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Girl thinks about Raymi on a long drive…

Hola Raymi Dearest,

I was on a long drive last weekend and my ipod spat out a song, and through the whole thing I was thinking of you and your current state of affairs. Not sure if you’ve heard it, it has a degree of cheese but I had to send it on to you.
It reminds me of you in that she’s in a space of contemplation, understanding that although things are fucked there is a way to start all over.
Much love and watch out for those gangs of underage suburban cool kids…
xoxo Ang

Hey, I’m sure you get a ton of messages and I’m sure the positive ones all say the same thing. For that matter I’m sure the negative ones say the same things too, ha ha. But I guess I just felt the need to send you something myself. I know we don’t know each other, though I’m sure it’s still nice to hear nice things, I hope what I say holds some merit because I do mean it honestly and I’m actually a pretty awesome person, in my own little world, that isn’t as big as yours obviously, but still.

I just wanna say, your hair looks BEAUTIFUL!!!! That colour and length, I am inspired to start lightening mine…but maybe after I go dark one more time, ha. And also that despite pretty much never reading your, or anyones, blogs anymore, I skimmed through after seeing you change your relationship status and I am also inspired by your strength and ability to say all you’ve said in such a mature and elegant way. That may sound funny but, just looking briefly and not knowing much of anything, you seem changed, more eloquent, more honest and bare (if that’s possible) more whole even.

I went through a horrible break up earlier this year, I hadn’t even been with him a year but man on man, he was the one. Even now knowing all that I know, coming out the other end and realizing there was nothing in him that was meant for me, I still struggle. Every fucking day I struggle, but I think what you and I have in common, and probably others, is seeing the beauty even in the struggle.

Stay strong and I hope I’m in Vancouver the next time you make it over! xo

8 thoughts on “Girl thinks about Raymi on a long drive…

  1. As someone that grew up in Winnipeg, all I’m going to say is:

    They live in fucking WEINERIPEG. If I still lived there I’d be bitter too. FACK anyone would be.

  2. Hey Ryan! No more insulting Winnipeg or else we won’t let you back into our Folk Fest! :p
    Raymi – if you need someone to administer some winnipeg “beat-downs” – i am your girl. I administer a mean reality-check.

  3. I was born in The Peg, therefore The Peg is cool. Even though I was only two when I left there and have never been back. Still cool. For the reason I stated above.

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