Situationally smarter than you

There goes team Scooby Doo off on a case. Hunting Rock star monsters.

Talking and walking is hard, we got the wrong camera so I was attached by mic umbilical cord to Peter the whole time.

Kinley and I are the same age. This is the same age dance.

In future when I am interviewing Portishead please refrain from photo-bombing me.

That’s Sam Roberts behind us.

I haven’t worn that in years it is practically translucent. These are just leftovers that I uploaded but ran out of time to show. And as usual there’s loads more on deck. Stayed another night in Burnoutington, watched In Bruges, took’er easy. Just had a conference call, going to tackle a bit of work then head back to Emerald City.

This looks like a Sam Roberts intervention.

Now I can’t wear this dress again for 6 months. I wanted to wear something different to Totally Turkish cos I knew the dress would be double blasted out. It’s loud, one trick pony-ish like my long yellow one I gave to a Little Raymi (do you still wear it Krista? maxi dresses look great on you).

A guy from the reason, thought he was a Sheepdog, I hope they edit that out ahhaa. Or no, that is what good tv is, my stupidity.

Memorizing act line-up and order.

Blabbity blah blabbity blee.

That’s where I stood when Josh passed me a shot of vodka and communicated with me telepathically. I kept the shot glass.


Briefing my boys. I wonder if this is how my Grandfather looked/felt when he pumped up pilots in WWII, he was in intelligence. I’d hazard a yes.

A fan left a comment for Kinley about her bracelet, which Kinley showed me. This is now officially the music industry watering hole bulletin board. I am looking for girly stuff in this shot which is why I am on the subject, I dropped my swarovski pen, Teacher made off with it in the pandemonium of doors opening and all that so the boys saw a diva flip out right off the bat. When the pen was located and they saw it IT ACTUALLY HAS DIAMOND CRYSTALS IN IT YOU’LL SEE. Then they understood. Swarovski finger bling is one of my interviewing strategies.

The Swiss cuckoo clock dress was too. I stopped myself at feather earrings.

That was a skinny day. Don’t worry I ate so much crap yesterday at Emma’s and Mcdonald’s for breakfast I am a blob again. I need to do sit-ups, watching Jay on Big Brother UK work out twice a day makes me feel so flabby.

I look like a rock mom or a manager in a Spice Girls sequel.

Great Sound Academy view of city.

I interviewed the potato pizza. Two of my enemies, carbs and carbs straight up ridiculous.

Toronto is beautiful from this angle.

I drove there by way of the cheese boutique fiat with muffy mouse.

My nose is huge. I am the pianist guy, all girls want to bone him bad so a strong nose is a weeding out process really for me. Also, I’m not the one who’s gotta stare at it. Heaven (bbuk) said she was obsessed with noses. There are nose freaks out there I should find some and be their leader. Blog slave make a note of that.

I am a hybrid of Johnny Depp trying to look smart and Brad Pitt trying to look cultured. i am called JOHNNY PITT. Look for me traipsing about queen west with a cup of starbucks in one hand and an organic cloth bag casually clasped in the other. Erin said pearl earrings are softening. I’m adding that to my beauty tips arsenal of Princess Dirtbag secrets.

My stomach still feels queasy from this dinner. $5 beef tacos, poutine, nachos, bbq wings. Mom I had your back about the bartender saying your mom takes a lot of pictures, I said well, she’s a blogger! OH SNAP. I also sent back a mojito which was actually sprite with mint snips thrown in. Disaster and nice try there. I tipped handsomely so chillax.

Dropped in on Bob and Erin’s, she had taken part in that bed race thing for charity and was reading in the sun. We mooched on their patio for a bit it was a very enjoyable time.

Dad is now Sean Ward‘s biggest fan.

The tiara is in honour/memory of cin. rip xo.

Stella LOVES Burlington. She wakes us up super early and goes bananas bouncing bonkers all over the place like we’re at the cottage it gets us all pumped too.

She barked at the lawn boy though, we think she can sense his differentness. Dogs have that sixth sense thing about them other than that she is a simpleton.

My infamous mom shorts I have yo yo’d in size four cycles of slim to big to down again and I feel I no longer can hang on to ‘em. I look like a hobo trying to keep his pants up with a piece of rope.

Yeah they’re toast. Lucky he packed them for me though. Hot out yesterday.


Mary Lynne’s mother has given your band permission to make this the album cover. She is 16 and has a tumblr too.

I give your band permission to use this as your album cover.

I look like Kideo.

Ahh that chair was so comfortable. Thanks for the clippings from your garden Erin. :)

Ok time to hit the road, Jacks!

ya coulda but ya did’nae

More pics are surfacing from last night. MORE PLEASE. It was like gangsters paradise meets, I dunno. Everyone was lovely, total family, totally proud of their lil raymbo. I got slaughtered with my old babysitters and talked about road hockey and other mischief. Best night ever. Cherry bombs too. Full on time warp and the po po never showed. :) send me pics if you have any we never got to do the group photo. raymitheminx tv shoulda been there.

I’m in my dad’s backyard right now squinting into the screen I can’t see anything so make up your own story. Great party reunion last night, so much fun. What a great weekend. Tomorrow’s a big day so I’m off now. XO.

Meet me in Burlesqington

There is never a day off when you are a Raymi but you can mix business and pleasure with leisure easily if you turn your life into Mr. Dress-up’s yeah?

Jasmine Valentine and I discussed our two upcoming burlesque bonanzas at Chap’s on the patio with an impressive water fountain on it. I had a Reuben Burger, half. It was ridiculous and had a thousand toppings on a pretzel bun. I’m losing weight like crazy lately from stress and work around the clock so I can eat disgusting garbage again.

Look at my hair it’s so fluffy and soft I love my salon thank you Brennen and the gang!

Those are my yenta glasses, some drunk forgot them at the central. MINE. I forgot to put earrings on, remember when I didn’t have my ears pierced less than a year ago? Teacher is buying me earrings for my 90’s outfit and I hope he finds suspenders so I can go full ska. We came straight here from my meeting with the Harth boys and he forgot to throw my mascara in, who knows where I left that thing. I have no eyes and I am going to a reunion, it is necessary.

Teacher’s breakfast.

Mine. pastrami jalapenos swiss the burger was frozen, you know the weird hotel room service butter flower shapes? Service was forever and I only had a spoonful of the soup. Drank a very salty caesar. You have a good caesar someplace then get duped into thinking they’re good everywhere, well, they aren’t.

Thousand island dressing. I figured it would taste like mcdonald’s. It was delicious. Our waitress was probably a stripper, her accent was insane and her hair was total princess artificial in a side pony. Nice patio weather.

V blurry but check the sherlock holmes outfit. I want to be sponsored by stag shop and wear every SINGLE COSTUME!

It’s very Britney in her toxic video.


Ha ha. Membership has its privileges.

No one will be boarding our flight before getting through us first for the OCTOBER 26 OFFICIAL UNOFFICIAL ANDROID TO AFTERPARTY. IT’S GOING TO BE A VEGAS CONVENTION STYLE S-T SHOW – WHEN GEEKS GO WILD. Ok I’ll stop yelling now. NO I WON’T WE ARE FLYING ANDY MILONAKIS IN AND HE WILL BE PARTYING WITH US ALL NIGHT LONG. WE’RE GETTING A WRESTLING RING. Jasmine Valentine and I will be your party hosts flirting up air storms with ya all night long so bring some saucy gals. What happens at HARTH FEST STAYS AT HARTH FEST. I’ll have a pre-ticket purchase link for you soon. Cheaper in advance. This party is going to be off le chizzle at 99 Sudbury, doors at 7. Nothin’ like doin’ tha Humpty Dance on a Hump Day (that’s a Wednesday, brutha).

There will be interactive stalls, kegs, KEGS! FOOD GALORE TREATS DANCE PARTY AND ANDY MILONAKIS MAKING FUN OF US OMG HE IS FUNNY AND COOL AS HELL HE LAST WORKED WITH SNOOP! I am pinching myself. Also three days later on the Saturday of HALLOWEEKEND is our Burlesque party at THE BOVINE. BAM!

Each party guest will be checked in by air officer Raymi the Minx or Jasmine Valentine. It will be an interactive happening you will be thrust into straight off the bat. Maybe I will fake an accent like the orbit gum girl. Too bad jasmine is classier than me and won’t engage in stuff like those wrestling scottish brothers do for WWF. We’re going to be ring girls though. What should our signs say?

Ok one last look now it’s choice B.

More cleave, little pricier, and I’d rather have a relationship with stag shop and have them at the party handing out lube and condoms.

These are sluttier but we love the neck kerchief thing and they give us more cleavage. Hard to tell for me cos I have my t-shirt beneath it. Ha check the mirror reflection behind me, lots of bum bum.

The hats are fun. Gah so hard to decide please help!

Free polls from

Ah doye.


I saw teacher roll his eyes through the eye holes of this mask and then started fighting with him with this mask on ahahahahhaaaahaha.

Lets talk Turkey


YUM. If you want this right now go to Cheese Boutique. I’m not supposed to say free food cos then all the cheapskates come out but, free food! 12-4. TODAY RIGHT MEOW!

I like hearing backstories about CB employees. I don’t know anything about this guy. Those tomatoes are pretty.


Turkish tea. Didn’t have any, was prior to the casby’s and I was nervous as hell.

FPP foundress Diane. She is a doll and has the cutest face like one, right. Tony mr. baby boomer extraordinaire.

Those are poached shrimps with cheese. Delicious.

How much do I blend with these surroundings.

My hair is like a wizard’s you should see it right now I got my roots done yesterday. It looks like it is emanating from out of my head not at all attached. I love making fun of myself so bad I think I am the most interesting ever right? ugh.

Oh there he is.

I look like crap in all these pics I was a million miles away in my head but this party helped season me for the Casby’s so I’m grateful to it.

Hug it out. Diane told me how generous the Ford’s were at the charity dinner.

You can barely see my roots at all. I am a psycho.

The blond lady in the blue said she follows me and that I would be following her soon. Intriguing. I love that fire. She said she was a wop and I go PERFECT. Wasps and wops so totally go together (one of my top ten raymism sayings), we’re both full of it. She pondered that and agreed. My hand is on Muffy’s back, Tony said didya see Muffy? I say who Muffy mouse?

Here she is warning me of her excellence. That is so Raymi. hiya!

I look like I am going t make a gingerbread house.

This guy is a VBD. very big deal. James Chatto. He just started blogging too and I go oh great have fun pushing that boulder up a hill. In foodie world there are all these people to know, like tech bloggy blog world. Luckily I know many little birds who tell me many little things on top of my own personal interests pertaining to food celebrity and what not.

I can remember the very first times I visited CB and lookit me now. Slainte!

It fell out of the case so then became a prop. You run pepperettes or any kind of sausage beneath a faucet for thirty seconds and the cold water separates it whole and you can pull it off like a snake shedding its skin. EW. When I cook at home I say out loud everything that I am doing and it’s surprising how much I know and how little teacher does. THIS, is salt. you sprinkle it in the water. Hahaha. Just kidding.

Ew I look like the ugly Jordy girl on BB UK when they gave her 5 spray tans (it’s so mean but funny she’s so dumb!!!!) look at my neck, no, don’t. That dress brings the orange on my makeup. I pancaked it on for the cameras DUH. No not this one.

An ice ring to hold that beer. Pure class. When I cut through the middle there I yelled VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE COMING THROUGH. Blazer guy was like yeah yeah hahaha I”m sure.


Watch your fingers dude!

Nice to meat you.

I can tell I am a bit off here. I was really nervous and going to be late for the camera crew yet really wanted to stay at this party and stuff my face.

We will work on my poses in CB for next time. Looking up directly into camera will wipe my tired eyes.

James and I got a look in to the barrel that houses this cheese that I don’t know anything about other than I said it’s SO Pirates of the Caribbean right and James chuckled so he might think I am really funny or really stupid I dunno.

This is the part where I make a little joke about Afrim. The Grid did a thing on Cheese Boutique and Afrim. I don’t have time to read it i already know that he is cheese master and France came and had a special ceremony and I know this because I am obsessed with Medieval times. Both the place and the time.

Lets do a loop lap.

I spy an FPP pic. There’s all kinds of artifacts hanging around. Hey do you guys wanna hang my Marco Pierre white Apron? it is in our fridge crisper still cos the parmesan residue is going bad ughhh.

Me and the hot Turkey sandwich I mean consul. This is as close as I got to him before running away, I got half as close as this to Douglas Coupland once at his art show in the distillery (MY HERO) and chickened out of saying hi. There’s picture in my archives of it too. LOSER! Oh look here it is I found the post

That’s him back there the head popping up and that’s me, just like me and the Turkish Consul. Two ships passing in the night bet he never even saw me.

An old friend neat to see him doing the foodie circuit too I can tell he’s suspicious yet impressed by my standing (competitive jealousy) in this wild world of big personalities and big food, we’ve bumped into each other before and he tweets. It just makes me feel how my very first boyfriend reacted to my going to see Metallica (F- YEAH!!!) at 14 with my best girlfriend Jesse cos this dork at school liked her and his dad got him 4 tickets. We finagled some floor bracelets for both of us and I crowd-surfed even. TWICE! I brought back my bf a tour book (it was like $40 which is a lot at molson amphitheatre and for a grade 9er) but anyway he felt I didn’t deserve to go cos he was the mega-fan and I’m a girl. yeah you liked them first but I liked Metallica a long ass time too, hello I have an older brother. You’ll be happy to know that this will happen again TO-VERY-DAY cos it’s the 90’s reunion party and I can talk about my upcoming performing on a bill with tokyo police club and F-D up for a NIRVANA TRIBUTE all while dressed like a ska skinhead gf. OOh it’s gonna be lovely, that. Hey wait teacher said that’s the reason for this party today ahahah I am a dough head.

See the Turkish Airline there and see how I am creating a barrier from Teacher and this guy? Haha I’m inventing drama. Everyone is so nosy too, how do you know so-and-so and who was that?

I had like 6 of these.

This is my friend from the table at the fpp party. she is my people as in, crazy endearing hippie lady.

OMG the baklava room. they were like matchsticks so yummy.

Turkish delight too. mint and regular. so nice.

The cheese party with France in their living room with swords and scrolls and funny hats and jester shoes I bet. Dude behind me looks like total secret service right?

OK bye!

An employee was like 0_o at me and I yelled I’M TAKING THIS AND THERE’S NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT! People think they hallucinate me. I am stealth. Crazy always gets ignored.

It’s a Fiat.

So dopey but how I match so perfectly. I am a genius.

K bye now xoxox have a great Saturday!

Down the Raymi rabbit hole

Hi I’m Raymi, do you like rock stars? Me too, lets do this!

I dressed like Veronica Corningstoner yesterday in case I pulled it off maybe I could be a public broadcasting professional and meet Ron Burgundy. I dunno. Dressing the part is more than half the work in life, if you’re gonna be a rockafeller skank you should floss as such.

I told these guys the recipe for getting backstage: GIRLS. Get the two hottest girls from your town to come to a show (if there’s two of you, one girl per guy minimum) and use her as a bartering ticket but even then, it takes years to solidify bonds and connections in the music industry. Case in point are these guys dressed the part to blend in with groupies? They’re just total dudes, bros. They were funny.

My camera guys were pumped about the candy. Good to know I can pay them in candy.

Look a Sheep Dog, right off the bat. Don’t even ask me what I asked or what they said, my mind is wiped. It doesn’t matter we can talk about bananas once you skyrocket to fame people just want to experience your essence, your long locksy essence. I am sad I forgot to do my Stillwater joke about the sequel to Almost Famous and didja hear that The Sheepdogs are up for that band role? I was going to start that rumour and spread it to all the bands. Forgot to.

Some guys I interviewed based on funny hair alone, knowing they weren’t musicians but pretending I thought they were so that their musician friends could make fun of them ALL ON MY RAYMITHEMINX TV SHOW. GOLD.

I was too shy to penetrate right off the bat. You open the door to backstage and WHOOSH every band. member. in. sight. Normally back there on my own not with camera we all play it cool smoke together, too cool each other out, I take a bit of shots, kind of keep a distance, but mostly cover the live action cos I am too severely shy and stupid in the mouth at these moments.

It’s basically an ambush show. Like my blog. It’s real but then the musicians who are actual professionals here know when I am cueing them for “make believe time is over now” and ask them a question about global warming then we do SERIOUS VOICE then they get tired of me and then I move on to the next one.

A second camera guy I had wandering around the sound academy, in the pit. We were like a virus. Raymitis. It’s worse than Aids. Ha ha.

We had to move back a bit, I love when security intervenes, it makes the famous moment you invented get blown way out of proportion (they were believing my hype) and fan hysteria increases. I also blame her tits which I only noticed were phenom from this photo and thank you for it.

We look like Scooby Doo.

And we are called the Underdogs you should probably tell us everything and not sign anything. We are for hire. Just wait and see how good it is first then I’ll know how high to reach. fyi.

Peter I am going to pants you next time. It’s what the underdogs would do. The ginger is Andrew and he saved my ass with The Reason. Hoo boy. Andrew is my Seth Rogan. This looks like a hilarious reality show, a show on a show hey where is John Malkovich?

Awww that loving couple. Don’t even ask me who that performer is. I zoomed in still can’t tell. Aghh Geoff just told me the footage is awesome, I was bashing myself to myself all night/day long on pins. :)

Another great way to get backstage is breaking your foot. Awful desperate but it works. I in no way shape or form suggest that you do that nor that she did it purposely either it was a funny joke, is all.

Canada is amazing because our radio personalities can never not be canadian which means it’s a big beer-ha-ha and everybody loves them, we take it seriously but not really. That girl is holding a signed by everyone beer bottle magnum, magnums are meant for champagne. OH CANADA, OUR HOME AND NATIVE LAND!

See anyone you recognize? Omg look at that girl’s face right in front of me.

I am a major USS fan. I know obscure specifics about their lyrics. It was apparent that absolutely none of this interview would be anywhere close to serious.

He held my mic while i rifled through my notes which I didn’t have any of because I felt confident with my wakestock stories (failed) and hamilton show story (and there too).

And then we listened to a beautifully moving acceptance speech while the sheepdogs were playing. I want to be friends with USS but we’re all ernies I think and that could be disastrous. Ernies and Berts go together. Ernies and Ernies set things on fire together, nahmean?


I wonder what their tour bus is like with all that corduroy and plaid and hair mixed up on it.

Romesh (Hey Rosetta!) was the second musician I ambushed and they were about to go onstage (this is hours later when we were relaxed) so that interview was straight ridiculous, he’s like, Raymi? And I’m all, Romesh, why are Newfies all crazy? Except I didn’t want to say newfies, i tripped on it and said NEWFOUNDLAND, people from? I dunno. I am sure it is horrible and my career is over now before its begun like Bridget Jones down the fire pole ughhh. Luckily I’ve been piss wasted with Romesh before so I knew I could wing it into something fun.

All I did was recycle anecdotes I’ve learned from Rajiv (his brother), even something about his dad. What other The Enemy (rock writers) can offer up useless personal bits like that I’m flippin’ Oprah here, I mean, I got Kinley their fiddler to talk about being a bonafide mute, “s’that why you play the fiddle?”

Hey Romesh what the crap is that in your hand behind my notes?

Groupies, music industry folk, the regulars.

Paddy was shooting for I forget already I asked her 4 times. It was funny to be like, oh yeah, I do this tv thing and blog thing and burlesque, there’s one of my dancers over there. No I don’t get that nervous for burlesque cos I don’t have to talk for that and every time I open my mouth I get in to trouble anyway.

The Sam Roberts boys fell right in to my groupie dancing vortex trap which makes sense now as to how I lured that exclusive, way to go me.

That one chick is trying to figure out what the hell is going on. This is what building a legend looks like.

Sam is a darling. Humble, modest, said sincerely that he hopes my tv show goes well. Then I obsessed about what that meant ahaha. I asked them all what it was like to be a rock star and that lead to all these abstract and profound wisdoms, that would be a funny show idea to ask that question and just edit an hour of all these long tangents from rock royalty. Just one episode though it would get boring if it was strictly music. I need a hot pink Hello Kitty mic foam and swarovski crystal mic. And a sponsor. HINT.


sorry got busy guys. we’ll be back tomorrow. Go to Cheese Boutique tomorrow for Totally Turkish 12-4 and have lunch. I have loads of pics of going there prior to casbys yesterday. So fun.

Get f-cked facebook

1. If you think having a souped-up facebook page (are we back in myspace years?) as a viable enterprise, legitimate and credible business all things YOU source, you are out of your element.

2. Flipping out every time FB changes its look and being so emotionally invested is unhealthy (you are turning into a blogger except you don’t have keys to your own house).

3. Facebook is an afterthought for me, Twitter is the way. I always tweet-blast first (my posts) then I hit up Facebook cos there seems to be more of a lag there, it’s less immediate so it doesn’t matter when my post hits the feed, no one is paying any attention anyway except for my mom, maybe and your mom. Cool business strategy.

4. FB changes it up every other week, how insecure is that? How insecure are YOU for tweeting about it, ugh so boring. Then I go log in to see what’s going on and immediately get lost in all my messages and stuff not even noticing the “change” because I’m intuitive I just figure ok, Messages tab there, right, Profile, status, done, oh look a ticker feed ripping of twitter, great, predictable, yawn. Whereas you guys whine and whine and whine and tag. STOP SENDING ME CITYVILLE REQUESTS!

5. FB chat is abhorrent. If I don’t chat you up it’s cos I am busy, but then some guy in the sticks gets me all guilted about BUSY BUSY BUSY-ing him off, then I get distracted doing other useless garbage. I go on FB to do a specific task, message a specific person but end up not doing that til 5 logins later cos I was so distracted by eight things at once, something in the timeline feed (dad you have to get a facebook I’m making you one tonight, no more excuses) four chat boxes and aghhh you can tell which ones of your friends are wholly addicted to crackbook.

6. It will never become blogging, It is finite. Anything people must have their own accounts to participate by, not blogging. Blogging is free of that, you can access our blogs BECAUSE THEY’RE BLOGS not Facebook blogs.

7. This is the dumbest most boring topic to post about but for some reason will fly around the fastest because it’s friggin’ FB, which isn’t that the number one website behind google? I dunno these things, my SEO is horrible as I’ve always only figured content was key but apparently I need to insert all these sneaky words to oust the competition and blabbity blah you just have to know it all these days and do it all. Facebook is limiting is the point.

8. TGIF.

Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes

What a success! I ambushed so many bands. I said so many awesome and stupid and witty thought-provoking useless things alright! It’s not what I interview, sillies, it’s that I interview. I got a sheep dog, Hey Rosetta, Sam Roberts, USS, and The Reason. I ambushed 5 out of 6 of the Casby performers in total. Some exclusives, backstage, side stage, tour bus alley, it was all my playground (has always been) but now with camera crew. It was wonderful to see lots of familiar faces and music industry pals milling about like old times. We danced and shot from the pit, caught some crowd surfing oh it was wicked, ears are still buzzing. Here’s a few teasers.

I think I was endearing because I am keeping the dream alive here, showcasing the behind the scenes moments that I already do but this time with a camera, the ultimate bracelet. I was starstruck and also deer in headlight and now expected to personify the crap that I brag that I am all these years aka “knowing things”.

I got a Sheep dog right off the bat. I kept my banter down to relatable shit which essentially is, who we both know, who we both have slept with, partying, crap that is applicable to me and/or my dress and what it’s like being a rockstar. I don’t think these guys were expecting something so refreshing and confusing, I was banking on candids, which I got combined with my expertise re: the limited attention spans of rockers and their managers whisking ‘em off elsewhere. Long story short, my connections got me this far now it’s up to me to get the story and produce the show.

Romesh is a bud of mine that I knew would help grant me more Hey Rosetta access. Little Raymis take notes, personalize your moments with musicians, bribe them if necessary. I can’t tell you all my secrets to success but I can tell you having a sense of humour and great teeth is a part of it. Lots of bullshit is involved too (more being funny).

Interviewing fiddlers while crouching in wedges then making a little joke about how funny your smurf interview is going. The thing about rockstars is you think all of them are too cool for you but there’s that part of them that wishes you were featuring them in your little bloggy yearbook thing too no matter how stupid their friends tell them you are so even though I didn’t get a moment with bedouin soundclash, they so wanted it. I could tell.

Do you like how I interview like we are on our way to Sherway Gardens with my purse on SERIOUSLY it’s scratch ‘n save at The Bay dudes. Hi mom!

Then I partied some. Partying in the pit with girls bopping you on the head going I WANNA KNOW WHERE YOU ARE PARTYING AFTER. I am going to start my own getting dudes laid side project business.

Dress of the summer.

Co-ordinating battle strategy.

I had a billion wristbands. Normally when I do my Raymi Lane stuff I get my Guest list and drink tix and that impresses my mates well enough, but this time I had to be sure to get everyone everywhere with me which is more than one person when you’re a film crew. It takes work that I am patting myself on the back for, some artists are like woah so many wristbands! When you tour a lot and hit new venues constantly you’ll know that sometimes promoters can get a bit diva and do not give a shit about who you are and will kibosh your guest list or I dunno, it’s a stress that you can’t flick away so it was nice to get it all sorted and I was very happy. I love Sound Academy through and through. There’s even a pool there! Pool parties! What the hell have I been doing all summer?

Note taking. Wikipedia when you plagiarize it (copy paste paragraphs) it blobs it all up with hyper links, which is atrocious and impossible to read when you’re on the spot having an exclusive with a band member.

We found the pizza party.

Didn’t have any though. There was a potato one. Lots of the bands had just come from a bbq, Dine Alone’s I think. I asked some if they felt fat. One of my big questions was why are musicians all vegetarians and one Sheep Dog said they weren’t, they all just came from a BBQ. OK NEXT QUESTION!

This is me working my voodoo. You’re my girl Kinley!

I just really liked how my legs looked here I mean, she was lovely. She liked my rings and bling, I liked hers and then we talked about fan girls and her bracelets. She plays a fiddle I’m sure she is tired of being smart all the time sometimes it’s nice to just be shallow.

And then I danced a lot and blushed a lot about it but forced it. Every time you film the crowd it’s like Wakestock or edgefest, they love it. Good footage.

Then we had a great Sam Roberts exclusive. I told him I auditioned for one of his music videos and made it to the top 3 (truth) and he was like aw we made the wrong choice and I go no you didn’t, I was fat. It was the bridge to nowhere song maybe.

I asked him what it was like to do what you love and see the happiness on fan’s faces, other media was gathering and I was hogging all his time and he poured his guts out my crew was elated. We did it! He was so sweet and humble.

I dunno. Yeah. It doesn’t matter, music dorks can slay me all they want, this isn’t Brooklyn Vegan. Even when I was going to shows (several weekly years ago) and blogging them like bananas I never knew what the hell I was seeing or writing about. It’s always been about the experience man (ok maybe a portion is about the music too hahaha) and like I said to one hippie backstager, the dress I wore was intentional, I feel something like it was in mind when rock was invented. There will always be differing opinions on music, influences, taste. Who cares, we’re all wearing denim and our facial hair is relevant. Cheers.

xo rlw.