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Girl Donnie Darko Emo crush

Wait til ya see what I’ve cooked up today. Jasmine and I are doing three solos EACH. Introducing our new burlesque irish rouge haired jewel RED VELVET and not to mention body like a pistol PADDY CAKES and some FAMOUS SPECIAL GUESTS to boot as well $300 cash dollaz in prizes for your costumes. This is the party of the night O_O AB FAB DJ PLUS Socialite Band Aid Allison DeeLite.

I hope you’ve rested cos you’re going through Haunted Harem Academy, through the MINX MUNITIONS Cabaret. Christina fuck’n Aguilera wishes she was this hot still. DOORS AT 9PM rsvp on this FB invite to ensure entry this is the NYE of Halloweekend party. xo Raymi The Minx. Ps. I walked on THE CN TOWER YESTERDAY MORNING. You don’t know the meaning of brave. Hope you like polo whips. mwah.

Plus you get to see this again:

but with red velvet

And im pouring blood all over my seemingly naked body at the end of my last solo a la Carrie at the prom and our opening act is the opening sequence from Nightmare before Christmas I LOVE IT!!!

AGH!! Wait til you see the video!

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  1. Hate your enemies, and save, save your friends.
    and find, Find your place,
    and speak, speak the truth.


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