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Painting a minx

I sleep like an angel!! Except for when I am sleep frowning.

Carrie and I have an upcoming art show of hers that she will be painting me for so I thought why not paint me for my next burlesque gig as a practice run.

The flamework came out way better than could be imagined or expected.

People stopped me all over the place to take a better look, took my photo, complimented. If they were lucky enough to notice after taking in my giant pink mane.

I thought it would be sexy to have a lot of nude flesh then the tickling of flames. I’m glad we added whip cream, carrie impressed me so much and we were down to the wire. (sorry about that girl that’s my style!)

Sick detail.

Should have taken a photo wearing my orange shades.

I match the painting.

I only have my base makeup on here. We measured the orange paint off at exactly where my burlesque heel strap meets. I wonder if you can guess what I’ll be painted as AND FULL BODY PAINTED at that for Carrie’s art show this June. Another reason to stay fit. Come photograph me!

I am bringing sexy back that’s right. JT4EVR. Mama’s gotta fuel up for her dancey dance.

When it was all said and done it was foggy, yes? All of our nights bleed in to one so it’s hard to remember especially when I leave mystery camera, well, a mystery.

But I remember Bech commenting on it and it started out as nothing then it grew and enveloped the entire town.

It says these were taken on March 17 so mystery camera solved. Can also be called Shitstery camera jajaja. Throw that in the Yay Cray glossary there protege. And all my other stupid words too while you’re at it.

Then because we just can’t get enough (no well Teacher had plans so the monster gets let out of the cage) we hung again on Wednesday and Julesy came by also then we all went to Rebecca’s and Teacher is like so this is what you do when you guys hang, just dumb stuff and it’s this fun? Yes I said. It turned in to an episode of Blossom.

Jules looks like one of the cartoon girls out of PBJ’s Young folks cartoon video. To a tee.

Stella is also a girl and part of the Yay Cray team.

We look like a feminine paper commercial and good those chicks are always fresh looking!

I am wearing a cape. I am going to demolish some boring flavoured nachos the second I stand up now thanks to this stupid picture.

Here is the entire FB chat beneath this photo I put on Bech’s wall.

Rebecca When my eyes are closed I can’t hear you.

Raymi Lauren White
I cant tag myself

Raymi Lauren White i look major cray

Rebecca ok. now I can hear you much better.

Raymi Lauren White cool (inside joke)

Raymi Lauren White I’m wearing a cape

Jules Venus Thats such a stand up “What up with that” pose haha. Im laughing!

Rebecca A very Blanche Devereaux floaral addition

Raymi Lauren White tag me so this goes on my wall thanks

Raymi Lauren White we are thespians

Raymi Lauren White

Jules Venus
not letting me

Jules Venus
also this is relevant:
Princess Superstar – Bad Babysitter

Rebecca done

Raymi Lauren White ew haha. in other news everyone is looking at me cos nothing else is going on thata way OHHHH,

Jules Venus
ooooh ahhhh whatagwan raymbo bright is wearing a pretty floral costume lets gawk like gawkers

Raymi Lauren White we look like a maxipad commercial

Jules Venus
if only bechs drink was filled with that blue water they dump on everything that would be pro lol. stella is prolly like wtf just feed me tortilla chips already you cray

Raymi Lauren White She has to be involved like people

Jules Venus i wonder what nachos would taste like if they were made with dog food.

Rebecca I don’t wonder that at all.

Raymi Lauren White I am blogging this

I need to shower so I have to hurry this up.

When you crash on the couch you get a baby light friend companion. Plus a dog. And two cats. They will choose you!

Oh stop it you guys. I see what you’re trying to do and when I figure out what that is I will let you know.

Baha even Stella knows there is seniority and rank she is giving you stink eye.

meanwhile over here omg really? This is too retarded for words I gotta go.

I love it so much though that’s a major yay cray.

Ok we are going to be needing a mini socks sponsorship. That’s our show name The MINI SOCKS. Not to be confused with by the Mini Sucks. I hear they are bad. Jajaja.

You should hear when Teacher goes jajaja at me mockingly I explode into laughter we insult each other all day long it is the best.

Here comes the monster I am going to jump on you I am serious bye!

11 thoughts on “Painting a minx

  1. is that glowy ball thing squishy? It’s exactly what i’m looking for to make this thing I wanna make. where’d you get it? if you you don’t mind sharing.

  2. i always thought that ikea light was way bigger. good to know it’s small. made my day.

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