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How i spent Family Day.

Time for this chicken wing to eat some wings.

Yes yes omfg so boring what a giant f-ing waste of space RIGHT guys right? Holy crap I want to jam my thumbs right in to my goddamn eyes I cannot get the two seconds back of my life that I wasted looking at this girl’s life okay thanks a lot. THIS IS HOW STUPID YOU SOUND when you make your useless opinions known btw internet peanut gallery.

Oh M G I am like so totally pretty why does everyone have to be so jealous all the time like I feel so sorry for them they cannot be blog princesses like me it’s not my fault. (This is what haters hear whenever I dare defend myself. Who is the close-minded numbskull then?)

There is nothing stupid about being adorable 24/7.

Give peace a chance now kay?

My life is not boring. It is equal parts simple and wild. Quiet and full throttle.

I’ve had this shirt for years borrowed permanently from mom. The rest of these are on teacher’s phone blabbity blah. We had jerk and hot wings and lots of tumblers of bar rail dranks. The people watching I give 8/10 a nice high score. It was wing night too hurray.

One part of the cray that happened to all these shots while downloading and filming at the same time. Yeah dumb move, I got greedy. All the videos are blacked out, the audio is still there but not the video and but of course I deleted all images/videos once I dumped them on to the computer. Look where my friend the cat likes to doze.

Did I blog this adorable geeky photo of me yet? It is hard to keep track of my life to be honest, the photos I upload in batches “for later” then scatter a few on twitter and tumblr and then lose interest. It feels like a waste not to put it on the mother blog though. #bloggerproblems.

Slobtastic chic.

Kind of Garth Algar hot. My stylist is Burlington mall, old navy and bluenotes respectively.

Must remember to get docs out of car.

Sigh nostalgia. It’s nice to get pissed on King west and see my old friend from grade three, Clifford. See this blog is so kid appropes. Just kidding people chill oot.

First! I put this on my tumblr and it spread like wildfire. I invented something! Did I get credit for it? Not really.

Hey girls what’s up!

I got a pink sucker.

My ends look fried but they’re not, my hair is poker thin straight. I lucked out I guess. I am toying with going dark a lot. It’s not consuming me or anything but it’s tempting however I’ve had a streak of great hair days, great platinum hair days lately so I know I’ll experience a backlash of regrets amidst a sea of joy brunette celebration. I’ll do a poll at some point for the real weigh-in.

Glossy Box cheered me up the other day big time. Before I even discovered that hate forum I needed cheering, never you mind that though. I had one sent to my mom too who shared it with Nana.

Now launched in Canuckada!

Love me some posh girly spoils.

And who doesn’t love a mystery box of beauty goodies?

Not to mention the perfect re-gifting box for your most pompous hard to please princess gf. I don’t think I know anyone like that other than myself hahaha.

Lets take a better look.

Been wearing that nail polish in my non-stop rotation and I gave the hand cream to Bechnique because I am a compulsive gifter.

The eye cream in that box burns which means it is working, you wear it at night, but I have only done so in the day. I am stubborn and what do I know? Nothing. ps. this is not a sponsored plug.

Have you ever had chapstick that looked like this before? So stately and it’s DELICIOUS and runs on smooth. Tastes like melons, very refreshing. I am blown away by beauty ish and easily impressed, it’s not something I spend much time dwelling on.

I enjoyed the delivery dude’s shaking of this box and asking me if it were drugs.

Okay and there you have it my brilliant product arrangement display.


I asked teacher to take a picture of it (IN ITS BAG + WRAPPING, THEN UNWRAP IT LIKE HOW I DO you know Raymi’s mailbag fun time adventure posts) and I guess he heard, unwrap it, throw packaging away after crumpling up into a ball and take picture of item alone without any accompanying story. Boys do not get this blogging thing. You can go back to playing transformers now thanks for your “help”.

Your SKYY bottle fashion show is cute though. This bottle did not last the night I am sure. Yes we had help okay and no I don’t remember with whom or what, maybe Sir Isac Newton was there or a fig newton, who’s to know? Drink responsibly friends! I’ve a cocktail list of drink recipes they sent that I’m going to test out. Send more vodka please :).

7 thoughts on “How i spent Family Day.

  1. Those wings looked effing delicious. Love the neon sign. And the last set of photos/comments made me lawl. Most boys really don’t get blogging…

    Nice of him to try, though. Maybe next time, Teach! Check this entry for a “How To” guide.

  2. they took off the baked jerk wings so they’re not as good. wills landing has tastier ones. I should have been more clear with my instructions.

  3. i was just going to comment: that outfit is fucking adorable! then scrolled down to “There is nothing stupid about being adorable 24/7.” yes, nothing stupid at all.

  4. thanks trayLOR. it looks like i only wear one pair of socks. i figure if you ain’t walking around a lot in them then you can stretch it out longer. sock rules. or socks law of 1812.

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