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This slow-mo thumbs up’s for you

Hi Raymstronauts.

Continuing now, of course! Oh but yes that.

That was nerve-wracking walking beneath TBH.

Some German fashions.

Going backward through time my photos get lighter.

I am super stressed about packing right now and 100% living in the past as a coping mechanism.

Whatever, at least I don’t have to think I can just scroll through the pics one by one that I uploaded in Holland.

Disco parking lot lights ooh behave Germany.

I took this picture specifically for you guys to see how words look like on signs there. Okay, we got garages.

So grand. Where’s Taylor Swift when you need her?

Super into it btw no shame. Love a build ballad. Oh yeah, and was she head banging too or something?


Bye again you vision of amazing.

Jut a great looking place yeah.

We drove through the longest curvy-wurvy street of an awesomely pepto bismal pastel rainbow colour palette dreamscape, trying to find Zentrum. The core, center of the city. It is like Munchkin Land + a bit V for Vendetta style.

It reminded me of Portobello Rd and henceforth market, like an uber souped-up Kensington market what with the rows of connected housing all different colour painted. A rainbow road effect. So f-ing cool and Europe.


Tear drop.

More of that accident we passed.

Accident signs. Good call? Yeah I think so.

Peace gotta go pack the stress monster is after me!!!


What else do you do on a longish road trip from Nederland to Deutschland on your last night in Europe in farm country? SELFIES.

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