mail call

a package from jamie!

motorcycle helmet box.

how cosmic, i was just eyeing this up the other day. jamie was stephen sprouse’s assistant from 1987-2004 and if you haven’t been living beneath a rock for the past year then you’ll know sprouse is big again (not that he ever wasn’t). without the help of jamie this book could not have existed, the show itself, all of it. he’s too modest to toot his horn about it so i’ll do it for him. he’s quoted a bunch in this book (not enough i think). it was really interesting hearing behind the scenes gossip from him all along the way about the show (and now it’s headed to hong kong along with jamie). if you go through his blog archives you can find all his posts about it.

can you imagine being a part of this world?

what could it be?

ha ha.




that chick was a bitch IT WASN’T WHAT I EXPECTED IT WASN’T GOOD AT ALL OMG on her cell walking out of the theater.

dad do you want that?

i special ordered the new bat for lashes album from indigo (gift card) cos they didn’t have any copies in stock nor were expecting any. dudes get it together. oh and i bought a new dress for this sunday (guess where we’re going i’m so pumped!) and fil bought new pants and shorts. we’re trying to get him a new pair of trunks that don’t go down to his knees, any tips? an actual bathing suit store?

also, this is you.

April Archives 2008 pt. 1

last year‘s birthday dinner at bar mercurio.

cute art at lonsdale gallery.

new orleans-bound tomorrow kids.

cupcake candle whimsy.

NO leins

more leins

miss this place.

actual slave quarters in the courtyard of the bar we drank at last nite

this bar ruled.

ha right “food” poisoning.

bourbon street. smells like puke.

lets go for a walkies

period day 1

i give grapefruit moon’s cuisine a thumb’s up and a nod, i bet lots of annex dicks hang there early on weekends so be careful.

april 2007 archives!

trying to gauge whether or not this outfit was too loony tunes for public consumption.

uh then someone decided to jump into bed while i was “picking my nose” with my longest fingernail and sliced the inside all up in thur.

april 2007 archives cont’d.

i’m gonna have to bump up the price of these to 1000000 dollars they are that irritating to make.

this shirt used to be a dress, the dumpiest dress in the world.

POSTSECRET diss post.

when you buy into frivolity you think you look like this.

then we went to the loose moose because that’s a gravitational pull pitt never fights.

oh hi

this post needs more pictures of me.

what were you doing when you were 19? this is what i was up to…

brad was in great form as per uje, i asked him where he got his jacket (a hooded leather jacket!) he goes uhm ah you know, LM, L&M, you know? no brad, i DON’T know.

when you see this face comin’ at you it’s time to go home and do it.

i feel motherfuckers goin’ say i’m wrong.

this post is brought to you by i hope i don’t barf.

an engineer’s guide to cats. they forgot to include fil in this video presentation.


hi raddy.

write-off day.

guys! (whiny voice)

bday dins

ok finally saw it, so you can stop asking me if i saw it then telling me how much i NEED to see it, and yes it was great, but the ending, blew. BLEW.

natalie portman day i still get mad hits from this post.

you make me feel so young you make me feel so spring has sprung.

almost birks season

i got you a present

i guess i’ll be your listen lady.

more like mUGHnday

my aunt gave me a ton of handmade frames and a couple painted canvases. v old school.

time to get back on the paint gang.

have you had the philly cheese steak pizza from dominoes? they’re still making it, oh man, total weakness. in lieu of pizza sauce there’s a layer of provolone beneath the dough (magic) combined with the mozarella.


my dad has had this guitar case for forever. the blue line is car decal tape he added to his old celica, i think? had some leftover to deck out this case too ha ha. pimp my ride much.

rocky looks grinchy but he so isn’t. he’s the sweetest little cat ever.

do you see one hot guy in there anywhere?

thanks! (also got a gift card)

i think i can only pull this off with my hair down and shitty.

i had this dry-cleaned (expensive as hell stupid silk) and the booze/whatever splatter didn’t even come out.

this was slightly annoying friday afternoon (super hot) having a gigantic furbag furnace insist upon sitting right against your bare leg when an already hot laptop is resting on you.

some of luke’s shots meh this post is garbage i’m trying to hurry it up so i can go over to lise‘s and watch grey gardens. perfect day for that sketch eh.

believable. my nails match.

bedcave stories with hunglor

i am also sick. again. finally. i’ve been keeping it at bay (vitamins, eccinacea etc) all week long and it’s hit me now. i knew today would be a write-off in that regard so i made the best of last nite. fuck did i ever. it’s not a full blown flu-like thing as far as i can tell, i think it might have a lot to do with allergies, here’s hoping.

this spoke to me and it said, “raymi, take my picture.”

i had too many things goin’ on, phone, keys, purse, bike, pizza thing. you know how it is. or maybe you don’t and i feel sorry for you.

then i inhaled it.

meet bodhi.

wasn’t thinking. why didn’t i take these???? IDIOT. now i will never know the outcome of the game show mystery or what the sundae surprise was. a dog? a sundae?! boggled over here dudes.

ughhhhhhh i hate those guys so much.

we had momo’s (is that what it’s called?) yesterday and we did not likey and are currently embarking on an unsatisfying food tour of the city. no joiners please, it licks.

beautiful creature.

very cool in a what is going on kind of way. oh then we bumped into xenia on her bike. she was wearing a kerchief and cute vintage heels. v classy and arty and cute. after that we bumped into sharpie and angie at the lcbo so we pre-drank at their place while bodhi met pierre (audrey’s papillon so adorable and the only dog i know who puts on airs and makes me talk in the gayest voices possible when in close proximity of) and the family had their first drinks following a two week cleanse. those guys cleanse their balls off i dunno how they do it i am continually in awe. kenny was lurking about too hi kenny.

made our way to gibson and woodstock stir crazy allison hopped a train to meet us there. she brought me a shirt cos i said my outfit was stupid. i forgot it in my purse. i am not allowed to take credit for it so next time you see me in a grey off the shoulder with a ton of feathers print shirt, it’s not mine.

bedcave hunglor party right now of course it’s in order.

brad hang this shit already! (fil‘s photo)

sorry can’t talk i am extremely busy placing two imaginary important phone calls.

oh whatever brad. fuck yourself.

i should have “accidentally” left with your sweater too.

luke (an aussie lad) was really into my gear. red plaid socks red pants, shoes that everyone down under takes the piss of, even babies wear ‘em. i say it takes brass ones to wear stupid plaid socks and any old guy can wear a plaid shirt right meanwhile it was a fucking sea of plaid rainbows (plaid rainbow is MY term btw when i was pretending to be kurt cobain/hole/L7 etc i decided that would be my band name, you read it here first) so then i jumped in on one and called them out but i was so loaded i could barely stand on one foot long enough to show my sock and my drink sloshed all over the floor. awesome. i think i did that at least fifty times in front of allison too.

look at my hair cloak. i should be paid to maintain that shit fuck it takes work. fil should be buying my conditioner, he’s the one insisting i keep it long yeah. i’d rather blow my brains out than sit down and add up my annual conditioner expense.

this couple would just not cut it out. when i pulled out the camera i had to beg them to go at it some more, then haitham’s brother-in-law (to be) made it even better.

the get-along-gang. hi wendi! that’s haitham beside me remember allison’s going away party post i said i had no idea to spell this guy’s name but he’s awesome all the same. well now i know how to spell it thanks to facebook. when is this post going to end i’m getting bedsores.

that’s luke. man, australian accents straight off the bat make someone seem way funnier than they are. lucky. not saying he isn’t funny i’m just saying i wish i talked like a kangaroo.

ewan and i go way back. shows eh?

girl can rock a heel.

finally everyone was kicked out (what event were we there for again? haha)(oh man i have more twilight bait but i’m not goin’ there cos it’s monumental so i’m zippin’ it if you need to know you can email me) and look it’s fil’s stress hand.

i could just not make jumping timed pics happen i think camera battery was a bit low. i just forgot what i was going to say, fil walked in the room and is now demanding attention. xoxox bye.

i will give you 100 dollars if you deliver me a breakfast burrito from sneaky dee’s, a mimosa, and then bathe me. it’s not a lot to ask really.

there are too many skirts under the table


soup i made the other day, very simple. next time you buy a rotisserie chicken after you rip apart everything from it (you animal) throw it in a big pot half filled to the top with water and boil the bones, skin, fat even little chicken bits then let it simmer while you tie one on, watch a movie just make sure you don’t burn the house down ie. don’t go out. then you let it cool (remove from heat) for a few, pour it through a strainer into another big pot (unless you enjoy choking on bones) then pour that pot into tupperware containers, let them cool before storing in the freezer (so your fridge doesn’t go into overdrive cos you put something blazing hot in the freezer i can’t believe i have to tell you this) and there you have delicious chicken stock for making soup, rice, anything you need to boil that would be nicely jazzed up with some flavour. unless you are one of those sensitive vegetarians, in that case you can just eat leaves.

in this one i threw in two handfuls of vermicelli noodles (normally i put them in at the end cos they’re so thin and take seconds to cook but i figured this time i’ll put them in along with the veggies so they can at least absorb some flavour) one yellow pepper, mushrooms, and a handful or mesclun greens, several pinches of kosher salt and a little cracked pepper. takes no time at all really.

ok that’s all for the boring for now.

what’s this?

team hong kong showed their face.

aw cid you never know what’s going on.

sass explained what all this meant, um, i forget. all nice things.

gah my weakness.

i would never have liked this as a kid, funny, what a turn around.

her mom bought that cos she liked it, aww.

finally i can be rid of the manly stuffy ugly pad i’ve been using.

i think i want that skirt in red next.


anxiously awaiting lost.

cid has made amends with the couch (right now he’s cruising right up against my left side and he is a fucking furnace like i get it you’re a cat, enough already) and matt.

not at all an awkward moment in time.

mail call what could it be…

NLX‘s new album has dropped and it is fantastic. (it’s been way too long since we’ve seen you dude!)


i need a new bike toque. yesterday’s ride was nice and ear-achey, the wind just flies right through that thing.

right before i inhaled a stress pizza wrap (what are those things called?) and went to visit sharpie/samir’s new puppy, bodhi the boxer. she’s named after patrick swayze in point break. photos of that to come. adorablest thing ever.

yesterday’s outfit was definitely one for the hipster cliché books. whatever i’ve had that jersey since i was a kid and you were dressing like a frumpy potato. i bought it with my vacation monies from the patch at sauble beach.

we went to the pump (terrible mistake) last nite and shared the antipasto platter. no stars. the manager is fucking manic and a total hyper asshole i have no idea why he hasn’t been sorted out yet i bet if anyone ever said something he would throw a knife into a wall. completely ruins the already ruined atmosphere. we were going to go to kilgour’s for wings but a habs game was on so it was packed. anyway, pump guy, someone complained about a cheese stick or something and he brought it back to the guy’s face pointing at it and the guy just waves him away so the pump manager tosses it in his own mouth to prove a point all the while making menacing eye contact with me cos it was right beside us. he also told fil to watch his elbow as he was coming through. he took my ice away and i said no no don’t i need it, he snaps at me cutting me off saying super condescendingly I KNOW I WAS GOING TO REFILL IT. bro, i didn’t fucking ask you to you can’t just grab shit off people’s tables like some kind of mad wizard and lay off the caffeine you are going to blow a gasket. we are never ever going back, that guy alone makes the entire setting way too hostile, bad vibes. once you take note of him you can’t not focus on his spazzery.

on another note i am getting mad spam in my email, the same fucks who spam my blog comments have somehow infiltrated my email. i would like to personally thank them with a chainsaw.