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Everyone loves Yeta

More necklaces. Guess what she sang.

See how sad I was before Yeta? OMG remind me about the chick I met last night who “lives off the grid” lol.

Accidentally brought the bigger glasses out last night these were the first fakie hipster frames I bought. Whoops. SO HUGE.

What’s wrong Rocky? Sexiest V Day outfit much right? Meh.

Okay I gotta go pack now, watch the rest of Celeb Big Bro UK, shower, vacuum my laptop lol. See you soon NYC!

Love these guys!!!

6 thoughts on “Everyone loves Yeta

  1. “For in the end days a sign will appear in the sky, and God will pour down his wrath on all those who listen to vapid Russian talk-shows and shitty Russo-techno music…” –Masturbations 12:26.

  2. 1. I love your glasses because you’re wearing them.

    2. That kitty is BEAUTIFUL and reminds me of a cat I had (his name was Hagrid and he’s dead now but he was of a similiar marking and such except not quite as big) and yay for cats!

    3. Enjoy NY! (as if you wouldn’t!)

    4. <3

  3. I’ve lost our NOLA/NYC friend’s email address. Please to ask, in your next email communication with her, whether she is “left-handed” or “right-handed”. I need to know which chain-mail gauntlet to send her.
    Thanks in advance.

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