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Winning is everything

Tell me what you thought it’s important!!! I will hate you forever if there is no comment here. How long is forever for? YOU WILL SOON FIND OUT LURKERS. Don’t allow jealousilence to overtake you it’s a bad look. You can even say something bad I don’t care. (I do! lots.) You can also comment on it on facebook too, fine. Kay see ya! Thank you!

Ok here are the fun questions I want answers for: Beckham or Wolverine? James Dean or George Clooney? Beyonce or Gaga? Spikes or Chains? Paul or John? Kanye or Jay-Z? Sick of that Gotye song yet? Would you dye your hair white? Wonder Woman or Shera? (I asked this one, she said Shera, I was shocked lol) Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe? Michelle Obama or Jackie O? What’s your favourite part about being Aliyah Jasmine?

Check it out bromances! :)

22 thoughts on “Winning is everything

  1. Fuck yeah RHCP! I love the story about Chad Smith. Although I’m disappointed you didn’t hop on that (kidding).

    I like it, it’s a cute exchange! Good back and forth

  2. Ahh, I didn’t realize that would’ve overlapped the engagement. I think it counts less for celebs (maybe?) it’s some kind of “I’m invincible” syndrome. You couldn’t pay me enough (literally) to be a rock star’s wife.

    Thomas totes knows that Kiedis is on my “list” though, but the Hep C thing may negate him anyways.

  3. No I mean between couples there’s a fantasy list of celebs you’re allowed to bang. He wasn’t on it. And I would get in trouble anyway, not worth it at time.

  4. We all have the list, and I’m glad that Friends put it out there and made it “okay” lol.

    And yes, that’s my tattoo! Right wrist. I keep meaning to do a tattoo post on the blob, but just haven’t done it yet.

  5. you should tweet it to aliya! The gallagher brothers are on my list, so is blur and then i guess any celebrity I encounter from here on in even the disgusting ones.

  6. When I saw her chili pepper concert photo I knew I was going to tell that stupid story and not even stop myself. thanks buz.

  7. that was good you didn’t look stressed or awkward or nothing and i can’t imagine that was easy, but you made it look pretty easy, even when you appear to feel you have slipped up you recover fast. i’d say she liked you, the energy was good.

  8. You have such a good look and personality for this. Probably the fact you’ve been interviewed so much yourself and always seemed to be you helped even with the tables turned? They should give you your own show! We’d want to see what you’re wearing, hear the tangent stories and the way you get a natural reaction from people.

  9. Lure them in with humor, if you really want a shocker. selfless humor is grand, the “it was funnier in my head” bit is good. At that point your trusted. Keep going with it or load the harpoon, you know what i mean, jelly bean. And if your gonna mention band members names know them all, and keep it short and sweet. The hardest semi-random gust of wind i personally have ever felt was when i was 10 feet from entering the indoor stadium in new york that the peppers were about to play in. See? too long. not worth mentioning, and look where your comments are getting all their flack from… why bother, just like you said.
    The standup crank where you are getting interviewed by those three baffoons? pretty swank. i like the editing, like that whole bit about you being top blogger, and you shut them down. thats the way it works. Technically you are more “famous” than those three other jamokes because i have NO FUCKING CLUE who the fuck they were. The white chick was a bad impression of that comedian that works with liz lemon, the black chick was chris rock’s sister but not sure, and the white dood was pretty much in love with his dreadlocks and trying to show you that they were the reason why you wanted to agree with him and potentially sleep with him because of it…
    and you can dance, with class. nice work.
    the french quarter rocks.

  10. I thought it was great! You were very real and likable, even when you messed up your joke, you saved it with your charm! Good luck! Hopefully you win so we can see more of you doing interviews :)

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