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what do i wear to billy elliott? halp. we have good seats lois says. going to BR to eat first. i’m not saying their name cos i just called to see if they would sweeten our deal, no go. fine. FU then. no blog love.

woah relax ragey haha.

i’m sick of looking at this dress too. so many pics.

get ready for more. snores.

i think i’m getting testy cos i’m having flashbacks of my old life and how many man hours i spent cooking and photographing it and wow it’s like i was dead sometimes.

even though i love cooking and being in the kitchen it just gives me way too much time to think and i think about all the things i’m not doing while chopping and simmering i start to feel pregnant and ugly, forgotten. total late-twenties losing it much hahaah.

i love that there is a picture of a meth addict face dude on this. i cannot fucking stand the auto tune of it either, brosz7 used to play it all the time and i’d be dying inside. hating it. not funny. not once. auto-tune anything, why ruin good songs? borderline good songs. that’s not music. it is garbage noise to the soundtrack of bad jokes and memes. guh.

your ingredients. one bag of slaw will suffice. now that i know he has a slap chop i can buy the, what the hell is slaw from? oh my god i am so stupid. i don’t have time for this right now anyway the girls are on their way in. CABBAGE!

i cheated. had some of those. not a lot. and some cheap easter chocolates from metro so good. already fantasizing about more. i also rain manned the plu (sku?) for it just by skimming the numbers thinking they might need me to remember that number nah prob have a sheet up there. 16143 something like that i remembered (am wrong) teacher went to get it and i had only the last two numbers reversed. i became very egotistical after that.

theme cupcake of the night. green tea moche (?) cupcakes. OH SO GOOD. i ate baked goods all night and hated myself all night. like one every half hour. i was there for five hours.

i tried everything and everything was delicious.

night’s beginning.

happy tuesday c u later.

7 thoughts on “blog 3

  1. There may be a lot of pics of that blue dress but I don’t think I’ll ever get sic of looking at it.

    I hope you get to see the little asian billy cause nothing is more entertaining than watching a little asian kid playing a little irish kid

    Hot child in the city

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