Now here’s my best tweets!

2005. Look at my phone.

2013. Now. Both during my looking like shit life periods IMO. Photo Becca Lemire thanks baby!

Sucking up McDonald’s free wifi thanks Ronald McBlogald. Diet Pepsi coke party.

A little bit Raymdead, can you call in Raymdead? Hi I can’t come in today I am Raymdead. Again.

Now the rain is snow.

Towel jogging pants. All set now life!

I love when my phone tries to tag me in my pictures of food it’s like NO I am not a chicken wing thank you!

Friends calling me on my one word emails – Me: no Him: whoa whoa I didn’t ask for your life story! Slow down! BAHAAHAshut up

Models leads to more models. Should I be the Heidi Fleiss of Model collecting?

I just had a fantasy about buying a pen for the house and delivering speech about it.

Groggy sunny sunshine Sunday.

Longest walk ever.

He revealed his entire charade by reacting emotionally and storming off.

People just cant handle the aftershock of their socks being blown off by how amazing I am.

90’s moratorium.

blue cheese smoked turkey on rye + the hobbit.

And Hobbit the second time around is still boring as shit. I can’t believe it either I know. Sad day. (I didn’t make it the whole way through this time either. Fail. Please Peter Jackson make the next one better.)

Last night was bananers.

AND I took my hair out of the bun and it’s like huge and big Aslan big, and long now for real. Awesome. Now I’m going to watch Girls.

Oh was that throwing sub shade too pfft.

I can’t wait to wear my new shirt what looks like a sloppy Hampton’s house guest coat of armor.

I’d say my shirt is a little more Montague.

Angry like a Russian sky fireball.

Now I’m watching #BBCAN Ep 2. after reading every spoiler and tweet about it last night.

Snowing. Oh it stopped. Lol March.

How much attention you want. > How much attention you get.

Another day in Raymidise.

megatouch omg I’m going to be a barfly again :-)

I hate everything right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This phone flickr everything! those two things!

Sad girls do it worse.


This isn’t the first time I’ve seen or heard about Ford’s wandering hand. Photo via @raymitheminx’s blog. pic.twitter.com/VIK8C3Btv3

I wish I took the four seconds required to learn this.

It’s okay to be a Raymiot.

We couldn’t have done this without me, I’d like to thank my ancestors for their wicked awesome brain genes.

Discovered free sample of fifty shades of grey on my phone last night. Almost at the dirty parts. Then I bet it cuts off haha.

Found out an ex got jilted when she found my blog. Word to the wise do not ever date me! #isurvivedraymi tshirts? Anyone?

This emailing photos to self system is a bust.

Mo Raymi mo problems.

It’s like punk daycare in here. Guess the bar.

I quite like Boston Irish punk music. It’s like when is Matt Damon showing up? When is something going to explode?

What does muy guapa mean.


Working from bed is kinda awesome albeit limiting.

People need to be more strategic, less emotional. #bbcan

Trying to ‘splain right now why flash in public space is a faux pas. No one cares. instagr.am/p/WvYGJgv0BC/

I love when windows of opportunity turn in to shoulda just kept doing that other thing with the extra time surrounding it.

Today is national discount chocolate day.

Toronto is Vegas to Oakville people. #fact. Love it.

Omg someone just sent me the most disgusting “model” pictures ever ahahaha no thank you I will not pose for free to look l like that.

Dad’s like oh look here’s your friend I’m all whose my friend? He shows me The Toronto Sun spread on #RobFord. Nice one Dad!

Grouper, red snapper, scotch bonnet.

How editorial is this nonsense.

Women who possess partial masculine features go far, their looks last a bit longer too.

Chaps. Chaaaaaaaaps. :-) – BEST PLACE ON EARTH. jk

If I were an extremely low flying airplane I’d fly right in to that blue on baby blues. http://instagram.com/p/WhfmgeP0Jb/


love hearing about menopause and hysterectomies all the goddamn time too I am living in cocoon except Cocoon SPring BREAK omfg hahahaha

V day is great for cleaning house of all the annoying bros who incessantly pester you every other day of the year then puss out today.

It’s woman’s day. Are men scared or what?

I’m just mad about carob.

@17_steps: @raymitheminx lard jaysus Stay where ya b I’ll come where ya at ;-P” aye be aye be I’s be dressin like a fisher’s wife I’s be.

Oh great, a psychotically high phone bill arrives.

We all enjoy the madness cos we know we’re gonna fade away.

Ruuuuude and no waymi. why don’t you bring back not pissing me off? ;-)

Read the paper, the internet of the wifiless.

Aussie insult of the day: I think they’re a pack of whinges.

More faces than Big Ben.

You hate me when I’m here and miss me when I go.

Watching George Clooney bbq Julia Roberts a burger in his backyard while she interviews him for Oprah. ughhh why isn’t this my life!

Don’t: mix light caesar sriracha and ketchup.

There’s a party in my head and no one is inviiiited @tameimpala
Good thing password typing isn’t driving cos it just took me five thousand times to get mine right just now agahaha.

Uh oh I ate too many mocolates :-)

I just inhaled black pepper seaweed.

Drinking Starbucks in bed. Even my shins are sore.

They call me rippy tights.

hippie supermarket endorphin ruuuush I’m gonna eat everythingggggg

Please don’t be jealous of me because my neighbour across the street looks like a short haired version of Gimli. What’s up #middleearth!

Gossip is the best when you have no clue who the subjects are and can offer useless input.

Raymaoke will be singing hit the road jack tonight.

Funny how you can’t handle Raymi but in actuality couldn’t handle what I handle. Hangin w/20 yr old models I dare your self esteem to try it.

I feel Raymazing.

“There is no chance of anyone in North America/Canada ever finding out,” OH PLEASE.

Late night confessions. Sometimes you feel like no one really gives a shit about you, they just want to read your blog.

And sometimes not even that! lol

Scrabble with 80 year olds.

Why doesn’t this hotel do coffee whyyyy

Adam rules. “AND I’LL BRING COOKIES. I don’t really like cookies that much so don’t get mad at me if I bring the wrong shit.” #Girls #hbo

twitter from my phone won’t let me reply to dm. wtf. It still won’t WTF??? Helplease.

So bootylicious can’t fit in da frame. Raymi Bunny ♥.

It feels like Burning Man just happened in my head.

The one that got a Raymi.

I was carded at the liquor store. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY.

Chicks dig diet talky.

Someone just asked me if I was wearing a cape.

Drake officially more stupid than we initially thought.

I want pancakes.

Wait a minute, can I have pancakes?

Don’t let anyone hold you back. Ever.


Still kinda deaf. Lost more weight. Have headache. Sick of salads. Sun’s shining. Must plan 3 outfits for the next 2 days. How Raymnoxious.

I yawned two nights ago and could finally hear (a little bit) out of my ear btw. I know you’re happy for me.

Should have offered him some acting lessons and comedic timing instead ziiiing :-)

Playing with fire.

Interesting evening. Hearing disinformation about your past romantic exploits from your ex bf. What a week.

While drinking with him when you shouldn’t be.

Took me forever to fall asleep last night, Rayminsomnia.

What do you get someone who has been reading your blog for 11 years?

No one likes a sore winner.

Now speaking in Manchester accent.

Sugar free polish ice tea.

@raymitheminx ha, we meant your raymazing article on Fucked Up. but this could be fun too.

Your memories aren’t invited. #themaster

Be careful when you mix sriracha and fiery jerk. BE CAREFUL.

Auntie Wynn just put down the word gag.

About to discover what a cup of Tim Horton’s tastes like with a shot of itself in itself. Sounds gross already.

I hope complaining makes ear pain go away.

Love reading my drunk tweets from the night before it’s like yes world, I AM hilarious.

A purple 80’s tricked out sports car unironically speeds by.

When I’m depressed I listen to Judy Garland. Clang clang clang went the trolley and shit!

I love that people in LA are allowed to be insane #RichardSimmons and/or drugged AHAHA. #ChelseaLately

You gotta be somebody’s baby you gotta learn to lose control you gotta go a little crazy release the animal. #gossip

You don’t know who you are until you leave where you’re from.

Happy Birthday Jackie baby

Happy Birthday, Jack Kerouac. Born 12 March 1922, died 21 October 1969.

One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.

Kerouac’s Rules for Writing

Fellow writers were always asking Kerouac how he did what he did so he set down 30 essentials in something he called Belief and Technique for Modern Prose – here are my interpretive notes on them.

1. Scribbled secret notebooks, and wild typewritten pages, for yr own joy

Agree. Have tons of these. So much nonsense on this computer, good stuff, meaty and zero recollection of anything other than it’s the shit I should be blogging but am too afraid to so put it in a book instead, let it marinate a little bit until I am tougher.

2. Submissive to everything, open, listening

Yes. There could be a story at every, any corner. You are a spy of the world.

3.Try never get drunk outside yr own house

Oh please!

4. Be in love with yr life

Make it as fun as possible.

5. Something that you feel will find its own form

Don’t try so hard to push a voice or persona, don’t be false, be real. The flow will come naturally. Let it.

6. Be crazy dumbsaint of the mind

GO CRAYMI. Often. Opinions and observations, hopeful and true and above all else, honest. I don’t know what the fuck do you think this means?

7. Blow as deep as you want to blow

Just do whatever the fuck you want man be a lit candle because the rest of the world can’t or don’t feel comfortable doing what they really want to do but if you don’t then don’t. HAhaha uh?

8. Write what you want bottomless from bottom of the mind

Like I already said.

9. The unspeakable visions of the individual

Can y’all grandiose-size that?

10. No time for poetry but exactly what is


11. Visionary tics shivering in the chest

Yes we know you manic compulsively have to get that shit out, the thoughts.

12. In tranced fixation dreaming upon object before you

Kind of buddhist monk-like, isolated, writers are very monastery but back then no internet so I bet he’d be like surfing multiple pages instead of staring at an apple, prob a bit of both.

13. Remove literary, grammatical and syntactical inhibition

BOOYAKASHA! It’s the message not the envelope.

14. Like Proust be an old teahead of time

Now you are speaking my language, hold the Proust. Teahead means pothead btw.

15. Telling the true story of the world in interior monolog

Hell yeah this is your Tyler Durden wet dream kind of thing, funny hilarious musings, running dialogue and commentary of every single thing going down at a supermarket. Essay-length accounts of walking eight yards to get a coffee there is what we think and what we say and what we can’t say, we write. Just remove identity if it’s secretive, manipulate time and space.

16. The jewel center of interest is the eye within the eye

I dunno get to the point or the core of the drama, the root, the real deal business, no pussy footing around.

17. Write in recollection and amazement for yourself

Love your shit. Own thy shit. Be amazeballs about your amazeballs. Fuck the haters. The hater does not exist. You are awesome. Don’t go full-Kanye though. No divas.

18. Work from pithy middle eye out, swimming in language sea

Is he referencing Nirvana here?

19. Accept loss forever

This one is tough.

20. Believe in the holy contour of life

You only got one.

21. Struggle to sketch the flow that already exists intact in mind

Bend the rules. Make your sentences melodic. Don’t write like a robot. Go with the mania.

22. Don’t think of words when you stop but to see picture better

Be descriptive but not of necessity show the vase don’t tell it, talk like yoda like how I am right now. Learn karate?

23. Keep track of every day the date emblazoned in yr morning

Blog. Daily posts are entries of your life. Rise early and reflect.

24. No fear or shame in the dignity of yr experience, language & knowledge

Respect that what you do don’t keep skeletons or secrets just out with it.

25. Write for the world to read and see yr exact pictures of it


26. Bookmovie is the movie in words, the visual American form

Like On the Road, the book is like a movie so they adapted it which allegedly was killed by K. Stew but whatever a good writer is like reading a movie.

27. In praise of Character in the Bleak inhuman Loneliness

Pain is good for writing. My writing has bettered ten-fold because I am the most miserable I have ever been in my life at this period in time. I am humble and real about it and soul searching, working on myself, whatever, basically loneliness is a painful thing that people endure. It makes you stronger, creative. It has many benefits, builds character because there is less noise, other people’s garbage in your way.

28. Composing wild, undisciplined, pure, coming in from under, crazier the better

Yeah but make it rule and don’t just invent crazy, tame it a little.

29. You’re a Genius all the time

Thank you.

30. Writer-Director of Earthly movies Sponsored & Angeled in Heaven

RIP buddy. I think you mean make it God-approved? Don’t kill or hurt people, have a conscience. Gotta go get ready to not try number 3 now why is that one in bold ooooh mystical. Alrighty then. RLW out.

Over everybody until they are under me.

Hi world I am back, still angry but not as much. Don’t blog angry I always say. Never say. Just said to myself in the kitchereeno rolling a dewb. Today just feels like there aren’t enough hours in it which makes me bitchy and the time change plus staying up longer because of this extra hour, I dunno. Also I lost five pounds ahah so my body is out-control I am giving up on dieting and just living my life that’s how I will lose weight by eating cupcakes and being happy. Sick plan bro.

Okay I’m going to stop talking about myself for a bit now. I took the girls to see Ginger and Rosa last night. Bloggers and media and brainy hipster influencer chicks get to see premieres before everybody else because then they go home and write hyper-focused and detailed accounts of the film that they saw. I was grilled in the car ride home about why we got to see that movie before everybody else and it was funny copping a buzz and saying any retarded fucking reason I wanted because social media arrived out of thin air and there are probably endless reasons why I’m an influencer which was not the question posed but yeah, I like the arty dark stuff, I know Jen, my blog is media I guess then there’s the brand Smörgåsbord getting in on it but really there’s a huge movie scene in Toronto which is one of the places Sally Potter’s movie premiered like a blink of an eye gone again until the rest will see the film at month’s end and I will be in Aruba the movie will catch like wildfire, memes will be created, quotes, tumblr-spreads and animated .gifs – seeing it first is a privilege and special offering to in-crowd and movies leave indelible marks on the psyche, hallmark cult classics you never forget where you were and when you first saw it.

Tracey and Lolo are a bit like Ginger and Rosa to me. They’ve been fighting lately. Things have been stressful, rough, long winter, I hear that everyone is suffering in their own way to get through it so we are not alone, world, that’s comforting. I thought the triad should get back together again, Lois kept saying it was our comeback ahah like Tina Turner? And who are you saying that to anyway? Just kidding. We had a smashing good time and 40 Argentinians were staring at us and winking all throughout our couch hang. We went up to Panorama because I wanted them to see it so we stayed for a drink and some flourless chocolate cake. Mom thinks it felt like New York.

Toronto looks good with a chandelier on it. In the day the view is fabulous I have a blog post if you google raymitheminx panorama you can find it.

I wonder how pissed Dakota is that her sister gets all the indie gigs and she gets Twilight roles, aside from crying all the way to the bank, pissed off? I mean, she paved the way for Elle Fanning. Thanks for the Evian, Evian. Some vodky may or may not have slipped in to mine.

The triad is going to Aruba for 2 weeks. It was my intention to float away forever there, turn into a brown raisin, and die. Channeling Nicolas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas which I’ve never actually seen but insist upon detailed accounts of from friends who have seen it. Anywhooters I haven’t accomplished enough for suicide/disappearance yet so RELAX YOUR FACE. The point is I am going to Atlanta for a bounty of trubs beforehand so I can press pause on screaming at the sky until winter’s duration ends. I’ve had wanderlust since September. Single people SHOULD travel. I’ve done enough loafing so now it is time to make tracks. BTW I just found out our magician frenemy in Aruba isn’t there anymore so now I can’t be sawed in half. Wahh.

Nip slip dammit. I have 40 pics like this. I didn’t notice because I was paying attention to looking skinny. I forgot to buy spanx yesterday. Guys if you are fine with embracing a fat hero I am totally fine with turning in to Jessica Simpson fat ahha.

Jk I’m going to yoyo until I’m a skeleton again and hopefully get lyposuction in Fatlanta.

I asked Sally Potter if she was Ginger or Rosa? She hemmed and hawed of course then said Ginger. I’m not going to spoil it but obvi Ginger is the one who gets betrayed so it really is a yin & yang sort of flick. Annette Benning is a treasure as well, I love her. Perfect. It’s a period movie set in ’62 so nostalgia original gangster hipster ground zero, a mental holiday flick and I took turns looking at my mom’s face and my godmother’s, we had a really good time, bonding like bananas in the super front row right in front of the chairs where the Director herself Sally Potter would sit and we would be guaranteed answers to our questions posed only to just talk to her as I “got” her entire film, it turned conversational and mom and I got a few questions each. It was moving and inspiring to see a woman who dedicated herself to something for four years, something artistic packed with emotion and lessons, relatable pain. We’re all kinda emo right now so it’s comforting to get lost in other people’s pain. AND these two broads were born around the time of this movie’s setting – I knew some shit might hit home for Trace and Lo. Mom said she’s Ginger. Everybody is Ginger I think.

Get yourself thigh high boots. Shannon “wants to take care of these” while I’m in Aruba ahaha oh please.

Old news sorry I kind of liked it. My boobs btw are bigger it’s ridonkulous I’d think I was preggers had I not blasted in months! Longest dry spell ever I may as well write stand-up about it. I am equal parts proud of myself and a robot. COOL. Cool?

I went on a hilarious date here before oh that’s right you’ll probably pull that blog post up if you google raymitheminx panorama as well ahahahha omg I had blond hair and a lot of extensions in. If the photos don’t appear tell me and I’ll re-html them for you #iamaniceguy.

For her dating profile go and get it boys.

Omg that shirt is so adorable. Lois has EVERYTHING. Every dream girly shirt you could ever want. Bangin’.

We caught up on all our gossip and I rapped real talk to her about some of her biz ahha mom likes it cos I cut to the chase and then Lois thinks about it. We are a good pack.

Thanks Jen!

Read this and be underwhelmed.

Me in two weeks. Part of my anger is the photo out of sortsness that ends up making my blog posts aggressive.

Dessert. Not poutine. Not actually burgers but cupcakes omg!

Or closed?

And from this view side.

Smugly stupidly yours, Raymbo.

Silence violence

SO angerry right meow. Passively kinda angry. I can’t even upload one photo at a time on flickr so I must shrink my resolution size aghhhhh thanks for telling me. No pictures no blog post get it. Double-dipping from instagram revokes the newness of the murrterial and no one likes to watch someone brag on all channels. Anyway over it I’m doing one-by-one now. Take a deep breath and blog I have limited time so that means it’s gonna get craymi.

My bro and I have been constipated for days. Don’t get me started even though I just started. Lets talk about problems, you got problems!? Haha. So we constantly discuss our issue and how we can cure it and what day we’re at and why the fuck haven’t we exploded yet I swear to god it must be a family-thing? I also swear to god please don’t make it happen in the middle of nowhere Jesus holy Christ that’s all.

I have been cheating on my diet like I don’t care anymore I don’t think it’s working for me I’m going to stop suffering and start eating tubs of ice cream I GIVE UP. No. I’m just going to regroup and lower the fats/eat some carbs/cut out booze. Why in the hell did I even think that eating high fats would make me thin???? Obviously I am a cheater plus kind of dense and bound to screw it up and now that I am bloated from not crapping in for fucking ever I’m paranoid that that’s not bloat but a fat person gut. I have accepted that I am going to have a shitty summer as in not a skeleton so I’m going to just embrace and enjoy and take the teasings about my body because I figure “I deserve it” but I have also learned the rage trigger when one too many comments get made aka mother and brother so I cannot be blamed for when one of those assholes gets a black eye and I am not joking either so it’s pretty safe to say I am going to Atlanta this week to avoid all that haha.

Luckily these fat shirts are en vogue at the mo so I have time to try another psycho scheme to drop weight. Another reason that this has happened is that I don’t party anymore so like all the bloat plus the eating more just happens, plus it’s the burbs and winter nowhere to go or people to see so why go anywhere. I really hope I get skinnier in Aruba. This is going to be the most annoying blog to read the next while, more annoying than you already find it my friends.

Mall lighting. You’re so Warhol.

Time for a shower. What an interesting birthday month.

No filter. Just pose in the window to be flawless. I’m not even wearing tons of cakey makeup either honest I’m just super pale. Not for long! Arubbbbbbbba here I come. Oh and that’s how long my bangs are and my roots. Virgin hippie hair in no time. Yeah I got lots of wizard whites and greys slightly poking through I wonder what the sun will do to my hair top? What are the hair forecast trends anyway should I go to that or spearhead my own? Kay bye. Monday Monday can’t trust that day.

Do not drink the ashes

Hallow hallo allo how are ya lovely!

Just practicing my accent me is. Practice over haha. This sunshine today are you kidding me! Lets go for lunch in this small town called Jordan Station. Thuper fun. Heck bro I live 30 minutes from wino country. What an idiot. I mean all this time!!!

I’ll just get the instagrammables out of the way first. Cave Springs winery loooooooove it. After lunch we had tastings ooh la la I cheated on my diet. Yes, remorseful but caaam ehhn you would have too. Can’t resist the barrel cask whatever oak taste of that red goodness I died and Slurren was out in no time. Fancy is as fancy does.

Whimsical. Spring is here today for sure, yesterday was like after the apocalypse of gloom.

Half my photos haven’t finished sending yet I think when I send to raymiATraymitheminx it takes a lot longer so the other half well you’ll just have to wait and see won’t you then? It would be awesome to have lipstick on in this photo.

There was a fire off in the distance I love that shit yo!

Lunch is served.

I love my camera phone thinger.

Thought my whore boots might be a little much for this little town made for couples who wear sweaters and have massages together and stare at waterfalls and “work on their marriages” lol. It was funny. Only because I am an asshole. Only.

Def going back for more.

Seriously. Dopamine injection looking at that. I am drawn to colour. It awakens me

Sweet. Made of wood so all the coolness without all the killing.

Statement piece. There’s a Native art store. Seen seen, cool peeps there.

Lots of Steven Seagall swag abound. Kind of wish I bought that now.

Oh hey!

Girls plus wine plus camera phone equals masterpiece. If I knew all these samples, “tastings” were free I would have had like four more at least please tell me next time thank you. Gosh it would have been awesome if all my pictures sent, wifi lag what is that? Meh the couch is calling my name. And by couch I mean sitting here still watching the rest of Big bruv ep. 5.

Anyway F that S have a nice night. Will this be JT’s babillionth time hosting SNL or what?

Ginger and Rosa – Opens in select Canadian Cities March 29th

I get to see this on Monday. I love movies so much right now that’s why I am saying “I get to” and beforethat shopping at Aritzia seeeeeeen. Thanks Jen!

And now I’m writing about this, finishing it I mean. TGIF! So sunny out. Lovely. And it’s International Woman’s day so don’t sass me! Hear how rude that chick was to me. It’s a trade show and people are constantly walking in a stream a steady flow and so I was like don’t ruin my film by walking in to it and manipulatively suggested watch this confetti rain that I am nice enough to share with you and she’s like we are watching. Well fuck you lady! I played it off nice. Listen to her snarly unecessary tone. You try dragging a knockout 11 playboy model around with you all over a trade show and see how you deal with being the invisible one how dare you say we are watching to me like that!!! AHHAhah kay bye.

Closed door parties

Hey guys, I feel like shit today. I feel like this diet is stripping my soul away. I feel that empty kind of sick. I am probably three day hungover on top of that and can’t heal because I am not allowed to put french fries and grease into my system, or a pizza, that’s how you cure hangovers where I come from. The trick would be to not drink period though obvi. Maybe a run at the gym too but my left foot is still killing me I need to learn how to not march like an idiot when I tool around, it’s winter, you gotta hoof it.

Oh, and I am moving back downtown so if you know of a deece place in a nice naybe lemme know thanks. I don’t want roommates. Well, you know. No one wants roommates. I just don’t want to live with strangers or incur other people’s bullshit, or annoy anybody. I want something new. I want to become a curmudgeon who stays single for so long that they don’t know how to relate to people anymore or get near to them and the benefits of being single not living with a partner I haven’t had that in years. I want to eat beans from a can over a barrel drum fire in the middle of my shitty loft apartment talking to a rat ahah kidding. I don’t want to wear pants for 8 days straight actually I don’t really wear pants anymore anyway now that I am obese so all good there.

I still haven’t heard back from the audition so I don’t know I guess that means I didn’t get it but I am still holding out hope and my consolation prize is Aruba so, yeah. This is my birthday month and it feels awful gloomy ‘nt it? I feel sad actually like it’s the last month in my twenties and I am wasting it being depressed. But I’ve partied enough haven’t I? Does the party have to end? I don’t know but at the end of the day it would be nice to come home to my own home, something Shiresque with carrots and talking rabbits, kay fuck the Shire I have to stop referencing it I prefer the Hundred Acre Wood for this dreamer post speaking of that I think I’m gonna get a writing grant so what’s that all about, that’s exciting! Shoulda done that years ago.

But back to that audition I’m grateful I was already doing my diet 9 days prior because it ignited me and gave me a confidence boost and I haven’t felt the me-power in months, and months so, sweet plus finally. Also should I go to Atlanta before Aruba in the mean time just to do something and like get out of everybody’s hair and rip it up a little bit before I Sylvia Plath it? j/k It’s cutting it close to Aruba but I think I’ve done a stacked trip schedule (barely) successfully before so why not. Once you go away somewhere you get wanderlust and it’s an itch you need to scratch.

How amazing is Life of Pi, right? Beautiful film. I wanted to see it again today but they returned it. I’ll buy it. That’s a re-watcher for sure, many lessons in there and gorgeous to look at, stunning, like Prozac. I’ve wanted pancakes for days now. There’s bacon flavoured popcorn here and I chewed up the rest of the bag and spit it out just to see what carbs felt like again it was only a couple handfuls but my pupils instantly dilated like a cartoon character’s and my cheeks were puffed out it was a scene. When people describe eating pasta after not having pasta for a long time that’s basically what it felt like.

I’ve decided to take some acting lessons though so that’s good. To get sharp, hone the craft what is acting. Maybe I am tired of being myself.

Always nice to spot a familiar face in the crowd.

I am still re-cooperating from this. I am not 20 anymore. Damn fuck haha. Trade show tequila didn’t help either although it was free and delicious.

Before that, Spoke. It was quiet. It was Monday after all.

Cob salad mmmmm best I’ve ever had. It was supposed to be with smoked turkey but remember how I said I was done with smoked turkey?

Okay I am out of here now I have to do the paid writing gig. Blogging is exhausting.

It’s Justin Bobby Pins!