Girl thinks about Raymi on a long drive…

Hola Raymi Dearest,

I was on a long drive last weekend and my ipod spat out a song, and through the whole thing I was thinking of you and your current state of affairs. Not sure if you’ve heard it, it has a degree of cheese but I had to send it on to you.
It reminds me of you in that she’s in a space of contemplation, understanding that although things are fucked there is a way to start all over.
Much love and watch out for those gangs of underage suburban cool kids…
xoxo Ang

Hey, I’m sure you get a ton of messages and I’m sure the positive ones all say the same thing. For that matter I’m sure the negative ones say the same things too, ha ha. But I guess I just felt the need to send you something myself. I know we don’t know each other, though I’m sure it’s still nice to hear nice things, I hope what I say holds some merit because I do mean it honestly and I’m actually a pretty awesome person, in my own little world, that isn’t as big as yours obviously, but still.

I just wanna say, your hair looks BEAUTIFUL!!!! That colour and length, I am inspired to start lightening mine…but maybe after I go dark one more time, ha. And also that despite pretty much never reading your, or anyones, blogs anymore, I skimmed through after seeing you change your relationship status and I am also inspired by your strength and ability to say all you’ve said in such a mature and elegant way. That may sound funny but, just looking briefly and not knowing much of anything, you seem changed, more eloquent, more honest and bare (if that’s possible) more whole even.

I went through a horrible break up earlier this year, I hadn’t even been with him a year but man on man, he was the one. Even now knowing all that I know, coming out the other end and realizing there was nothing in him that was meant for me, I still struggle. Every fucking day I struggle, but I think what you and I have in common, and probably others, is seeing the beauty even in the struggle.

Stay strong and I hope I’m in Vancouver the next time you make it over! xo

by the way

if i sound like a dumbass tomorrow during my talk at ryerson it is because i have been up to the following (achievements) o’re the last 36 some-odd hours.

tying my shoes. no just kidding this was i don’t even know when ago. ahh november 11.

oh look there i’m at it again! so here’s a little known raymi fact. i have over 50 questions to somewhat prepare answers to for tomorrow and they pretty much replicate every single thing i have been asked before ever so i’ma make like wing nite and wing it. (is it that obvious i don’t have friends anymore to bounce this shit off of?) point is, here is a stupid piece of information about myself that no one ever bothered to ask before regarding how i learned to tie my shoes. i taught myself how to tie laces when i was ok lets say 4, 5, anyway i tie them like a 5 year old basically cos of that. two loops, no over under the mountain and through the woods crap here – it’s fun to see. i also taught myself how to snap, thanks to that i snap backwards. i can’t at all snap like everybody else. ooh guess what my next raymi video will be featuring?

i was quite busy spacing out to pirates of the caribbean at world’s end last nite. can you even try to ignore how long and lustrous that hair is?

and talkin’ mad shit. made a pretty wicked salad.

this is what high iq thinking looks like and for once this isn’t a weed joke. (i’m putting myself in a weed jokes timeout). how greasy does your nose feel looking at my sheen there haha.

found a better soap dish. so when the queen comes we’re all set.

mom dropped off two tupperware containers full of xmas crap because apparently i am 1990’s style her now. i made this when i was 13. ON MY OWN TIME NO SCHOOL OBLIGATIONS WHATSOEVER. yeah i was a cool one for awhile there. i blame fear street novels.


doya think tinkmeister has a boyfriend?

then i had to oversee some electrical installations.

oh whatever it was the only place in the house where i could lie down and burn out with dignity.

today i was pretty much psychotically depressed with a delicious sprinkling of massive period cramps on top.

worked til ten. i actually did stuff. WHAT I DID.

tomorrow i will wake up at the crack of crack and pre-drink for prepare my talk.

remind me (you guys NEVER follow through on that shit) to tell you about the lesbo at the mediterranean resto we go to at least once a week. so bizarre.


poor little guy.

buy a vacuum or shave your cat.

my brother had to watch rocky for a week once, he had some friends over then rocky comes prancing into the room and one friend proclaims what the FUCK is that!!?

busy day. time? no time. always. never.

it’s like 2 geniuses talking or something

resin raymi and spliffy steph time again!

greasy headband hair day. i think i look pretty douchey. from some angles if i’m high enough i think i look like sharon stone’s hair in casino. not one picture proof of that though.

screw it. headband day will have to be another day.

uh, cool.

you should see my hair right now it was a balmy 23 degrees all night long this morning i was stuck to my pillow drenched in sweat. hot.

there is basically no point in vacuuming those stairs.

ok on with the shit show…

steph: are you busy? im on chat and i can light one
we havent left for timmins yet haha

im already cranked
ok gchat
doober two

Steph: hahahaa

me: u never made it to timmins

Steph: im wearing plaid pants

me: what did u do all day instead
im wearing a leotard
no shower day

Steph: ya rye and i are dreading it and so he wants to drive overnight instead
we’re all mopey and emo today
he’s napping

me: aw join the club
burlington is on my period today
cool productive

Steph: hahaha
i wish i slept in more

me: the dogs wake me up
they totally have me manipulated

Steph: hahaha
thats why dogs suck

me: they get me up at 10

Steph: ahahaha guess what ive eaten today

me: 9.40 sometimes
i had a banana earlier
oh what
i cant guess
moose steaks

Steph: brb

me: your superbowl chili dip
Butterbeer Ale boiled with butter, sugar, an egg yolk and topped with a whipped cream and nutmeg.
um i just came
i have never looked at this website baked before

Steph: im back

me: dont you guys eat this twice a week The Steakinator

Steph: ryes mom came over

me: oh parents are fun when you’re high
we skyped daves mom/sis a month or so ago
put me on the spot
i just smiled like a goon and waved a lot

Steph: ahahaha


Steph: funny
i hate kraft dinner
i HAD it
i love it


Steph: im having deja vu

me: are you stoned or not

Steph: im also watching who’s the biss
NO hahaha

sound baked to me

Steph: ahhahaha
its a gify
whats dave doing

me: what the fuck is going on
he went upstairs

Steph: your dinner looked awesome

me: ha
sometimes we just eat standing up in like 2 seconds
then like what now

Steph: hahahaha really

me: more pot

Steph: thats funny to picture!

me: yeah
things are pretty busy over in these parts
whats rye up to

Steph: i LOVE who’s the boss

me: i hate it
it has an 80s dusty yawn to it
i liked it awhile ago

Steph: the old ones are so good

me: nah

Steph: its an age thing

me: not selling me give up

Steph: i hate it when people say nah

me: likely

Steph: hahaha

me: nah what i mahn

Steph: nice

me: did u scroll back and check my food links and comments

Steph: oh shit i opened them and forgot haha

me: Upside Down Mac & Cheese Pizza
A layer of mac & cheese sandwiched between two cheese pizzas.
i should stop looking at this shit

Steph: hahahaha ew thats too much
this website is hilarious

me: i might walk thru a mcdonalds drive thru
HEY larry
the regular
ten big macs later

Steph: is the big mac your fav?

me: i havent had one in about 3 years
but yeah i think
whoppers im more a fan of

Steph: i think its mine too. but i used to be a quarter pounder girl

me: i ask for mayonaise at swiss chalet the sauce is not enough
you called me a girl! (read it differently baked, the way it was smushed in my chat box appeared to be its own sentence)

Steph: hahahaha no i used to be that kind of girl

me: barf

Steph: not, girl!

me: HHA well its funny if you called me a girl
ill pretend that you did

Steph: this is disgusting

me: i know mmm maggot loaf

Steph: i should talk more thuggy

me: no you called me girl as in pussy kinda way
youre bush and im delicate
guy we have christmas town set up here

Steph: hahaha you do

me: sending pics

i’ve been hardcore slobchicing it the last little while. ha i’m adorable “last little while” more like last ENTIRE LIFE.

Steph: our plan is to make a snowman instead of putting lights up.
step 1: snow

me: ok but if it melts
nice christmas display lazy stoners

Steph: geeehee i kinda love it
yep thats adorable

me: did u get the others
look what its across from

Steph: hahahaha

me: anyway

Steph: :)

me: um are you going to contribute anything

Steph: hahahaaa

me: are you swaying around holding swathes of gauzy fabric to the merseybeats

Steph: this is like the most job pressure ive ever had

me: i think of you

Steph: k i have a q


Steph: you know those machines that jiggle your muscles

me: yes the thing i painted

Steph: oh yeah, ya how does that machine work is it like, tasing you?

me: its jiggling your muscles at a high rate, friction
good for last minute toning
i also sort of have no idea
dude keep it light please

Steph: hahahaa “jiggling”

me: ew

Steph: i hope that jiggling is actually excercise
that’s be sweet
omg i cant type today

me: did u see the other xmas pics

Steph: JUST now
the garbage is so cute

me: i know

Steph: you dont have to blog these if they suck

me: he pulled them out yesterday and i was like are you serious!
blogging it i have zero standards for that thing

(then a bunch of shit was said that can’t be shared here yet)

Steph: can you start saying dickload


Steph: hahahaha oh ya

me: haha first i typed DICKLOADED

Steph: thereyago

me: picture me saying it like a WWF announcer

Steph: hahaha i CAN
sorry im like bleh

me: ok getting ready to head out now
its ok emo emu

Steph: k

me: so yer leaving tonite over nite?

Steph: yep

me: drive safe timbo

Steph: will do lates

me: byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

this is so me.

pictures of my dad’s cat who now looks like a poodle rat to come. i’ll try hard another time to bring back some quality posts. i’m writing a book right now you guises! ps. it’s my blog’s anniversary on nov 28 is that nine years or ten? nine. right. feels like 30.

Bon Appetit Burnout!

welcome to Dinner & a Doobie nite (that’s mine stamped it just made it up!). oh wait, that was yesterday night. ok well it can be two nites. FINE. seven. nvmnd. fyi my mom is HATING on the arijuana-may okes-jay ig-time bay what? just be happy they’re not acid jokes. bigger picture here, please.


drenched in dazzlingly (that is a real word!) sodium-bursting salt.

hot calabrese you dirty whore who’re yer friends?

pad thai michelina’s 2 for $2.49? DUH! put four in the cart right now. (they’re pretty weak to be honest)(only 6gs of fat though).

see you soon second dinner!

update: second dinner was comprised of an range julius from the mall plus poutine from new york fries and two meatballs from dad’s house. oh and a shit ton of white wine/oj. believe it.