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video treat and pics

Thrift Shop Aruba from raymi lauren on Vimeo.

Not to jinx but I think she works now?? Hello?

One more week to go.

Orig pidge.

Insta. Okay back to loony town now. ;) I finished watching Orange is the new Black. Perfect show for the mo but now it’s over. Le sigh.

I’ve been scattering bits and pieces on my tumblr/s so check those. Cathartic mammories there. I’ll write about my feelings tomorrow.

We canoed back in time to the eighties where I got my hairdo.

Being bossed around caught in action. Oh have another cigarette I got this. I was kneeling like a professional, it hurts having sand grains slice into your skin and on your feet if your foot is fucked like mine.

Don’t forget to say hi to MY BOYFRIEND IS ANGRY. If you had a cool blog I’d read it. There you go t-shirt sloganator.

Bet you miss the heatwave now.

4 thoughts on “video treat and pics

  1. Oh I’m going into heatwave withdrawals already, and it was 90 degrees here on Wednesday. Sniff sob! Love the canoe pics and your hot 80’s hair. “Orange is the New Black” is SO good I keep telling everyone to watch it…we blasted through the whole season in 3 nights! Hi!

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