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Talko Time

Greetings eataholics.

The Penny Packer is 4.50 and the Four Roses small (batch) is 6.50 teacher liked the cheaper one better, it’s a nice quality smooth tasting funny named whiskey (or bourbon?) I always have it on ice cos in case they suck, they get wetter and then it doesn’t matter. I remember whenI used to drink whiskey exclusively, those were some mighty hangovers.

They told me they don’t do take-out cos they only have tinfoil, but we all know the minx gets away with whatever the hell she needs to (and I had three to go last week VIPLEASE), so maybe bring your own tupperware or tinfoil (hats?) and then have tacos for lunch the next day. Tacos and burlesque are huge in the city of Toronto right now. I’m waffling on doing a dance at Cherry Cola Thursday night. I feel a bit rusty though.

The chicken tacos, I can’t remember their precise name I bet Corey Mintz’s review has it all down, I saw him last week there and was like Courtney we must blob it first. He’s a nice guy and I was a bumbling bafoon when we chatted (why do you make everyone so nervous? haha) I thanked him for making me look awesome regarding spicy food.

And for legitimizing me as a foodielite.

Guac and chips and the largest pork rind I’ve ever seen.

A glass of reisling each. 6 tacos, guac, and then two shots of whiskey came to 45, I tipped 20% so all in $54. Normally we spend the equivalent of a nice pair of shoes from Get Outside when we go out for dinner so I enjoy saving when poss. You will prob see me once a week in here until I turn in to a taco.

Such a wholly new room than what it once was as cafe taste. I still don’t know how to work the door though now THAT was embarrassing.

Everyone had their phones out in a line I wanted to bust them for not having the times of their lives but you can’t really tell.

HAha now you can.

Sitting at the bar is great, you, or I, end up trying to talk to everyone who passes by and is working and think everything has to do with you haha or if someone’s thinking of shit you (I) try to be helpful. They’re closed Tuesdays so sorry if this post makes you jones you’re going to have to wait til tomorrow.

Beef cheek. Delish.

Great whiskey/bourbon selection.

Hot babes everywhere. The pic quality reduces when you reverse it the magical way that iphone does.

I was self conscious about my hat and if girls were “judging me” I didn’t want to take it off cos my hair might have been funny and stick-uppy. If I left the house more often maybe I wouldn’t be so hyper self-conscious and turns out this table of hot girls were talking about me because they knew me or one guy at the table who was not a hot girl did. Ha. But that’s what hipsters do you to, make you bananas. I lifted my arm being expressive about some thing or other and said I bet four people just made fun of me for that.

If you’re a caddy regular then you’ll know who graces this cover of TIME. If you ain’t, can you guess who it might be?

It was a really short wait at the caddy this time. Same server I had waiting with Courtney last week for a table, I wonder if it annoys them when you just have an indecisive beer and dream about tacos.

I got rather in to this.

EVERY MOMENT MUST BE CAPTURED! Ghost town last night. Also my jacket has been found, button and all. Tanya is brilliant.

I’m letting my eyebrows come in thick and maybe dark, or should I tint them again? I have two days to decide.

Wore my pointy glass earrings that actually cut people if they squeeze hug me too tightly. Watch yourselves boys.

When people made fun of my big nose in school I used to go and stare at it in the mirror like this and think it wasn’t so huge after all. We watched a canadian short film about a girl with a big nose who could have had a nose job as a kid cos another big nosed chick did over summer break and it made me think how wildly different my life might have been if I had a small button nose.

I’d still have all this insane personality but I’d be hotter.

It’s only going to get bigger the more I age.

We’ll see. I like the ski slope and I don’t care that it arrives five minutes before the rest of my face does, it’s just the bulbous part, which can be cute too but when I smile it’s like HELLO a serious nose is here what’s up.

Or it’s the stock image for the definition of the word nose.

Maybe that’s why I never smiled, cos while at rest, the nose is less assuming.

There’s lots of these as it was the moment I learned the magic of this contraption, wondered if anyone else could tell what I was doing, glamour-pussing into a phone, seemed they didn’t. Life carried on as uje on a Monday Cadillac Lounge night. They must hate Grand Electric.

You’ve been great sports. Barely. Got an errand to do. Check ya’s in a bit, now I am staaaaarving. Sorry for living bye!

5 thoughts on “Talko Time

  1. Time magazine shot is funny.

    About the nose. You are probably more self conscious about it because that what you try to see first.
    Janet Jackson said she didn’t like her smile on Leno last night. She said it makes her look like the joker.

    I wouldn’t have known until she pointed it out. When you point out your perceived flaws to others, its like trying to convince them that you are right even though they hadn’t felt that way before. You’ve made it a new focal point for them.

    Sometimes my boobs or belly enter the room before I do.

    One day I’d like the grace of Meryl Streep.
    She says, One thing I know for sure in life, I’ll never have a flat belly again.

    And thats ok.

  2. mom, kids in school told me my flaw you moron, i didn’t know it was until then is the point. i was popular and outspoken and they attacked my fugly nose and flat chest, but look at em now. janet jackson can wiper her tears with her billions. Lets go to Charm School with Lois.

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