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How to get celebrity* attention

*the attention of one, rather. lol. By outshining them at their own event. I don’t want to wear this dress tonight but I just clued in that Susan Sarandon will be at the launch party and I missed her last time. I wore a big crazy kaftan once and Granny Garbanzo from Big Comfy Couch fell in love with me. Costumes work.

This hat is dumb but necessary as it’s pouring rain. I am not in the mood to go out but I am starving and planning on eating dinner while playing ping pong. Leslie I will mail your painting this week! So busted!

Comin’ for ya Susan Sarandon.

Just need to make a pitstop on the way to get new tights.

Wish me luck buh-bye.

After that I have a business meeting at a hotel bar. How Gotham.

5 thoughts on “How to get celebrity* attention

  1. no way she hates me. its ok i had a late night too and anxiety attack in the middle of it while sleeping at 5am so i’m tired. uploading 122 yogurtys pics now. good ones.

  2. You will never mail that. NEVER. And you won’t carry it on-board because your bag will be stuffed full of furry animal hats and laptop cables.

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