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cos i’m your demographic, baby.

what is the emoticon for fist pump?


shall we then…

it has been an amazing day.

absolutely everybody on the plane hated us. good.

casie had to sit beside a knitter.

entourage contest winners. so young and impressionable. can’t wait to eat them ALIVE. we got yelled at on the plane cos of their loud excited talking. of course i took the heat cos of my dumb outfit. i love that stew is here having my back and scoping the haterade raining down on me before i even know.

liiiiiiiiiiiimo! we gave them the suv stretch. we took the old school one cos we’re the geezers.

i cannot tell you how much it is a relief to be handled. with care. love inq.

walkie talkie time.

today i learned that this is not a day outfit for the financial district. it’s been exhausting trying to walk with my chin up as if i’m not not wearing pants.

the w is gorge.

love my little room.

and my shower view.

gotta go late for dinner i’m wearing a robe!

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