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skid dipanie

hangovers can be very inspirational. yesterday’s light bulb was all about steph‘s signature chili dip. i was so confident in my first timer’s quest i bought double each supply (in the case of chili i bought three cans you can never have too much of that hangin’ around)(what am i a suburban housewife?)

i went to honest ed’s to get the aluminum things, they didn’t have deep enough round ones so i went with square. i bought one tub of philly cheese there (i know it’s a gamble but whatever) then when i went to dominion metro i learned there was no bargain at all in fact, philly was on sale at dominion metro. so i bought another tub for back-up of the even lesser fat kind. steph is strongly against the light cream cheese like, strongly. we had a hangover gchat squabble about it yesterday in-between talking about how much we wanted to die and then matt said he puked three times and ordered the philly cheese steak pizza cos i blogged about it the other day. seriously world of products/companies you need to endorse me all fucking ready, i am magic. i say the word bench and people go buy lumber. think about it.

last nite we only made one serving and it was enough for the two of us. we went with the dynamite hot and it wasn’t at all spicy.

topped it off with heaps of old white cheddar.

in the oven halfway there. 350 for 20 minutes. at the end broil the top after you pour out some of the cheese fat (to crisp it a bit) which will break your heart because it is delicious fat. i may or may not have poured some into my mouth.

i surprised fil with beta house (it was filmed in our hood a couple years ago)(one time we walked all the way home from sharpie/samir’s at like 4 in the morning and they were filming an outdoor party scene and we were completely annihilated to say the least so we just stood and swayed and gawked walked around the block once and watched some more. they cut that scene down to nothing too ha) and it is crap. terrible. lots of boobs though.

then we watched the rocker. a lot funnier.

i would like to get my hands on another can of that bean less chili for next time.

on my way to get supplies in my own little world lia appears so we chatted for a few she is adorable. look how together she is and all for yoga in my head the whole time i’m like i am such a slob i’m on my way to buy chili and this chick is waiting for healthy take-out after yoga. anyway she blogs now!

miss j has the same bag. ooh girl!

11 thoughts on “skid dipanie

  1. uhh not to rain on y’alls dip parade (GODDAMN that looks good ima make meeeeee some), but i do believe those “tin plate things” are called “foil pans” :P

    they ARE aluminum but tin implies a stiffness of sorts (tin cans, tin siding, etc), whereas aluminum foil is mucho pliable and can be bent into shapes like those pans :D

    fun facts about foil. good thing its fuckin friday! pray for the calgary flames, please! haha!

  2. yeah imagine how i felt when i couldnt remember what carabiners were called! like holy esoteric name much? how the hell would that word every be thrown around in every day life?

  3. so what is it, just cream cheese – chili – cheese and cook?

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