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My Ten Minute Interview is up!!!

Here is an excerpt:

How does your online persona, Raymi the Minx, differ from that of your offline self?

Well, apparently she is my alter ego but maybe she’s really me. She’s my inner beast and demons, a caricature that, over the years, I’ve injected more of Lauren White into. I noticed how much Angelina Jolie has matured into this being of elegance, grace and poise over the years; she wasn’t always that good, you know, so maybe people will get over this Raymi the Minx rep that I have and see that I’m actually mature, whether behind the scenes or the image I project onto my blog. I am fun-loving and happy-go-lucky; people do not see the sweetheart that I am, I have been told, and they never will because half of my audience is blinded by hatred for me, which is hilarious because they cannot look away.

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More soon later friends!!!!

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