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Hey guys. Welcome back. It’s great to be here. I’ve had a wonderful last few days.

Ready for this?

Nate and I have been meaning to collaborate for a long time now he is my e-buddy hardcore since I slipped through the cracks. We talk all the goddamn time and since I well, I should shut my yapper actually because I am writing about him for these bros ===> so with what I am not using for that mega piece I’ll just blog now. I must say though that I am muchos stoked.

I went cray at winners on a ton of black gear. That is my look until I am fit again. That’s an rcva shirt, did I spell it right? Anyway street cred.

I got one of those phone cases you can drop off a building that was smart of me.

Shannon gave me a cute pink hoodie it is so warm and soft I’m going to put it on when I next stand up.

Yo friends.

A barista gave me exact change in fives I don’t think anything ever in life from starbucks comes out that way now I’d think she thought I was homeless if she didn’t inquire about my ribcage hipster necklace. She had a girl crush on me for sure. Anyway I noticed my gloves eventually too and was like ah duuuuuh.

I am sharpening my funny boner. Look out 2013.

I didn’t buy that book though. Raymi doesn’t read books. Raymi skims the chapter titles. (I’m developing a new character shh).

After the shoot we hit up Caplansky’s. I’d never been. Jew HEAVEN. Nate’s a Jew. Next time I will have a jewmosa. Do they serve them with a Jerry Seinfeld joke scribbled on to a napkin (from that one episode!) close second though, and one your hero experienced was tweeting with Mr. Caplansky himself. Oh right I have every single resto in Toronto following me ain’t no dirt off my shoulder though. Tons.

I am basically barfing on to my blog right now because I haven’t in days. I am hunterer gathering stuff and being busy and, also none of your business other shit bahah.

When my hair is long shit will rule. I can control people more. Fact.

This is so Toy Story associated jacked, right.

Rob Ford holla. My friend was like ask your cabbie about Rob Ford. They love him. No, you fucking ask him.

Right? Totally.

Crab with cheese cooked on the wood stove. From Newfoundland. Drinking with a newf is the greatest shit. Especially when they are famous.

and then.

If you can guess the merchant of this I will give you a prize. Surprise prize!

Bought this too.

My roots are long and not grey the odd white one appears but it’s going to be super good when it’s all natural and then I am never fucking it up ever again.

Air freshener. I lost my lighter to Shannon’s bf. Lighter thieves. Sigh. Anyway people mistake my tattoo for her all the time so I have a connection whether I like it or not.

You get to walk through the best store ever to get to Nate’s studio. I’ve gotten trapped buying so much dumb shit from this place while baked I f-ing love it so mega much!!!!

I sent this to a bro and he was like peace and I was like Peace? I couldn’t discern my own stupid peace signs in my photos from my phone, my new best friend hi have you met my phone yet? I am actually a lot happier in general because of the stupid thing. Plus alcohol.

Meat pie.

There’s Caplansky right there. Why are chefs so hot by the way? Right? Is it like a, okay not going there today. #foodiegirlproblems. My newf bro and i were practically blowing the anything-Anthony Bourdain thing the other night too.

I can’t believe I asked for hot sauce ah duh raymi (do re mi voice).


That’s liver like, fancy liver. On top of knees-quivering meats of some variety or other I have no idea I was trying to conduct an interview while eating a smoked meat hot mustard sandwich and keep it casual conversational. Good call on Caplansky’s, Nate. I bet all my jew guy friends are going to dingle shmingle my phingle (phone) up now lawls. #ILU.

Maple bacon donuts. One life, guys. I had one bite I am proud to say. I had two vodkas so, I think we’re even. And then I walked to Parkdale so I’m good.

That’s the last one. Tomorrow is work out day hallelujah I missed the one last week whoops. NYE lasted 3 days for the minx. Back in the city Friday. Have a nice whatever.

9 thoughts on “DIYourselfish

  1. Are you one of those crazy girls who think they’re fat when they’re not?
    I like your fingerless gloves, and the skull. And I want one of those pole girl toys for my desk at work.

  2. I have such a girl crush on you and have for years – hope that’s not creepy. I love that you are still blogging like a fiend, being you and doing what you do. you are super rad! xo

  3. Newfs are the best — Calgary is rife with them and they’re definitely the bomb-diggity in terms of drinking buddies.

    Can’t wait to see what you’ve been cooking up, Minx.

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