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family weekend day one: done.

some gorgeous genes in my family there are.

papa’s 80th, not really a surprise in the end.

some things were said as is the typical case when it comes to family gatherings. somehow these people get away with it. i just say i don’t know how to react to that so i won’t say anything at all meanwhile i am choking them out in my mind.

i brought cupcakes and pumpkin pie brownies. gone in a flash.


mom’s princess feet. i guess this is where it comes from.

thanksgiving buffet, several people were not in attendance due to thanksgiving. i choked on the massivest piece of dry dark meat and mom says that’s cos “i don’t eat” urrrrg no. if you were ever in need of knowing how your bod was doin’ go visit the fam, they’ll put you straight on the spot.

wasn’t feeling the poker game.

now on to the next jam.

something im thankful for: your blog

happy thanksgiving lauren. i hope you have a nice weekend ahead of you. mine will be filled with dysfunction and wine. ahh. Also, I liked your mighty jail bush drawing ;)
sending love, xo Lisa

17 thoughts on “family weekend day one: done.

  1. beautiful family..I forgot to tell you a long time ago, when you posted a couple photos of your auntie, she reminded me of Maude from the movie “Harold and Maude” just from her smile. I like that. i will have to make a mental note to try pumpkin brownies. xxo

  2. Yes Raymi, there are gorgeous genes in your family. I think the question many would have is what is going on behind the beautiful eyes of those genes. Another thought on the mystery of women. LOL Happy birthday to your Grandfather.

  3. great genes indeed. glad to see the night refinery pics, just sent you one o’ mine

    Canadian Thanksgiving wot?

  4. pumpkin pie brownies. Can you please share this recipe? Because that sounds amazing, and because I lamely aspire to turn the comments into a recipe swap.

  5. Copious amounts of worry, self-doubt and anxiety? Perhaps! But that will all pass. I didn’t see those negatives in your eyes, though.

  6. I still can’t get over how awesome your hair colour looks. So SO nice! Looks especially pretty in 9th pic down, super shiny. Hair envy, I has it :)

  7. raymi the MINX, indeed. (the clever in me is on holiday today). where’d you get the dress? must have it!

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