clicky clicky.

Chipotle finally occurred. breaking news.

Electric drums. WANT.

That light switch is in my way.

Liking my big hair here. Trying to will myself to dye it asaplease.

I also feel like I could easily pass for a pretty girl in the Shire. Like a Hobbit. Don’t even try to say no about that.

Thanks for the sweet hoodie Britt!

Friday was girl night I can’t believe I got them to watch my movie pick.

We didn’t open these cashews cos Britt is allergic OOPS my bad. Apparently they posess the same properties as prozac if you take a handful of them when you’re feeling emo you’ll pep right up. So while playing Monopoloy DEAL we’ve been shotgunning handfuls of cashews but I can’t really notice a difference cos I’m usually having rum too lol #foreveramystery.

Life tip: Do not order dumpling soup when you eat bibimbap. It’s good though.

If you can’t be in the city you love then love the one you’re in. I enjoyed this cloud p0rn. I’m going to wrap this up now cos I’m losing hours fassst and was a bit ambitious with the amount of stuff I uploaded. Thanks for lending an ear you know I hold you dear, til next time xoxo rlw. ps. I ello!


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One thought on “shut up and blog

  1. RE: “I guess I owe you guys a summary of how the thing with Dutch guy ended but don’t worry, you will get it.”

    I know it’s none of our damn business but yes, waiting patiently.

    RE: Robert DeNiro impression

    SPOT ON. Also, how adorable that you could do that in the same post that you have sexy bum pics? That’s awesome.

    Love the hair so much and looking forward to more blog posts!

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