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and if he ever falls i’d feel sorry for us all

LAST DAY TO VOTE please keep doing that. fyi the award i covet most is the lifetime achievement, it’s not vote-based though. that one’s decided by a panel of judges. i still want this one too. thank you. now continue reading your favourite blog that never sleeps. hi!

christmas holidaze vortex. cancelled training session today. too bagged to push myself back in to it just yet, wanna stretch out the lazy sloth as much as i can and haven’t spent enough down alone time i feel. i’ll go back to the city tomorrow. after this i’m hitting the exercise bike downstairs then the tub then the port. thanks for forgetting that here melucas. it’s been a whirlwind holiday and i’m loving every bit of it. this year’s theme is taking in orphans, why not. we’re all misfits. dad just did a wine run. i told him bring me back something really really nice and expensive and full. i’ll keep you posted on how that turned out.

my brother took a funny picture of my dad and i laughed so hard i cried. he takes photos like that of my mom too, from below, as we’re talking or making angry face. i can’t breathe it makes me laugh so much.

they dropped in from their folks right smack dab into the climax of our party cheer. some catching up was to be done.

melodie likes this one.

we played the compliment game. lucas buttered my aunt right up, said she was pretty and idealistic and some other ass kissing word. they love her.

and his beer fountained all over the table.

amazing ratatouille exactly like the movie. they printed the recipe in the paper. my aunt is clever. the stuffing was super good too. light. i have lost weight this christmas.

my aunt pointed out that my shirt was actually leopard print. i’m so blind. there is no leopard with a green coat, which threw me off into thinking it was army camo. love the combo even more now.

mom that present is for you, it’s for nana. the container itself is part of the gift too alison said.

alison i have almost devoured this entire box.

been a bit of a shit show. i didn’t make it to the liquor store in time so it was like labour day weekend drinkfest, mixing everything under the sun.

bike time. check ya later.

i have a massive headache.

two coffees.

one venti starbuck’s americano.

handful of guylian and herbie.

i need a new toothbrush.

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