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moonpies and penny whistles

omg i love this video more than i love myself.

i love wilbur. he is the greatest dog. so sincere and obedient and playful.

and i like that he has to watch the road from the backseat over our shoulders.

he’s so petite too. man, monday was the worst weather ever, so miserable. i went to lise’s to finally watch grey gardens, we got about 1/4 through it before we turned it to drew barrymore’s version of getting through barely any of that one (i’ve seen a ton of clips on youtube so i know the story). too gloomy a day for that story. amazingly casted though, jessica lange was a dead ringer for big edith (when they age her). ooh nice. we also held some kittens at a vet and they broke our hearts i can’t stop thinking about their little mewling faces.

last ever photo of owl on the right. i moved the tv stand and it fell and smashed into a million pieces. sorry! i said imagine it smashed into my head and you would have to pick glass out of my hair and scalp? it was that close.


that’s an André Ethier. chick is connected.


see how my tan brings out the white of that couch and not the other way around.

wilbur was not at all scared.

when he gingerly rests his head here it means he is asking permission to sit beside you and then you say ok come up wilbur and he turns into a little ball omg i am so on my period right now bye.

oh one more thing, mara’s phone has been pocket dialing me, so far three times wtf. this morning it called me at 7.30am awesome. she emailed me this:

You must love that my phone likes to randomly call you.

You must love it more that it likes to call you at 7:30am.

….i cannot figure out why it’s chosen to do that….i could hear it call someone this morning and I was all

Dontberaymidontberaymi…ugh. i must have just not locked the keypad. Sorry again.

haha it’s hard to be mad about it. my response:

hahahah yes 730 was a nice time to run out to the living room in an underwear panic who is dead who is dying whats wrong oh its mara back to sleep. i was having a long annoying nitemare anyway.

12 thoughts on “moonpies and penny whistles

  1. i think it has a crush on you.
    i can’t make it stop.
    i’ve tried ehhhhhverything.
    call you tomorrow?

  2. “Grey Gardens” (original) is a wonderful, haunting, magical and mystical film, but you really have to be in the right mood for it. I’ve tried showing it to my friend Corinne and she always falls asleep. I haven’t seen the Drew version yet–I fear the worst. I need to teach my dogs to play the keyboard like that cat!

  3. Hi Raymi,

    I haven’t visited your blog for 2 years, as my own life suddenly got engaging. But it’s cool to see you’re still at it, and Phil is still around… Or maybe it’s the opposite. I’m currently watching ‘The ‘Burbs’ with T Hanks,

  4. I was at an event this week where noteworthy writers/bloggers/(for lack of a better word)”scenesters” were mocking you. I honestly thought it was so sad.

  5. I was at an event this week where noteworthy writers/bloggers/(for lack of a better word)”scenesters” were mocking you… I honestly thought it was so sad.

  6. My opinion of you soars everytime you show your puppy loving side. Wilbur is a cutie. That pic of him with his chin on the couch, waiting to be invited up is too sweet.K x

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