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hillbilly chill out

Guys, there’s a snafu afoot with my flickr account in that I can’t right-click access a code to blah-blah post here, so’s I can’t blog pics and pardon the (my) perpetual bullshit will yas! Maybe I’ll just have to revert to writing as blogging, can you imagine? It’ll be fixed in a jiffy no doubt. Might have to use dropbox. LAME. In any event, happy sundance Sunday. Man I really hope this video isn’t blocked due to music copyrights.

Love Raymi

RTM tumblr if desperate sauce.

One thought on “hillbilly chill out

  1. I hate Yahoo and Flickr, years ago I got an email: “Congrats You’ve successfully changed your password!” when I never changed it. I called Yahoo in California several times and got no help.

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