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last thing i saw/took pics of last nite before we loaded (were also quite loaded) into donovan’s car had i not taken these, then i’d have absolutely no recollection of it. i forget which artist, probably one of the stones, keith maybe, anyway, he would often jam away and pass out high as hell and if not for the recording he’d wake up to, so many tunes would not exist. i’m talking major hits. he’d make shit up all nite long with the tape running, get blasted and fall asleep and in the morning be like oh that’s a good one. i’m probably referring to the wrong person. anyway you get the point.

but this is nothing like that, no of course not.

aqua marine barbie? this isn’t one of those literal we are all the same, yellow purple green coloured skin things is it?

i like the one with her arms out, she’s way confident. kind of like me in this picture…


5 thoughts on “wtf

  1. Love love the Barbies. Still have all mine. That Peaches & Cream one in the peachy dress is my fav, she sits in a martini glass at our place. haha

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