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Don’t go away mad (just go away).

That blog title is a thing a guy said once about a chick and him always fighting you know when couples marathon fight and it’s kinda semi-passionate albeit inherently exhausting and sometimes you just have to walk away mid-fight take a breather? Yeah, those were the days. Kidding. Anyway, it was Barb’s soft-launch going away dinner get-together and one time my friend Allison was going away (she never actually left though despite having a huge-mongously successfully largely-attended going away party) and when I blogged it I think I blog post titled it something like GO AWAY ALLISON because I am cute like that. Henceforth, you get all the connections and no we do not want to lose Barb at all. I am sad she’s leaving. Good luck in the UK and give Holly a hug for me! (turns out my title is a motley crue song, go figure!)

This is at Plank, in Bronte. It is the new spot. There’s a huge demand for modernized-urban style flare restaurants out there because this place is always packed and they hit it up weekly usually the same night the Coach has karaoke and then “s–t goes down”. Ha. I tell you this is how I know I will partying for the rest of my life.

See? This was last Saturday night. We ripped it up. At first were all def clocking a 2/10 for the party. An hour after that we were chomping at the bits for some wilder times. And did we make it? Well, what do you think?

Cougar cabbage patch kids. No they are not actually cougars but still, when younger bros mill around and give ‘em/us all the thumbs up, it kinda feels like it. There is certainly something to be said for younger peeps fan-girling elder gals who own themselves at bars, mommy issues FOR SHIZZLE. It really is a ball though.

I love how my outfit looks like an outfit at home then pajamas in pictures. Whatever. I was going understated sexy french and it worked at the second venue we hit.

Not without my blogger daughter. A movie my mom loves to manipulate me with the thought of us being separated/her dying. Omg right? Excraptly.

My mom went to the bathroom and these girls fell in love with her cos @raymismother no doubt imparted some man-wisdoms on them. Mom has a headcase (oftenly-right!) answer for everything.

Lolo too. They make a good team/pair and it’s so easy to divide and conquer them if necessary. Our triad is ridonkulous. Film crew please.

Bahaha. I just had a vision of the future. Kill me. JOKES!

And of course we are constantly documenting every split second and then normal people walk by trying to take the piss then get all shy. Go on then lad. They never have a clue. Poor them. Go us. Forcing yourself to be social is a good experiment in self confidence. That one’s for the wallflower Little Raymis. I got your backs.

This guy, like 20 or something, haircut? Totally mesmerized by us. We were the bar stars we had a sick time!! I texted my bro Tim and was like we will be touching down at the arms like now and by the time he arrived (I made him buy us all drinks) we had the entire room dancing with us. SWISH. Pure jokes. Good time.

My hand, I didn’t eat this. We got a free round of drinks from the owner of Plank because, we are awesome. I had a dirty martini and a wicked hangover the next day that cleared up gradually, the girls were worse off, bailed on my event. Liz-ame. That’s how we remember that I am 29 and feeling fine. Relatively.

En route to desty two.

They kept telling me how awesome my mom was. I am like thanks I know we’ve been hanging all night haha my mom is looking at me like see, I told you. Ahaha shut up. Then another girl told me I was Zooey Deschanel (AND COULD NOT KEEP HER EYES OFF ME) so I think I won.

The LOL continues. I used to drink at the arms when I was 21. I had older chick friends at the time that I am now the age of, carrying the party rocking torch. Ahh, sacrifices. It’s nice to bump in to old regulars too and blow their minds.

Nice pajamas Luh-ren oh I see I was wearing red lipstick at one point in time. Where Sylvia is standing is where I fell off my chair the first time I visited Plank which got me a free pizza inadvertently (had nothing to do with it at all ahhaha).

Sylvia, what’s with the face. I always do this group hug thing that I can’t stop. Feels right.

Did we close down the bar? Oh, something spilled on Lois’ leg.

That’s Tim taking our pic he’s my longboarding buddy from years and years ago. He met me singing a Nirvana jam with the house band years ago at this very bar and has been a bro ever since lol.

These photos are in the stupidest order like it matters anyway. We had the calamari and a wrap to share. Women LOVE to share things at meal times!!!

Like they’d say in the day that’s all folks.

ps. catch me on Love Trap tomorrow night on Cosmo TV 9:30PM (repeats Friday) and have some of the questions you keep blog commenting nagging me about answered. SEEN!

7 thoughts on “Don’t go away mad (just go away).

  1. We will all miss our Barbie, the UK is calling her name!!!

    Those young girls were into my legs, thats why they started talking to me, go figure?

  2. Hi Raymi,
    Great post today. Looks like you girls have a blast out on the town. I’d love to run into you ladies one day. Especially if I had a few buddies with me. I hope the club is paying you because a whole bunch of people probable googled it today hahaha.

    Take Care, Gord

    Ps. Your mom looks really good. I can see where you got those endless legs from.

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