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Singing in the old bars Swinging with the old stars

Next time in blood.

Ten billion shots and growing i have to meditate before my next fantastic voyage tonight with the cougs and Reagan at the hoxton for the fireball and I am going as sexy alice cos it’s alice in wonderland themed. PUMPED. Tomorrow morning I am walking on the CN Tower so it’s not too late to make a donation so please email me about that I’m pretty disappointed in you Little Raymis with all I do for you here you can’t bloody seem to be able to donate to a good cause, I’m taking money out of my own pocket as well canvasing for donations in person tonight. One day this blog will be subscription based only and you will all be fucked. People (my friends) berate me for not going out to their things or whatever when I’m stretched thin enough, they can’t be bothered to come to my events or give a care about so why should help them?

Wah wah wah 180 photos colleague uploaded I’ll throw more and more up periodically until I bounce on outtie while having some celebratory wine and light salted lays. That is the chick who destroyed my tights ahha.

Meika is my roller derby girlfriend, by the end of the night the psycho derby chicks were all making out it was like whip it man that was a genius addition to the party I had.

All ready for take-off.

Gloves were a nice touch, one reason why we took the jumping into Jasmine’s arms part out because we were so slippery but also because I was laughing too much because to me Jasmine looked like a mortician or hearse driver with that hat and gloves and perfect quaffed Funeral Director hair so morbid I know but that’s where I was.

Yes, you would get more traffic if you did shit like this, but you don’t, so, you don’t.

Glad I threw my nipple pasties on, was gonna go full nipple commando cos I’m the flat one (they call me legs down south lol) but the dress is loose in the bust for me and you can see all inside it when I bend over plus, hello, it’s burlesque duh! Need to get new ones for Saturday OMFG I AM SO EXCITED! I am learning to be sexier and less hyper-active, oldies are hotter so I’m gonna stop trying to do my favourite top 40 hit every month LOL.

I had to change my stockings halfway through the night, so glad I threw that pair in my carry-on. A girl went by me and her hippie purse snagged my fishnets while she kept walking, it was really funny and before that my other thigh hooked on to part of a suitcase zipper hahaha, toast.

It’s really nice to dance with Bunny Angora again too. I think we are bonding and if she goes blonde, we’ll be blonding. That too.

RIP fishnets. You’ll see pics of the cute little culprit once colleague uploads them.

I’m afraid to check my phone and email for all the pics that are rolling in. Overwhelmed. Love it. I live for these days and reason why I blog at all, as much anxiety and nerves, I thrive on it. I love a production and if it’s not a spectacle I want none of it. Last night’s party was the funniest thing ever I am so proud of us, thank you to everyone for coming, taking part, helping organize and get the party running professionally. Bang up job. Yay to the (anti-corporate) underdogs! (Get me a corporate sponsor lol).

Not only am I the flat one, I’m the flasher. I’ve shrunken some more so my underwear is also loose. Once you get thin enough you can start wearing thongs and all kinds of ridiculous experimental stuff and be friends with Kate Moss. I ate half a pizza last night I have no idea how I woke up like a greyhound.

Showin’ the goods.

Poor Teacher, his life must be so rough, all this behind the scenes nudity, wonder what tales make it to his colleagues at lunch today ahhaha.


Just like a wittle baby.

I look wasted.

Yep not a bad day indeed.

It would have looked ridiculous on that ring, sloppy. Maybe we can do it at the Bovine, would have to lose the gloves.

And now I look like a Real Doll. Creepy. Hilarious.

I want to get a nude mesh suit from Miss Behavin or somewhere. I need a sex store sponsor, duuuuh. It’ll happen.

Bunny has a great smile, you wouldn’t know it though ahha. She looks like a young Eileen, my nana kind of funny and probably why I let her get away with bitchy comments directed at me all rehearsal long. I love this kid!

Jasmine is a true gem too. She approached me after my solo at Tattoo Rock bar and said I want to do what you do too and now we’re building a little dancey empire, I’ve brought in Bunny and she’s brought in Red Velvet plus there’s Paddy Cakes. I have to find the business card for that buxom chick who approached me at last Bovine show, oh and if Seska is around she is always welcome on stage too. MINX MUNITIONS is growing.

Oh boy I see colleague has added to flickr.

BRB kittens! What? Where? Lol.

8 thoughts on “Singing in the old bars Swinging with the old stars

  1. It is a hard life! The last thing I need after a day at work is to have three sexy women parade around me in stewardess costumes while I sit on the couch with a stiff… drink. Pray for teacher.

  2. Raymi thanks for the comp tickets to last night’s Harthfest – AndroidTO after party. It was definitely something I will never forget and the pictures will spice up my boring blog for months to come. Thanks again.

  3. totally off topic – was looking at how red your lipstick is in one photo and then remembered that years ago you used to have a lip piercing! when did you take that out? how long did that take to heal, can’t see a trace of it now.

  4. theres a blog post about me taking it out, 5 years ago at least. i have a tiny hole divot below my lip that closed up immediately.

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