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poor little guy.

buy a vacuum or shave your cat.

my brother had to watch rocky for a week once, he had some friends over then rocky comes prancing into the room and one friend proclaims what the FUCK is that!!?

busy day. time? no time. always. never.

24 thoughts on “before/after

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH! That is exactly how Mittens would have looked. She always had the bitchiest expression on her face. SO funny. That made my life. Also, the last picture of you is adorable.

  2. His face denotes the cats-are-evil, feral witches’ imp stereotype but he somehow strikes me as being the sweetest, most lovable and loving kind of pussycat.

  3. what a sweet cat. my parents had a Persian calico that would hate being brushed and when they did she’d make that cartoony cat howling noise.

  4. I’ve only had one long haired cat, never thought to shave him…might have been a good idea given his propensity for dingle berries. He, unfortunately, out stayed his welcome and was quickly adopted by someone else.

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