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All good from the Raymbohood


Round two fight. More Ski show materialssssssssss. There’s just so much. The more you do, the more you hang, the more people like what you do and cover it for/with you, the more it accumulates. Can there be two of me’s yet please? Can I have that diaper wearing monkey Homer has yet thanks? Don’t you love it when bloggers complain? Me three.

I love interactive high-stimulus ish to do. Putting on a hat can stop the world. I didn’t want to mess with my hair too much so I didn’t pull it all the way down over my head. I feel like I know/should know exactly what character this is and from where it originates. There’s just so much beat and the pulse one can actually manage. Complaint numero deux and yes I know that’s not the right saying but you get the idea now dance.

This day was all about pants.

My co-horts for the day. DJ Hussy and Dan the MC. Solid set. It is nice to jive and meet with people who are just as “with it” “down for it” “a character” as you and let the hi-jinx begin. Also, being at a trade show event all weekend long people can get really interesting.

It was just totally awesome. It was a big real deal show, massive. So many vendors, so many people. I did the gauntlet several times and discovered new things all over the place, then every half hour a jib jam competition where I got to engage with the pro-stars, audience. Capital FUN TIMES. This is why I do what I do and love what I do.

The fake snow fights that I started, also fun/ny.

SIIICK. Lots of talent out there. And so young and brave.

All put to tunes that get your adrenaline surging. I am totally one of those crowd hysteria types where I go hyper bananas at the sound of cheering/raging/clapping. I like-it-a-lot. (Forrest Gump voice).



Fake snow throw timing for the camera. Bonus a kid watches on. Raymbotainment at all times.

That’s white carpet that they hosed down with water I think I said that already when you weren’t listening. I wanted to slide down it but then they explained the set-up and I “passed”. Seeing boarders drink from the hose before their go down the Jib was pretty bush league, something I would have done/sent me back in to nostalgia hide ‘n seek garden hose times.

Time to throw some swag away NBD (huge deal to me!) and during one of these Raymi Claus gifting moments I was high on my horse, slowly moon-walking out of the way and then a snowboarder came down at me and I just barely avoided that. I made sure to pay more attention afterward.

Come on down! You’re the next winner on the Price is Minx. I used Blue Jays/Leafs rolled-up t-shirt throwers as my inspirayshe for these moments in time.

See, I can be still sometimes. It’s very hard though TBH ahahhaa #ADD.

Like, espesh when a new guy is zipping left right center every 20 seconds. No complaints here. Right here.

I see air!

Watching people do this makes you think about all the things you can’t do with your body then makes you want to go for a long gym session.

I’ll stick to what I do best: nothing.

I really liked that shirt I am swinging. Rasta colours. Ya mon. I also like when people hold their hands out to me like I am a God.

Here I come.

I really hate having to pick just one person, I can’t deal with rejection of ANY SORT even that of others I feel the many pains of the world #weldschmertz complex so I threw it up in the air and let fate do the rest most of the time. Except for when I had a gift bag containing ski binding covers. I made an executive safety decision that throwing a box in to the air in to a crowd of people might not be a good idea exactly. The kid I directly handed it to melted. David (photog bro of mine of all these shots) was like you MADE that kid’s day/life. I saw him staring at me afterward OMG do not inflate my ego you will not like (kind of like) what happens it is worse than Gremlins.

Obvs because his hat matched my nail polish. Nah, he’d just been there ages.

This was fun too. How should I hold it? Better not turn around too fast and take someone out. #alltheseresponsibilities.

So… not to make a cougar joke or anything but, if one wanted to do that, this was your chance. j/k j/k j/k not j/k yes joking.

Grease monster. Trade show hair. Lights, camera, perspiration. The boarder/skiiers were loads sweatier so it didn’t matter. I had my hair done the day prior, having washed it the night before that, then slept on it. Do the math. Blame it on the pizza?

Look how much it hindered me. None at all. I bet I could have held this post for ten minutes.

SO many winners. The TSS&TS gave mad love to all the riders it was really good to be a part/take part in that, much bonding took part. It reminded me of Wakestock a little bit. Google raymitheminx wakestock for insight in to that mega-fantastic time your hero had once two summers ago with the blondetourage.

Ride hard and get hooked up. Such an inspiring day. I can see why people get in to others who are successful and passionate. This is good positive stuff. I had the same vibe at the She’s Connected conference on Friday that I also spoke at. Throw yourselves in to a creative group endeavour when you can and see what it does for you. Lots of good. I do, do a lot but it’s funny the second I don’t do something I get all stressed that I didn’t do enough! Stress is addicting too, I read about that once. God there is like an excuse/explanation for everything but I find that in these times of hyper-change en masse it is helpful to have techsplanations for all of it along/with. Damn what a quotable that just was.

Raymi and the mats.

Swoon. Kay bye now. I’ll do the rest of colleague’s pics next time. I told you there’s lots of stuff and when you’re meticulously OCD, it just has to wait. Microwave popcorn time!

3 thoughts on “All good from the Raymbohood

  1. Yeah, you were having a good hair day, I can see why you didn’t want to put the hat on all the way. Love the pants. Loved hearing you speak at ShesConnected. You were the most…to use the buzz word of the day…authentic voice on that Rockstar pannel…honestly, they should have put you on a pedestal. Your newest biggest fan…’cause I like the big titles.

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