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yr ‘tarded if you miss this

oh shit this is how it went down in LA.

and montreal.

see you there wieners! FB event url rsvp.

10 thoughts on “yr ‘tarded if you miss this

  1. Hi Raymi!

    Thanks for posting this – can’t wait to see you at the sale. One of my favourite outfits of yours is the American Apparel Navy blue Cross Front Dress and Tube Socks.

    Hope you’ll score some more banging outfits to showcase on your blog

  2. reeny msned me and said we have to go, im not comfortable with crowds, hysteria and rummaging through things in a panic. so i dunno if ill go…

  3. haha sweden “crowds, hysteria and rummaging through things in a panic” – this is exactly why I won’t be going. PLus, maybe it’s just me but “no items priced over $50″ doesn’t really sound that enticing because how many things at AA actually cost much more than that anyway?? The only expensive things I can think of that I’d actually want are the black velvet dress and the disco pants…and I doubt they’ll be giving those away for cheap :( But best of luck to those who brave it!

  4. that’s a pretty neg view of this. as for me i will be line skipping and then grabbing whatever catches my eye within 5 mins then i’m gone. if you look ahead of time on their site u can make up your mind before even going.

  5. this is stupid american facism! y not d’edmonton???? stoopid. i only shop at that place when there’s a sale. well mofukkkers….i bought a laptop instead. could’ve spent the $zillions on ur tights but u missed out.!
    i’m only ever gonna talkt o anyone on thi internet when im drunk cuz it’s better.
    i wanna shave my cat. maybe she will look thinner? that’s y i shave my arms, they look thinner. stoopid. but awesome too cuz men likes the feels. jajaja.
    hey, if u know of any arts admin jobs, send them my way. stupid econlymy (i hate it that much i refuse to spell it right)! fuck i just wanna get outta here and back to Mexico-co. penis.

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